January 23, 2018

New Bosch VitaFresh Refrigeration

Available in Bosch’s new French Door refrigerator, VitaFresh utilizes a food preservation technology perfected by Bosch in Europe. A proprietary high-tech lining within the VitaFresh drawers works with precise climate sensors to automatically maintain the perfect balance of temperature, humidity, and air circulation – without the need to adjust any confusing settings.

VitaFresh works automatically to adjust temperature and humidity settings when produce is added in the crisper drawer.

VitaFresh technology is a two part system that automatically maintains:

1. Ideal Temperature

  • Sensors ensure the temperature is consistently at just above freezing, the ideal level for optimized freshness and longer storage results
  • The directional airflow system provides indirect cooling over the VitaFresh drawers. This prevents dry, cold air from being blown directly against fruits and vegetables and significantly reduces the dry-out effect that shortens storage life

2. Automatic Humidity Control

  • Utilizing technology perfected by Bosch in Europe, a proprietary high-tech lining regulates how much, or how little moisture is required for the type of produce stored in the drawers to keep produce fresher, longer

Efficient Performance

  • The ENERGY STAR-qualified French Door refrigerator is engineered to meet strict efficiency standards and requires less energy, and money, to operate
  • A door open alarm helps prevent energy waste by alerting users when the refrigerator door has been left open
  • SuperCool and SuperFreeze modes quickly balance temperatures between cool items and newly placed goods in the fridge and freezer. This helps foods stay fresh by minimizing temperature fluctuations

The ENERGY STAR -qualified Bosch French Door refrigerator featuring VitaFresh technology is now available with a MSRP of $2,999.

Bosch Adds to Upcoming State Appliance Rebates

This year, from February through April, most of the U.S. states and territories will introduce customized rebate programs to encourage homeowners to replace their outdated, energy-wasting appliances in a fashion similar to the auto industry’s successful “Cash for Clunkers” program. To help inspire as many people as possible to make a green change in their homes, Bosch home appliances introduces additional rebate plans that can be used immediately, in conjunction with the SEEARP program, or with other rebates.

New Bosch Rebates

  • Up to $150 in rebates on the purchase of a Linea refrigerator through June 30, 2010
  • Up to $900 on select Bosch kitchen through May 31, 2010

Bosch at 2010 International Builders Show

Bosch is taking part in the International Builders Show 2010 with a live, full-kitchen installed with cooking and cleaning products. This real-installation will demonstrate how Bosch appliances can help any home project achieve higher standards in water- and energy-efficiency.

Bosch is the only US appliance manufacturer with entire product lines of ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers, washers and refrigeration. Bosch appliances featured in the IBS home include:

    800 Plus Dishwasher: The 800 Plus uses as little as 2 gallons of water per cycle, 70 percent less than the average dishwasher, and operates on only 180 kWh/y of energy, an industry best.
    800 Series Vision Laundry: Vision features the most energy- and water-efficient brand of full size front-load washers in the U.S.
    800 Series Linea Refrigeration: The ENERGY STAR-qualified Linea side-by-side refrigeration features Eco and Vacation cooling modes to help reduce energy costs compared to continual operation in standard mode.
    800 Series Gas Cooktop: 24% of all Bosch gas cooktops are made of recycled materials, the highest amount among all steel suppliers in the industry. Additionally, 95% of the cooktop can be recycled when retired.
    800 Series Double Wall Oven: make the most out of energy and time with Genuine European Convection®, which allows for the cooking of an entire meal all at once without the transfer of flavor or aromas.

Bosch is also launching its “Green Technology Inside” initiative at IBS. While Bosch takes great pride in its green manufacturing practices, the reality is 90% of the environmental impact from a home appliance occurs in the home from use. Bosch is launching the Green Technology Inside icon and designation to make it easier for appliance shoppers to identify its most water- and energy-efficient appliances.

“The ‘Green Technology Inside’ program quantifies energy and water savings to give shoppers the confidence that the Bosch appliance they are purchasing delivers the ultimate in efficiency,” said John Farley, senior brand and environmental marketing manager, Bosch.

Appliances achieving the Green Technology Inside designation include:
Vision washers, which utilize EcoSmart™ sensors to continuously monitor and adjust the cycle for optimized operation. Combined with the ActiveWater™ system, Vision washers uses just 13 gallons of water per load while delivering the cleaning power of 400 gallons.
Bosch dishwashers, which are the most efficient available in each price class Bosch offers product. In fact, Bosch recently launched the 800 Plus – the most energy- and water-efficient dishwasher in the U.S.

Bosch Refrigerators Now at Sears

If you’ve always wanted to own a Bosch refrigerator but don’t have a Bosch reseller in your town, Sears may be able to help you out. Many Sears stores have been carrying some Bosch appliances. Now consumers can view a complete kitchen suite of Bosch appliances at Sears.

ENERGY STAR®-qualified Linea joins other eco- friendly Bosch appliances available at Sears, including dishwashers, laundry, wall ovens, cooktops, ventilation and ranges.

