February 16, 2020

Chocolate Vacuums – It’s Not What You Think

Are you shopping for a new vacuum? Of course power, durablity, ease of use, and cost are issues to be addressed, but, hey, what about color? Isn’t the color of your vacuum of primary concern? Well, Electrolux seems to think we should at least have some fashionable choices when it come to our vacuums.

Designers at Electrolux, AEG’s parent company, identified Chocolate Brown as 2011’s “icon color” – the hottest color for cars, fashion, and everything in-between. The new AEG brand UltraOne vacuum cleaners that launch in May 2011 will be offered in Chocolate Brown as well as Deep Blue and Clear Blue.

“The fashion industry, car shows, and interior design expos are a great source of inspiration,” Elisabeth Piper-Mäkitalo, Senior Graphic Designer at Electrolux.

One design detail carried over from the previous UltraOne collection is the scale-like, carbon-fiber “squircle” pattern on its rear side panel. The squircle design – a circle and square hybrid – was added to enhance the vacuum’s appearance. It’s a pattern that is also seen as a design element in car interiors and lamps.

All the new colors are metallic intended to convey a technical feel but also a soft and fashionable quality. Electrolux expects that similar colors will be used in 2011 fashion, cosmetics, and automobiles.

When developing the 2011 look for the UltraOne floor care appliance line, designers took to heart the status the vacuums had earned since its launch – appliance reviewers have given it top rankings in at least 11 markets.

“We naturally wanted to give it a unique range of colors to set it apart from the crowd—a powerful yet fashionable statement,” said Piper-Mäkitalo. “The UltraOne has striking lines – you can really feel its raw energy. We wanted to accentuate this power by adding a bold new palette of colors. When you think about it, there isn‘t that much difference between the colors used in makeup, nail polish and mascara, and today‘s cars. Flake and metallic are found in both worlds. This gives us a range of colors that are both traditionally masculine and feminine: unisex, if you will.”

The design team developed several new colors: Watermelon Red, Deep Blue (available in UK), Ice White, Antique Grey, Clear Blue (available in UK), Cassis, “and, finally, what we call the Icon Color: Chocolate Brown,” Piper-Mäkitalo said. “Brown and metallic feel very right for 2011.”

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