March 17, 2018

Frigits- Have some Fun with Your Fridge

If you want to have fun with your fridge and don’t want to spend close to $2000 for a digital photo frame, you can have fun for a whole lot less with Frigits. Check this out:

Buying a Wet/Dry Vacuum?

If you are considering buying a wet/dry vacuum for your garage, this video will give you tips and make some recommendations.

Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone… On a Top-Loader!?

Some people are talented, creative and have too much spare time on their hands. Sometimes the result of that combo can be some pretty good music.

Really Dynamite Laundry!

What makes a vacuum suck

Do you know how a vacuum is made? Pull up a chair and learn about it the way your 5 year old would.

Did you ever get tired of dragging your old canister vacuum around the house? Well maybe what you need is a central vacuum. A central vacuum is to your handheld what a central air conditioner is to your old window air conditioner. You install a big suction motor and dust canister in your garage. Then add a series of tubes/pipes through your walls into each room. Each room gets an outlet with a suction cap. When you are ready to clean, you bring the vacuum head and attached tube into a room, snap it into the vacuums wall jack and suck it up. Take a look at this video to get a handle on what it looks like:

Famous for Doing Nothing

He has to be one of the most easily recognized pitchmen on TV. He does nothing. He’s the most bored, lonely guy we know and he’s been missing in action for months. But not any more. He’s back. They found him.

Could it be this guy? I’d pick him just for his creative audition.

Well it’s a big enough deal to make the world news. Check it out:

If these guys don’t heat your clothes, check out this vintage clip with an earlier pitch girl., back in February: Whirlpool Seeks New Maytag Repairman

Handheld Vacuum – Video Torture Test

Popular Mechanics compares with dry flour and wet kitty litter

  1. Black & Decker 18volt Pivoting Nose Cordless Hand Vac
  2. Dirt Devil Kone
  3. Dyson Root 6 DC16 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – $149 at Amazon

The impatient can order the winner. Seems like the only benefit of the conclusive loser is that you can get it in designer colors.

Wii Roomba, You Roomba, Let’s Roomba

Wii Roomba

Watch video of a cool Wii Roomba hack.

More very cool stuff. We approve.