January 22, 2018

Does the Fridge Light go Off When the Door is Closed?

We’ve all wondered, what really happens when we close the fridge door.   Thanks to modern technology, this old puzzle is finally solved.  Check out the video evidence.

The Wash Cycle

 You know the phrase… Necessity is the mother of invention.  Well, this woman has been creative and resourceful in her invention.  I won’t be taking my washing machine for granted today.  Maybe our friends at bicycle.net would appreciate this too.

Laundry Video – Advertising Done Beautifully

Sometimes, an ad is just beautiful…

I might get my kids to help load the washing machine to do the laundry if such was possible.

KitchenAid Standmixer Video

If you’d like to see how the KitchenAid Artisan mixer looks in action before you buy, check this out and then check out our reviews of the Artisan Mixer and the Professional 600 Series.

How a TV Works

If you have ever wondered how your television works, HowStuffWorks has just what you are looking for. They cover the basic technology in the back of your TV: the four parts, electron gun, steering coils, phosphorus screen, and steering coil. It’s so much easier to understand if you watch the video.

Samsung SilverCare Washer – Does it Work?

Invisibly small silver ions that eliminate bacterial growth that cause odor are the idea behind Samsung’s SilverCare washer. Channel 4 news in New York met with Consumer Reports who conducted a study on the washers. See their report here.

Viking Fridge Review

If you are in the market for a new, large refrigerator and you would like to get a custom, built-in look with standard cabinets, this just might be the fridge for you.

Vacuum Savant

Many children enjoy collecting things- stamps, coins, baseball cards, dolls, vacuums–vacuums?! Yes, Kyle Krichbaum of Michigan has a collection of 165 vacuums including an antique Hoover model O worth about $10,000. He repairs and enjoys using his collection and plans to continue this hobby into his future. You can see him here: