August 23, 2017

LG French Door Refrigerator No Longer EnergyStar Rated

From PRNewswire: In coordination with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), LG Electronics USA Inc. has revised the energy ratings on five current refrigerator models.

Refrigerator testing rules used by DOE have been in place since 1979. In light of different applications of these rules in the appliance industry to today’s advanced products, LG has proactively worked with the DOE concerning the test standards.
Based on guidance from the DOE about its interpretation of the testing rules, the energy rating has been changed for five current LG “French Door” models with ice and water dispensers in the door: LFX23961, LFX25971, LFX21971, LMX25981 and LMX21981. For these models, LG is voluntarily suspending its participation in the Energy Star program. Five discontinued LG models also are affected: LFX25950, LFX25960, LFX21960, LFX25980 and LFX21980.
LG Electronics USA’s agreement with the DOE includes a comprehensive program for consumers — an energy-saving modification to previously-purchased refrigerators and cash payments to consumers for incremental energy costs. A similar program will be implemented for comparable Kenmore-brand “TRIO” models designed and manufactured by LG Electronics. This only affects Kenmore French Door models with ice and water dispensing through the door having model numbers starting with 795.
For consumers who have already purchased these models, LG is offering a three-part program:
    1.  LG is offering to modify consumers' refrigerators to make them more
        energy efficient.  LG is making arrangements to visit consumers' homes
        to modify their refrigerator.  This will lower the energy consumption
        over the life of the product and is free of charge.

    2.  Consumers will receive a cash payment for past energy usage.  LG is
        providing a one-time cash payment to cover the difference between the
        new measured energy rating and the amount listed on the original
        EnergyGuide label at the time the product was purchased.

    3.  Consumers will receive cash payments for future energy usage. LG will
        provide a cash payment each year over the expected useful life of the
        product.  These payments will cover the difference between the new
        measured energy rating of the refrigerator with the energy-saving
        modification and the energy usage listed on the EnergyGuide label.
In cooperation with its retailers, LG will attempt to contact all previous purchasers of the affected units to arrange the in-home modification and the payments. Consumers who purchased the affected models can also register to participate in the program and get more information by mail or by calling a special hotline (1-888-848-1266) or online at
LG Electronics is a long-time partner in the voluntary Energy Star program, and the vast majority of LG appliance products continue with their Energy Star ratings. The company plans to introduce redesigned, Energy Star-rated ice-and-water-dispensing French Door refrigerators in early 2009. In the meantime, steps have been taken to ensure that labeling and marketing materials will reflect the new energy consumption information for the affected models.


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  2. Barbara Middlebrooks says:

    I purchased the Kenmore Elite Trio Refrigerator Oct/08. I have learned that the refrigerator not only has the efficiency problem, but also has been discontinued. I am wondering if Sears would exchange this refrigerator for a new one. I paid approx 2400.00. I would rather get rid of this refrigerator for a better product.

  3. eve elston says:

    I too, would rather they replace this fridge ,I thought buying a more expensive one would insure a better product

  4. Brian A. Sinkoff says:

    I too have this Kemore Refrigerator. I call LG on Janary 6, to complain, and get my new circuit board, etc. They said some would contact me by end of January, which has not happened. I spent about 8 hours on the phone trying to get Sears to take back the refrigerator, and put in an Energy Star rated one, since that is what I though I bought. I even sent email to VP of Customer Service and never received a response.

    Today I have been on the phone with LG and Sears for over six hours, mostly holding and then being hung up on, since no one has contacted me since Jan 6, 2009. After 45 minutes I got someone on the phone, and they tell me that Sears is suppose to put in the new board. I call Sears, and they know nothing about it, plus then after about and hour on the phone they come back and tell me LG is suppose to do it, and provide the same LG number. I call LG back and after I hour they never answer. Now I call Corporate LG, and have gotten two stories thus far, one that LG is putting the board in, and a second that Kenmore is suppose to do it.

    This is a great Class Action Law Suit. We need to band together and make Sears take these back and put us in a GE or Kenmore that is Energy Star rated.


  5. If anyone else was ripped off by the LG lies about the Energy Star rating for its refrigerators, check out this website — Folks are definitely trying to rectify the deception.

    Thank you to this website for allowing us to share information. I can not believe LG lied to so many people. I also can’t believe that the Department of Energy thinks it is acceptable!! I thought the Energy Star program was supposed to protect us.

  6. Del Barrow says:

    Ser.# 805KR00019
    Mod.# 79578762.800

  7. My wife and I have purchased one of the refrigerators that was not as energy efficient as stated when we bought it. We have received a check for our increased energy use. The also sent a repair person out to “FIX” our refrigerator and make it more energy efficient. A year after the “FIX” we had another minor issue and had a different repair person out to the house. When we pulled the refrigerator out from the cabinet we found the side out the refrigerator was sweating and was rotting the sheet rock. We discover that the LG “FIX” was to cut the wire to the side heating element put there to prevent sweating. Now we have a damaged wall, bad refrigerator, and little options. If you know anyone who has had there refrigerator “FIXED” by LG, have them make sure theirs is not causing damage to there house. If anyone has any thoughts as too our options, pleases E mail us at
    Jim & Deb Perry
    65 Barber Rd
    Sterling, CT 06377