August 21, 2017

KitchenAid Introduces 72″, Counter-depth, French Door Refrigerator

KitchenAid has introduced a new 72-inch counter-depth model that offers extra space on the inside and a built-in look on the outside.  This latest configuration joins a line that includes freestanding, counter-depth and 42-inch built-in French Door refrigerators. 

“Based on our research, we found that the currently available 69-inch model refrigerators don’t fully utilize the 72-inches of available height space found in many of today’s newly constructed homes,” said Debbie O’Connor, Senior Manager of Brand Experience for KitchenAid.  “Our newest French door model offers those who have this space an even better option to choose from in this increasingly popular refrigerator style.  Not only does our latest 72-inch model maximize space with more room inside the refrigerator, it also offers a seamless, built-in look at a gentler price.”   




The French Door Bottom Mount has a narrow door swing, making it easy to maneuver in the kitchen even when multiple cooks are working in the same space.  Its narrow door swing also allows for design flexibility in kitchen designs where a full door swing would be too tight.  Its wide refrigerator shelves have no interior divisions, allowing significantly greater space for wider items, such as cookie sheets, baking pans and serving trays.  In addition, the freezer on the bottom requires less bending, with more frequently accessed refrigerator items located higher and closer at hand.   






Premium features found on the latest KitchenAid® French door model include a single-hand interior water dispenser that is strategically located to prevent interference with usable refrigerator space.  A FreshChill™ Temperature Management System features a thermostat in the refrigerator and an evaporator fan that help regulates temperatures to maintain optimal storage and freshness.









The new 72-inch Counter-depth French Door Bottom Mount refrigerator models will be available in stainless steel, black and white.  Manufacturer’s suggested retail prices will range from $$2,799 to $3,099.   


  1. QUESTION???
    Does the monochromatic stainless look the same as reg stainless on the archithec series ( front stainless seen only)


  2. cindy kelley says:

    where can i purchase this 72″ french door fridge? I have not been able to locate it. I live in zip code 32746

  3. Cindy,
    Thank you for your inquiry.
    We have passed your question on to representatives from KitchenAid, and hope to have an answer for you very soon.


  4. I’m interested in the new stainless steel french door cabinet depth 72 in kitchen aid refrig but i don’t want the ice dispenser in door – can i obtain without?
    Thank you,
    San Francisco Barbara

  5. edna grant says:

    I’m interested in the info on the 72′ counterdepth kitchen aid french door refrigerator.

  6. Best Refrigerators says:

    I know Sears was carrying these at the time this post was made, they “might” still carry the unit as of now.

  7. Phyllis A Randolph says:

    I bought a KitdhenAid French Door Refrigerator 3 years ago. I had to have the freezer fan replaced-then had to have a repairman come out again saying something was wroong with the computeror sensor something probably needed replaced but did nothing. Then I had to call again and the repairman came out again and went to the breaker box and re-set the refrigerator and said maybe the compressor would need replaced-I have lost a lot of food because of this refrigerator. I have my condo for sale and had to replace the refrigerator for fear it would break down again when a new person moved in. I finally went to another dealor and bought a cheaper but more reliable product. I feel that KitchenAid should reimburse me something for this product that had to be replaced.