March 17, 2018

Appliance Prices Are Going Up

Top appliance makers Whirlpool and Electrolux are raising prices to pass soaring raw material costs on to customers, but their attempts may not pass muster with bargain-hungry shoppers.

According to Reuters, both companies reported quarterly profits that fell short of estimates as they grapple with tepid demand in major markets like the United States and Europe.
Many analysts questioned the timing of the move, especially since consumers in the developed world continue to look for incentives to buy expensive goods like appliances.

Korean manufacturer Samsung has not announced increases and appears to be planning to hold existing prices. Still, Whirlpool’s chief executive, Jeff Fettig, insisted it was not “economically feasible” for Whirlpool to remain indefinitely in the promotional mindset it adopted for the holiday season and last year in general. “For 2011, we expect positive but uneven demand levels around the world,” Fettig said, adding the company still hoped to expand operating margins in the year through price increases and boosts in productivity.

LG Electronics does plan an increase as well. The planned price increase matches moves announced earlier by Whirlpool and Electrolux.

Whirlpool has shut plants, cut jobs and moved some manufacturing to lower cost centers like Mexico. It has also started using common parts across its lineup of dishwashers, refrigerators and washing machines.

Electrolux, which sells under its own name as well as the Zanussi and Frigidaire brands, is planning to raise prices by 8 percent to 10 percent in North America starting in April and gradually in Europe and other markets. The move comes as manufacturers around the globe plot price increases to offset higher materials costs and regain ground lost in the recession. Electrolux Chief Executive Keith McLoughlin said the rise in raw materials’ costs had been across the board.

Frigidaire’s Swap and Save Works the $300M Rebate Program

The newly introduced Frigidaire appliance line received the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s prestigious 2010 ENERGY STAR award for Excellence in ENERGY STAR Promotion.  The award specifically recognizes the brand’s Swap and Save Energy Conservation Program.

The Swap and Save program was designed to educate consumers on the
energy and monetary benefits realized by trading in their old appliances for new Frigidaire ENERGY STAR qualified appliances.  Most recently, Frigidaire announced “Paid to Upgrade”, which was created to add additional value to consumers on top of the $300m State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program.

“As a proud ENERGY STAR partner, Frigidaire is committed to helping
our customers save money and increase energy efficiency in their
homes,” said Marty O’Gorman, General Manager for Frigidaire.  “That’s
why our new line of appliances offers a range of energy efficiencies
along with innovative features that minimize energy and water
consumption.  We’re proud to offer appliances that save consumers
considerable amounts of energy and water – from washers that use up to
82% less energy and 60% less water to dishwashers that use at least
41% less energy and 40% less water than was used just 10 years ago.”

Frigidaire recently launched 250 new kitchen and laundry appliances
designed with easy-to-use time-, money- and energy-saving features.
The new collections are ENERGY STAR qualified, where applicable, and
offer a wide variety of stylish appliances that are from 10% to 80%
more energy-efficient than non-ENERGY STAR qualified appliances.

Recall: Frigidaire Clothes Washers Due to Fire Hazard

Name of Product: Crosley®, Frigidaire®, Kelvinator®, Kenmore®, Wascomat®, and White-Westinghouse® clothes washers

Units: About 35,000

Distributor: Frigidaire, of Cleveland, Ohio

Hazard: An internal defect in the washer’s drain pump can cause heat to build up, posing a fire hazard to the consumer.

Incidents/Injuries: No incidents or injuries have been reported.

Description: This recall involves the Crosley®, Frigidaire®, Kelvinator®, Kenmore®, Wascomat®, and White-Westinghouse® top load washers, 3.1 cubic foot front load washers and laundry centers.

Product Type Brand Model Serial Number
Top Load Washer Crosley, Frigidaire, Kelvinator,
White- Westinghouse
XC90306228 to XC91606302
Front Load Washer Crosley, Frigidaire, Wascomat,
White- Westinghouse
XC90501765 to XC91607678
Laundry Center Crosley, Frigidaire, Kenmore,
White -Westinghouse
97812 CLCE900FW GLET1142FS
97912 FEX831FS GLGH1642FS
97962 FGX831FS GLGT1031FS
C97812 FLGB8200FS GLGT1142FS
C97912 GCET1031FS MEX731CFS
C97962 GLEH1642FS SWSG1031HS
XE85104013 to XE91603486

*Not all serial numbers within these ranges are affected.

Model and serial numbers can be located as follows:

Top load washer = open the product’s lid, and the model and serial number are located inside the product’s lid, on the top, right hand corner.

Front load washer = open the door, and the model and serial number are located with other information at the top, center.

Laundry center = open the door to the dryer, and the model and serial number are located on the outer edge of the door nearest the door’s handle.

Sold by: Sears and other retailers nationwide from February 2009 through May 2009 for between $300 and $1100.

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Consumers should immediately unplug and stop using the machine. Consumers should contact Frigidaire or Sears (if unit was purchased there) to schedule a free repair.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Frigidaire at (800) 734-4519 between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. ET Monday through Saturday, or visit the firm’s Web site at For consumers who purchased their product at Sears, call Sears toll free at (888) 549-5870 between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. ET Monday through Saturday, or visit Sear’s Web site at

CPSC is still interested in receiving incident or injury reports that are either directly related to this product recall or involve a different hazard with the same product. Please tell them about it by visiting

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Avoid a Service Call – Troubling Shooting the Freezer

We’ve just taken delivery here of a new Frigidaire Gallery upright freezer which we plan to review for you in depth. While sorting through all the paperwork that comes with a new appliance, I found a handy tip sheet that Frigidaire includes to help you prevent the need for a service call. Some of the tips may seem obvious, but hey, if it’s one that might have been forgotten, I want to be reminded of it.

