February 23, 2018

Black Friday Appliance Sales Results

Major appliances have never been a traditional holiday gift category, and as such have always taken a back seat to electronics, apparel and home fashions in the pantheon of Black Friday promotions.

All that began to change last year when Sears offered an Electrolux front-load laundry pair for $600 the morning after Thanksgiving. This year, following one of the most challenging periods in recent white-goods memory, appliance offers came fast and furious on Black Friday, rivaling consumer electronics doorbusters in sales.

Apparently the ploy was effective: According to comparison shopping service PriceGrabber.com, sales of laundry pairs, one of the most heavily discounted categories of the holiday weekend, rose 70 percent on Black Friday compared with 2008.

One of the biggest major appliance blowouts was mounted by The Home Depot, which offered deep discounts on LG and Whirlpool’s Amana- and Maytag-branded products. Holiday specials included the high-efficiency Maytag Bravos 4.7-cubic-foot top-load washer and companion dryer for $499 each, down from $799 and $699, respectively, and a 19.7-cubic-foot LG French-door refrigerator, in white, for $798, down from $1,199.

Whirlpool was also front-and-center at Lowe’s on Black Friday, where $998 bought a 4-cubic-foot Duet front-load or Cabrio high-efficiency 4.7-cubic-foot top-load laundry pair, and $898 fetched a 25-cubic-foot French-door fridge in black or white (regularly $1,298).

New York metro area appliance titan P.C. Richard & Son was equally aggressive, offering $1,000 Samsung and Whirlpool front-load laundry pairs, both with 4-cubic-foot washers, and a 3.1-cubic-foot front-load Frigidaire washer and companion dryer for just $500.

But the day still belonged to Sears, which leveraged its private-label Kenmore brand to follow up last year’s Black Friday offering with a 3.5-cubic-foot front-load laundry pair for $580, a 23-cubic-foot French door fridge for $750, and a 4.7-cubic-foot high-efficiency Kenmore Elite Oasis laundry pair for $850. All were advertised as 50 percent or more off from Sears’ regular prices, but shoppers were warned that inventory was limited to only about two SKUs per model per store.
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Whirlpool’s New Latitude French Door Fridge

Ever wonder why a family of four needs seven kinds of juice? Whirlpool brand knows different lifestyles call for different tastes. Now, playing the balancing act with groceries, leftovers and gallons of milk are a thing of the past with the new Whirlpool Latitude French door refrigerator.

The Latitude refrigerator was developed with consumers’ needs in mind, offering 10 percent more space in the refrigeration compartment compared to similar size models while maintaining the same external dimensions. With 27 cu. ft. of capacity, the Latitude refrigerator is expansive, boasting the industry’s most usable interior refrigeration space based on shelf and door bin surface area, including deeper door bins, extra shelf space and an easy-to-access in-door ice maker with removable bucket. The Latitude refrigerator also includes an option to drop the refrigerator and/or freezer temperature to accommodate new food additions, all while garnering an ENERGY STAR qualification.

A recent survey commissioned by Whirlpool Corporation found that 53 percent of adults believe the refrigerator is the appliance that uses the
most energy in their home on a day-to-day basis. However, according to ENERGY STAR, a new ENERGY STAR-qualified refrigerator saves enough energy to light the average household for more than 4.5 months (when replacing a refrigerator bought before 1990).

“We know that consumers want more room in their refrigerators to help manage the varying tastes of their families. With that in mind, we have designed the Latitude refrigerator to not only hold several jugs of juice and milk in each door bin, but to help make consumers’ daily lives just a little bit easier with smart solutions like an exterior dual pad dispenser with measured fill. It gives consumers the ability to dispense the exact amount of water needed for a recipe or morning coffee,” said Carolyn Torres, Whirlpool refrigeration brand manager. “Even with the added interior space and intuitive features, such as a power outage alert, the Latitude refrigerator helps conserve energy and saves money on utility bills, without sacrificing performance.”