About Linea Refrigeration

Linea brings a perfectly flush, built-in look to the full-line Bosch kitchen, making it ideal for new kitchens, or as a stylish replacement for high energy-consuming refrigerators.


— Height-adjustable EasyLift(TM) door bin and shelves provide an easy way to accommodate over-size food items without having to unload and reload the contents of the fridge.

— Detachable CoolPaks(TM), perfect for portable coolers, free up valuable space in the freezer.

— Linea’s unique LED lighting solution, CoolGlow(TM), brightly illuminates the entire refrigerator and freezer, ensuring no food gets overlooked or forgotten.

— The exterior ice/water dispenser is integrated flush and frameless to accommodate tall glasses and pitchers to fill with crystal-clear, filtered water, ice cubes and crushed ice.

— Exterior touch controls enable all refrigerator and freezer functions to be controlled without opening the doors. This improves food preservation and reduces energy consumption.

— Sabbath mode helps families honor this religious observance by turning off interior lighting and acoustic signals while temporarily locking the display panel buttons.


— Linea’s Dual Evaporator System keeps the air-flow and aromas separate between the fridge and the freezer while an AirFresh carbon filter further reduces unwanted odors.

— AntiBacterial wall linings provide a hygienic atmosphere.

— The FreshProtect(TM)Box temperature controlled drawer provides three precise optimized storage settings for fish and meat, dairy and produce.

— SuperCool and SuperFreezer modes protect all the food in the fridge when freshly-prepared foods are introduced.


— Linea is ENERGY STAR-qualified, the industry standard in environmental responsibility.

— Linea’s Eco and Vacation cooling modes help reduce energy costs compared to continual operation in standard mode.


— The long door with hidden hinges provides a seamless built-in look.

— All metal handles, high end glass shelves, and metal look trims give a premium appearance.

— A hide-away water filter is stowed away in an easy access compartment in the interior ceiling. This unique space solution maximizes storage capacity.

— 800 Series available in Stainless Steel
— 500 Series available in Stainless Steel, High Gloss Black and White
— 300 Series available in Stainless Steel
— Suggested MSRP $2,299-$3149, but customers should check their local Sears store or sears.com for sale pricing.

Bosch Dual Fuel Range Receives Top Ranking for the Fourth Time in a Row

Bosch home appliances is proud to announce that its dual fuel Evolution 700 Series freestanding range has been ranked #1, for the fourth time in a row, by a leading consumer magazine. The entire Evolution™ Series of ranges offer an unmatched assortment of cooking and convenience features with clean, European styling and advanced engineering.

Offering 4.6 cubic feet of oven capacity – the largest on the market – the Bosch Evolution dual fuel 700 Series Range delivers performance with Genuine European Convection™ with Advanced Circulation System (ACS) for even cooking results in 30% less time. Bosch’s exclusive convection system also allows for full meal cooking at once, without the transfer of aromas or flavors. Additionally, the range features the OPTISIM™ burner, with simmering capabilities for the most delicate sauces, and the POWERSIM™ burner with 16000 BTU output for faster boiling times. Optimized burner spacing and continuous grates on the stainless steel maintop maximize the cooking surface and make for easy movement of large pots, while the oven’s full-extension telescopic rack simplifies the cooking of large holiday meals. With a pleasing design aesthetic, the Evolution 700 Series is highlighted by the CLEARTOUCH™ oven control, a touch through glass oven control that features accurate sensor technology while offering an easy-to-clean surface.

Bosch Showcases Appliances that Offer Complete ECO Solutions at Builders’ Show 2008

Bosch showcases it most advanced lineup of kitchen and laundry appliances that offer complete ECO solutions at the 2008 International Builders’ Show. Bosch remains the undisputed leader with the ENERGY STAR qualification on all its models in every major appliance category that the program rates. With the most energy-efficient dishwashers in the country, and the leading energy-efficient laundry – including the new compact 24” Axxis® Washer, as well as the award-winning Nexxt® Series with the unique ECOACTION™ option – the brand continues deliver efficiency. Additionally, the brand is debuting a space-efficient 30” gas cooktop featuring increased cooking flexibility with a fifth burner, sleek metal knobs and the powerful capabilities of the exclusive POWERSIM™ and OPTISIM™ burners.

Bosch introduces its new 24” compact stackable Axxis Laundry that offers the largest capacity in its class at 3.4 cubic feet, accommodating up to 14 pair of jeans. When combined with the Axxis Condensation Dryer, which does not require any ducting or venting, Bosch 24” laundry becomes the ultimate high-quality solution for any type of multi-family builder development or consumer application. In addition, the Axxis Laundry system features a unique structured drum with steep edges to ensure that the most heavy-duty jobs are handled efficiently. Paired with the new curved and asymmetric agitator paddles in the washer, clothes are treated gently as the water cascades down like rain. Ensuring the most precise and efficient results, the Logixx™ control system automatically determines revolutions per minute, number of rinses, soak time and spin speed for every fabric selection, while the new touch controls make the overall operation easy-to-use.

