August 17, 2019

Bosch NES Electric Cooktop = Easy Cleaning

If you hate cleaning around knobs, the Bosch NES electric cooktop could be the cook top for you. It solves that fussy work with one dial, the mTwisT. This removable dial, held in place by a magnet under the ceramic glass, does it all. Select an element on the touch-through glass panel, then rotate the dial to set the power level via magnetic flux. Move the knob, turn again and set the power for the next element. To clean, lift the dial, wipe the smooth expanse of glass, and return the dial to its magnetic home — or, store the dial to lock the cooktop.


• mTwisT™ magnetic touch-and-turn control
• Three dual-zone elements provide ultimate flexibility for cookware
• Ceramic glass cooking surface is stylish, durable and easy to clean
• UltraSpeed™ ribbon elements respond 65% faster than conventional types
• Keep warm feature on all elements for keeping cooked food warm
• Hot surface indicators show when an element is hot to the touch
• Can be installed over a Bosch built-in oven
• 5 heating zones

We found this for as low as $960.00, but it usually retails for about $1000.00.

This sounds great as far as easy cleaning, as long as you want an electric cooktop. It also is a simple way to childproof the kitchen. Just be sure not to misplace the knob.

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