The Latitude refrigerator brings consumers’ kitchens several innovative
features, including dispensing an exact amount of water, measured in cups, liters or ounces with a rotating faucet that allows consumers the ability to fill tall and odd-shaped containers with ease; a power outage alert that notifies consumers that there has been a power outage and the duration so they know whether or not food is safe to eat; and, the Fast Cool option, which immediately drops refrigerator and/or freezer temperatures to accommodate new food.

The Latitude refrigerator is available in white, black, stainless steel and Satina finish with an MSRP starting at $2,599.

Samsung’s Latest Includes New Induction Range – Lower Laundry Pricing

Samsung Electronics America will add induction technology to its cooking appliance line this fall.

Details are sketchy, but the company said the freestanding model will be produced entirely in-house.

“It’s gorgeous,” said James Politeski, sales and marketing VP for Samsung digital appliances. “The controls are intuitive, more accessible and very cool.”

Joining the induction unit will be Samsung’s first gas-fueled ranges. Two models are also set to ship this fall, along with a $600 speed oven that features microwave and electric heating.

In laundry, Samsung has added a step between its opening price point $999 front-load washer and its $1,499 front-load steam washer. The new, Energy Star-rated WF419 (suggested retail $1,199) also features steam cycles and Samsung’s vibration-reduction technology (VRT), plus 4.3 cubic feet of capacity and a diamond-patterned drum surface that’s gentler on fabrics.

Samsung also lowered its opening price point in front-load laundry to $699 in a Lowe’s-exclusive model that could join the open line next year depending on marketplace conditions. Senior marketing manager Jeffrey Armstrong said the company is hesitant to play in the promotional arena after establishing Samsung as a premium appliance brand — a strategy that has paid off with a 100 percent increase in first-quarter laundry sales.

In refrigeration, Samsung showed three French door models with dual ice makers, a feature it described as an industry first. The dual system includes an external filtered water and ice dispenser in the refrigerator and an additional ice maker in the freezer to provide twice the ice-making ability of standard units.

Jenn-Air’s Newest Refrigerator Line

Jenn-Air, is introducing a new collection of high performance built-in refrigerators; available configurations in the new fully-integrated flush built-in refrigerator collection include 36-inch bottom-freezer and popular side-by-side door models along with an industry-first 42-inch French door bottom-freezer model offering the widest interior space available in any flush refrigerator currently on the market.

Created with the design-conscious consumer in mind, the thinner exterior door provides a flush fit with custom cabinetry for a seamless exterior, while the interior features greater usable cubic space than similar flush refrigerators. High performance vacuum insulation panels help maintain energy and keep food fresher, longer. The articulated hinge is equipped with a multi-pivot arm mechanism for smooth opening and closing. This hinge allows the refrigerator door to swing beyond a 90 degree angle.

All refrigerators in the new line feature Advanced Climate Control Technology which allows customized drawer storage at lower temperatures than the refrigerator for highly perishable foods through independently controlled Advanced Climate Control bins. Four settings provide more precise control of different temperatures including deli, produce, meat and Quick Chill. The Quick Chill setting lowers the bin temperature below liquid freezing point for a period of one hour, ideal for quickly chilling white wine, sparkling water or other beverages. . An industry exclusive removable water filter conveniently located at the base grill is easily accessible and features PUR® filtering technology.

Launching this spring, style options include the sleek Euro-Style Stainless and the commercial look of Pro-Style® Stainless. Beginning this fall, the warm hued tones of Oiled Bronze and the contemporary Floating Glass in both black and white will be added to the collection and all finishes will be available with updated style options. For consumers who may redecorate frequently, the exterior panels of the refrigerators are designed as separate pieces and can be easily switched out with a different style panel without having to replace the refrigerator. The overlay model accepts custom panels and handles, allowing the refrigerator to blend seamlessly with existing cabinetry. The refrigerators are available in 36-inch bottom-freezer, 42-inch French door bottom-freezer, and 42-inch and 48-inch side by side non-dispensing configurations.

