February 19, 2020

About Appliance.Net


About Appliance.Net

Founded in 1996, Appliance.net is an online magazine with a companion public forum with reviews of gadgets, small and large appliances. We encourage feedback and the participation of the public in our community. We work to give consumers access to a large group of highly-knowledgable appliance industry insiders. Our participants include manufacturers, distributors, local retailers, repair shops, and consumers of all stripes. Appliance.Net is is committed to strong privacy standards — your personal information is strictly confidential and is shared with only when you choose to share it with one of our member professionals. When you request quotes, we will work to make sure that your quote matches your individual needs. We believe that an educated consumer is better equipped to ask the right questions and to find an appropriate solution than one who is not. To this end, our appliance educational center helps consumers assess their priorities and identify the types of solutions that meet their needs. We combine essential tools for online investigation of needs, a library of articles that address needs at different life stages, and links to other industry, government and local retail resources online.

Our Management:Howard Witkin – President and Chief Executive OfficerPresident, Appliance . net. The founder of Appliance.Net, Howard Witkin, has been involved with high-technology startups for two decades. He was a founding partner in several successful firms.  Amongst his successes, Leviathan Development is a leading Los Angeles-based systems integrator.  Icardio is a recognized technology leader in remote medical diagnostics, and LifeInsurance.Net is a leading internet based national life insurance brokerage. Mr. Witkin started his technology career while still in his teens, writing dozens of assembly language video games for the original Atari.  As a recognized expert on computer technology issues, he has provided commentary and testimony in courtrooms, on TV shows and in print publications around the world. Mr. Witkin is the former executive producer and senior commentator on the Los Angeles-based TechTalk radio show, and teaches an ongoing seminar series in ethics. He has a BS in Applied Math from UCLA, and lives in Los Angeles with his wife, two sons, two daughters and lots of Legos. Please visit our family of BestPrice.com websites. Appliance Retailers and Repair Services who are interested in advertising are encouraged to contact us. We are proud of having the Better Business Bureau’s highest rating: Better Business Bureau rating for IdentityWeb, Inc. http://www.labbb.org/BBBWeb/Forms/Business/CompanyReportPage_Expository.aspx?CompanyID=13047022%%wpcontactform%%About Our Design:

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