To be certain your appliance is running properly:

The outside walls of the appliance should be warm. They can be up to 30 degrees warmer than room temperature.

You should be able to hear the compressor running ( as long as the surrounding noise level is low).

Check to see that the appliance is leveled and installed properly.

  • Be sure the wood shipping base is removed
  • Level the appliance from side to side
  • Tilt it slightly backward to insure proper door seal
  • Allow enough air space around the appliance and avoid high temperature locations.
  • Do not store items on top of or close to the appliance

The appliance must be plugged into a proper circuit.

  • It should not be plugged into a cicuit that is protected by a ground fault interrupt. If it is tripped, it will disconnect power to the appliance.
  • Use a properly grounded three prong outlet.
  • If you are unsure about the outlet, have it checked by an electrician.

So go check your fridge, see if it’s warm and has enough air space, then come back and see what we have to say about the Frigidaire freezer.

Dishwashers Save Time and Water

It’s official, running a fully loaded dishwasher uses less water than washing dishes by hand. If you use an Energy Star rated dishwasher you will save even more. An replacing an older dishwasher with a newer Energy Star rated dishwasher can save you about $30 dollars a year in energy costs too.
According to Frigidairee appliances:
If you still wash your dishes by hand, you’re probably wasting more than just your valuable time. Over an average eleven-year lifespan, Energy Star qualified dishwashers can save 55,000 gallons of water (that’s a lifetime supply of drinking water for more than four people) or $465 in energy and water bills (that’s like getting a 15-year supply of dishwasher detergent).

Here are some additional savings that come with upgrading to an Energy Star dishwasher:

Save Time:
Using an Energy Star qualified dishwasher instead of handwashing will save nearly 10 days of your time each year. So stop scrubbing – just load and go!
Dishwashers today don’t require pre-rinsing of dishes before loading. Pre-rinsing doesn’t necessarily improve cleaning and wastes water. Just scrape off food and liquids – the dishwasher will do the rest.

Save Money:
Cut your energy and water bills by more than $40 per year compared to handwashing.
You can save $465 in energy and water bills over the life of an Energy Star dishwasher compared to washing dishes by hand.

Save Energy:
Use half as much energy as washing by hand.
Fill your dishwasher to full capacity to get maximize the energy used to run it. Most of the energy used by a dishwasher goes to heat water. Since you can’t decrease the amount of water used per cycle, fill your dishwasher to get the most from the energy used to run it.

Save Water:

Use nearly 5,000 gallons less water per year, compared to washing dishes by hand.
Run your dishwasher only on the cycle necessary for the task to conserve water

Reduce Noise:

Energy Star qualified dishwashers run 50% more quietly than 10-year old models.

Help the Environment:
Less energy means less pollution and greenhouse gases in the environment. Less water consumption helps protect our lakes, streams and oceans.
Stay away from the heat-dry, rinse-hold and pre-rinse features and try the air-dry option instead.

You can read more here about choosing a Frigidaire dishwasher.

Frigidaire’s Beverage Center

Frigidaire has a fun extra for your outdoor entertaining kitchen or home theatre- a beverage center that dispenses cold beer and other beverages and has room to keep trays of foods cool as well.The beverage center has a 12.75 Cu. Ft. refrigeration capacity, can accommodate 1/2 barrel or 1/4 barrel keg sizes and  a fresh food shelf to hold party trays and other food items (must be removed when using full barrel keg).

More features include:

  • 2 heavy-duty slide out wire fresh food baskets
  • 2 in-door freezer storage racks
  • Empty 5# CO2 Tank Included
  • Extra deep drain sump with durable stainless cover
  • Five level wire shelf includes can dispenser, wine storage; also perfect for two liter bottles
  • Fresh food door storage for gallon or 2-liter containers
  • Pressurized Tap System (includes: Tap, Regulator, Faucet, Hoses and CO2 Canister)
  • 2 Humidity Controls
  • Never Clean™ Condenser
  • It comes in a Silver Mist color with a suggested retail price of $899.



    Frigidaire Affinity Washer and Dryer Pair Receives NSF International Certification for Sanitization

    Frigidaire announced that its Affinity Washer and Dryer pair received the NSF International certification for sanitization.

    The internal heater of the 7000 and 8000 series washers raises water temperature during the cycle, while the stainless steel dryer heats air and clothing, both reaching temperatures high enough that 99.9% of bacteria commonly found on laundry are killed. Plus, the stainless steel interior prevents bacteria transfer load to load.

    NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company, is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization, and is a world leader in standards development, product certification, education, and risk-management for public health and safety. With engineers, chemists, toxicologists, and environmental health professionals on staff, The NSF Mark is a leading indicator for sanitization.

    The Frigidaire 6700 series dryer is also NSF certified. After running any wash cycle, the dryers will sanitize clothing when the following cycle combinations are selected: 90 minute timed dry with High/Max Heat, Towels with Max Heat, or Heavy Duty with Max Heat.