LG to Compensate Customers of French Door Refrigerator

Earlier this month we wrote here about LG’s french door refrigerators losing their EnergyStar rating.  Now, in agreement with the United States Department of Energy (DOE), LG will also compensate owners, modify unsold inventory and remove five current models from the Energy Star program.

LG Electronics has offered to make in-home modifications on French door refrigerator models that were improperly certified as Energy Star compliant.

Under terms of an agreement with the United States Department of Energy (DOE), LG will also compensate owners, modify unsold inventory and remove five current models from the Energy Star program.

Affected models include 10 LG-branded SKUs and 12 Kenmore-branded Trio units designed and manufactured by LG and sold by Sears.

Current LG models include the LFX23961, LFX25971, LFX21971, LMX25981 and LMX21981, all with in-the-door ice and water dispensers.

Five discontinued models include the LFX25950, LFX25960, LFX21960, LFX25980 and LFX21980.

The affected Kenmore units have in-the-door ice and water dispensers and model numbers beginning with 795.

Under terms of its agreement with DOE, LG will offer to modify consumers’ refrigerators at the company’s own expense. The modification, which involves replacing the ice maker’s circuit board and reprogramming the fridge, will make the units more energy efficient but not Energy Star compliant.

LG will also provide consumers with a one-time cash payment covering the difference between the energy rating listed on the original EnergyGuide label and the restated energy rating, plus annual payments for future incremental energy usage for the expected useful life of the appliance, up to 14 years.

LG said it will attempt to contact all previous purchasers of the affected units, and has established a special hotline — (888) 848-1266 — and Web site (www.lgrefrigeratoroffer.com).

The company is also modifying all unsold inventory, changing all labeling and marketing material to reflect the new energy ratings, and will introduce redesigned, Energy Star-rated ice-and-water dispensing French door refrigerators early next year.

LG French Door Refrigerator No Longer EnergyStar Rated

From PRNewswire: In coordination with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), LG Electronics USA Inc. has revised the energy ratings on five current refrigerator models.

Refrigerator testing rules used by DOE have been in place since 1979. In light of different applications of these rules in the appliance industry to today’s advanced products, LG has proactively worked with the DOE concerning the test standards.
Based on guidance from the DOE about its interpretation of the testing rules, the energy rating has been changed for five current LG “French Door” models with ice and water dispensers in the door: LFX23961, LFX25971, LFX21971, LMX25981 and LMX21981. For these models, LG is voluntarily suspending its participation in the Energy Star program. Five discontinued LG models also are affected: LFX25950, LFX25960, LFX21960, LFX25980 and LFX21980.
LG Electronics USA’s agreement with the DOE includes a comprehensive program for consumers — an energy-saving modification to previously-purchased refrigerators and cash payments to consumers for incremental energy costs. A similar program will be implemented for comparable Kenmore-brand “TRIO” models designed and manufactured by LG Electronics. This only affects Kenmore French Door models with ice and water dispensing through the door having model numbers starting with 795.
For consumers who have already purchased these models, LG is offering a three-part program:
    1.  LG is offering to modify consumers' refrigerators to make them more
        energy efficient.  LG is making arrangements to visit consumers' homes
        to modify their refrigerator.  This will lower the energy consumption
        over the life of the product and is free of charge.

    2.  Consumers will receive a cash payment for past energy usage.  LG is
        providing a one-time cash payment to cover the difference between the
        new measured energy rating and the amount listed on the original
        EnergyGuide label at the time the product was purchased.

