August 16, 2017

Bosch Dishwashers Rank Highest in Customer Satisfaction

Bosch home appliances, a leader in high quality and energy-efficient appliances, announced today that its dishwashers have been ranked highest in customer satisfaction for the second consecutive year by J.D. Power and Associates in its 2007 Major Home Appliance Study. Bosch dishwashers earned the highest ranking based on overall customer satisfaction with operational performance, including energy efficiency and product quietness, as well as product design and ease of use.

“Bosch prizes the long term satisfaction of its customers and is honored that our dishwashers have again achieved the top spot in the J.D. Power and Associates major appliance study, which demonstrates how highly consumers value quality and performance,” said Franz J. Bosshard, president and CEO of Bosch home appliances. “We are very proud of this distinction and will continue to develop products that offer our customers the best in quietness, efficiency and safety.”

Bosch dishwashers are the quietest and most efficient in the industry, with premium models boasting a 42dBA sound level, virtually undetectable while running, while also leading the way in energy and water efficiency. Every Bosch dishwasher is ENERGY STAR® qualified and exceeds the stringent 2007 federal energy standards. The entire collection features the ECOSENSE Wash Management System ™, which examines the soil level in water via an infrared light beam and customizes the wash cycle accordingly with 48 different options. Bosch’s ECOACTION™ feature on select models takes energy efficiency to the next level by reducing energy consumption by up to an additional 25% – with just the simple push of a button. These systems, along with other efficiency advancements, ensure that Bosch dishwashers use as little as 1.8 gallons of water per cycle while guaranteeing optimal wash results. In addition, the entire lineup also offers the Bosch exclusive AQUASTOP® system, a superior leak protection system that automatically shuts the dishwasher off should it detect water in the base of the unit.


  1. I am comparing Bosch, Kitchenaid and Miele dishwashers and I don’t know what to buy.

  2. I have had a Kitchenaid. poor long term functionality. Poor noise and average wash efficiency. Mine lasted 5 years with parts and repairs in between. Never again will I buy this product. I wish they had lemon-laws for dishwashers.
    Going with Bosch. Many friends have raved about them.

  3. I thought Bosch is a well known brand name with great performance, and I was wrong. I bought my dishwasher in 2004. In January 2009, there was a recall notice for Bosch dishwashers, and those models were on the market from 1999 to 2005, due to fire harzard. I have to stop using it. I made my first call in early Feb, opened up my file, and set up an appointment for a technician to come in to replace the failure parts. A technician came to my home on Mar 2, but with a wrong part. The technician then placed an order for a correct part, and I was told that it would take about couple weeks. I called again in late March, a representative told me that they expected the part will be arrived in the first week of April……called again in 2nd week of April, didn’t mention about the availability of the part, and set up an appointment for me for April 24, for a technician to go to my place. I called on April 22, to reconfirm the appointment. Until the evening of April 23, I got a message on my phone, said the appointment is cancelled as the part hasn’t been arrived yet. When I called back, the representative cannot guarantee when the part will be available……this recall service is very unacceptable. I have an impression that this “well known brand name” company, is hoping that clients like me, keep getting frustrated, and eventually will give up waiting for the recall service and just go out and spend their own money to buy a new dishwasher. THIS IS VERY IRRESPONSIBLE! THE AFTER SALE SERVICE IS UNACCEPTABLE! Why do we have to pay more to buy a BOSCH dishwasher, if we only expect to have it work for less than 5 years. Just go for a cheap one, why waste our money on nothing, just because of their “name”.

  4. Their after sale service is very bad. I bought a $2000 frig.
    with some uneven defective drawers rails. Take 2 months to get one technician appiontment…..Couldn’t get it fix and never call back to tell you what going on. They hadn’t get it fix as of today.
    DON”T Buy BOSCH appliances!!!

  5. Earlier this month our Bosch Dishwasher was recalled because it could cause a fire. The company offered FREE repair. That seemed like a fair jester. Unfortunately their customer service WAS AWFUL. Bosch set up an appointment and promised the repair person would come with in a 2 hour window. They promised to call the day before the appointment and reconfirm. Here is where the nightmare started. First they never called. When my wife called they told her the repair person would show up between 8AM and 5PM. Are you kidding me??? Even Comcast and Verizon can offer better scheduling. When we asked to speak to the supervisor, we were told he is busy and would call back within 48 hours. WHAT A JOKE? To be fair GARY did call back in about 20 minutes. He told us that the repair person would show up between 8AM and 5PM and there was nothing he could do. Gary would not give us his last name but he greatly upset my wife. Surely not the sign of anyone who cares about customer service. Well the repair man finally showed up at 2:30. So DON”T buy BOSCH products because their customer service is awful.