July 21, 2019

Samsung’s Flexible Fridge

Samsung has a creative refrigerator idea. The Quatro Cooling Convertible Refrigerator allows the consumer to switch the refrigeration and freezing compartments as needed. If you plan to cook and freeze food in preparation for a big event just switch use to make room. The same applies to needing more room to cool drinks for a party. The unit has to bottom drawer that can switch modes at the push of a button.

The refrigerator is a french door style with each compartment controlled and cooled separately with its own evaporator and fan. The bottom two drawers adapt to become refrigerators as needed.

Here are some basic specifications:

Capacity Net Total 24.8cu.ft.

Net Width 35.7″
Net Case height w/ hinge 69.7″
Net Depth w/ door handle 33.1″

Cooling Features Cooling System Quatro Cooling

Freezer Features Icemaker

Exterior Features Display & Control Digital LCD

Color Stainless Steel