    3.  Consumers will receive cash payments for future energy usage. LG will
        provide a cash payment each year over the expected useful life of the
        product.  These payments will cover the difference between the new
        measured energy rating of the refrigerator with the energy-saving
        modification and the energy usage listed on the EnergyGuide label.
In cooperation with its retailers, LG will attempt to contact all previous purchasers of the affected units to arrange the in-home modification and the payments. Consumers who purchased the affected models can also register to participate in the program and get more information by mail or by calling a special hotline (1-888-848-1266) or online at http://www.LGrefrigeratoroffer.com.
LG Electronics is a long-time partner in the voluntary Energy Star program, and the vast majority of LG appliance products continue with their Energy Star ratings. The company plans to introduce redesigned, Energy Star-rated ice-and-water-dispensing French Door refrigerators in early 2009. In the meantime, steps have been taken to ensure that labeling and marketing materials will reflect the new energy consumption information for the affected models.

Liebherr Engineers Re-Invent the 36” Luxury Refrigerator

If you haven’t heard of Liebherr appliances, you might soon. Liebherr, a premium appliance designer from Germany, has recently introduced a 36′ refrigerator specifically designed for the North American market.
The 2062 Series is available in freestanding (CS 2062), stainless integrated (HCS 2062) and
fully integrated (HC 2062) models. This new size means that Liebherr now has every
possible refrigeration size available in North America including 24”, 30”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72”
Key features include:
• Stylish French doors allowing for better clearance than side-swing doors
• Dual refrigeration system, with separate super efficient variable speed
compressors for the refrigerator and the freezer
Liebherr – New 36” Refrigerator
Page 2
• Double freezer drawers on telescopic rails and a new air flow system
• Revolutionary new LED light columns and enhanced vegetable drawer and
freezer drawer LED illumination
• Icemaker features most technically advanced water filter available for
household appliances
• An increased capacity icemaker that can produce 3.5 lbs of ice in 24 hours
and store up to 7 lbs of ice
• An enhanced Power Cooling system for improved chilling performance
• New, elegant Glass Line 6 mm thick shelving that withstands up to 180 lbs
• Complies with the new ENERGY STAR® guidelines for maximum efficiency
coming into effect as of April 2008.
“The 36 inch is not a common size in Europe, yet it is the most popular size in the luxury
category here in North America,” stated Marc Perez, Vice President, Liebherr North America.
“Weʼve been working diligently to offer this size in our North American product line, and Iʼm
confident that this product will exceed all expectations,” adds Perez.

KitchenAid Introduces 72″, Counter-depth, French Door Refrigerator

KitchenAid has introduced a new 72-inch counter-depth model that offers extra space on the inside and a built-in look on the outside.  This latest configuration joins a line that includes freestanding, counter-depth and 42-inch built-in French Door refrigerators. 

“Based on our research, we found that the currently available 69-inch model refrigerators don’t fully utilize the 72-inches of available height space found in many of today’s newly constructed homes,” said Debbie O’Connor, Senior Manager of Brand Experience for KitchenAid.  “Our newest French door model offers those who have this space an even better option to choose from in this increasingly popular refrigerator style.  Not only does our latest 72-inch model maximize space with more room inside the refrigerator, it also offers a seamless, built-in look at a gentler price.”   




The French Door Bottom Mount has a narrow door swing, making it easy to maneuver in the kitchen even when multiple cooks are working in the same space.  Its narrow door swing also allows for design flexibility in kitchen designs where a full door swing would be too tight.  Its wide refrigerator shelves have no interior divisions, allowing significantly greater space for wider items, such as cookie sheets, baking pans and serving trays.  In addition, the freezer on the bottom requires less bending, with more frequently accessed refrigerator items located higher and closer at hand.   






Premium features found on the latest KitchenAid® French door model include a single-hand interior water dispenser that is strategically located to prevent interference with usable refrigerator space.  A FreshChill™ Temperature Management System features a thermostat in the refrigerator and an evaporator fan that help regulates temperatures to maintain optimal storage and freshness.









The new 72-inch Counter-depth French Door Bottom Mount refrigerator models will be available in stainless steel, black and white.  Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices will range from $$2,799 to $3,099.