Bosch’s 27” depth front-loading Nexxt Washers also make it easier than ever to achieve maximum energy savings. Simply push the green-colored “e” button to take advantage of the advanced ECOACTION option, on select 500plus and 800 Series models, which decreases the temperature and amount of energy used during the wash cycle by up to 20% – without affecting cleaning results. Also, Nexxt Dryers conserve energy with its ECOSENSOR™ feature, which uses less energy to dry clothes than conventional dryers by adjusting the temperature based on the moisture level in the clothes. While all Nexxt Laundry exceeds the strict 2008 federal regulatory standards for energy, the combination of these eco-friendly programs further distinguishes Bosch as the high-efficiency champion.

Bosch’s Evolution™ and Integra® dishwashers feature the quietest and most energy efficient models in the country: the Evolution SHE98 and Integra SHX98. Both models exceed the minimum federal energy standard by 147% with a yearly usage of only 190 kWh – approximately the same amount of energy as a dishwasher half their size. The Evolution and Integra lineups also offer a variety of convenience and efficiency options clearly structured into three classes – the 300, 500 and 800 Series – making it easy for consumers to choose the model best suited for their lifestyle.

Bosch also delivers a variety of powerful cooking solutions, including bold and beautiful 30” wall ovens that offer 4.7 cubic feet of interior space – the largest capacity in the marketplace. Available in three classes, all models feature Genuine European Convection®, an ultra-fast preheat in just seven minutes and the Bosch exclusive ECOCLEAN™, a two-hour – from start to finish – self cleaning function.

Beyond manufacturing high-efficiency products, Bosch has established key partnerships with other leaders in the green building movement, such as the U.S. Green Building Council/LEED® for Homes, National Association of Home Builders, many other national and local environmental organizations, and sustainable building developments. Bosch is the proud recipient of both the prestigious 2007 Excellence in ENERGY STAR® Promotion Award and 2007 Annual Flex Your Power Award. Additionally, the brand’s award-winning online Green Resource Center, a microsite developed to help consumers and builders calculate their immediate savings by using its products, is being expanded to provide even more information and tools for its users.

“Partners like Bosch are valued leaders in energy efficiency,” said Alexander Karsner, Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the Department of Energy. “Bosch’s long-term commitment to energy efficiency is good for business, the environment, consumers, and for the country as a whole.”

Bosch NES Electric Cooktop = Easy Cleaning

If you hate cleaning around knobs, the Bosch NES electric cooktop could be the cook top for you. It solves that fussy work with one dial, the mTwisT. This removable dial, held in place by a magnet under the ceramic glass, does it all. Select an element on the touch-through glass panel, then rotate the dial to set the power level via magnetic flux. Move the knob, turn again and set the power for the next element. To clean, lift the dial, wipe the smooth expanse of glass, and return the dial to its magnetic home — or, store the dial to lock the cooktop.


• mTwisT™ magnetic touch-and-turn control
• Three dual-zone elements provide ultimate flexibility for cookware
• Ceramic glass cooking surface is stylish, durable and easy to clean
• UltraSpeed™ ribbon elements respond 65% faster than conventional types
• Keep warm feature on all elements for keeping cooked food warm
• Hot surface indicators show when an element is hot to the touch
• Can be installed over a Bosch built-in oven
• 5 heating zones

We found this for as low as $960.00, but it usually retails for about $1000.00.

This sounds great as far as easy cleaning, as long as you want an electric cooktop. It also is a simple way to childproof the kitchen. Just be sure not to misplace the knob.

Bosch Dishwashers Rank Highest in Customer Satisfaction

Bosch home appliances, a leader in high quality and energy-efficient appliances, announced today that its dishwashers have been ranked highest in customer satisfaction for the second consecutive year by J.D. Power and Associates in its 2007 Major Home Appliance Study. Bosch dishwashers earned the highest ranking based on overall customer satisfaction with operational performance, including energy efficiency and product quietness, as well as product design and ease of use.

“Bosch prizes the long term satisfaction of its customers and is honored that our dishwashers have again achieved the top spot in the J.D. Power and Associates major appliance study, which demonstrates how highly consumers value quality and performance,” said Franz J. Bosshard, president and CEO of Bosch home appliances. “We are very proud of this distinction and will continue to develop products that offer our customers the best in quietness, efficiency and safety.”

Bosch dishwashers are the quietest and most efficient in the industry, with premium models boasting a 42dBA sound level, virtually undetectable while running, while also leading the way in energy and water efficiency. Every Bosch dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® qualified and exceeds the stringent 2007 federal energy standards. The entire collection features the ECOSENSE Wash Management System ™, which examines the soil level in water via an infrared light beam and customizes the wash cycle accordingly with 48 different options. Bosch’s ECOACTION™ feature on select models takes energy efficiency to the next level by reducing energy consumption by up to an additional 25% – with just the simple push of a button. These systems, along with other efficiency advancements, ensure that Bosch dishwashers use as little as 1.8 gallons of water per cycle while guaranteeing optimal wash results. In addition, the entire lineup also offers the Bosch exclusive AQUASTOP® system, a superior leak protection system that automatically shuts the dishwasher off should it detect water in the base of the unit.