July 21, 2017

LG to Compensate Customers of French Door Refrigerator

Earlier this month we wrote here about LG’s french door refrigerators losing their EnergyStar rating.  Now, in agreement with the United States Department of Energy (DOE), LG will also compensate owners, modify unsold inventory and remove five current models from the Energy Star program.

LG Electronics has offered to make in-home modifications on French door refrigerator models that were improperly certified as Energy Star compliant.

Under terms of an agreement with the United States Department of Energy (DOE), LG will also compensate owners, modify unsold inventory and remove five current models from the Energy Star program.

Affected models include 10 LG-branded SKUs and 12 Kenmore-branded Trio units designed and manufactured by LG and sold by Sears.

Current LG models include the LFX23961, LFX25971, LFX21971, LMX25981 and LMX21981, all with in-the-door ice and water dispensers.

Five discontinued models include the LFX25950, LFX25960, LFX21960, LFX25980 and LFX21980.

The affected Kenmore units have in-the-door ice and water dispensers and model numbers beginning with 795.

Under terms of its agreement with DOE, LG will offer to modify consumers’ refrigerators at the company’s own expense. The modification, which involves replacing the ice maker’s circuit board and reprogramming the fridge, will make the units more energy efficient but not Energy Star compliant.

LG will also provide consumers with a one-time cash payment covering the difference between the energy rating listed on the original EnergyGuide label and the restated energy rating, plus annual payments for future incremental energy usage for the expected useful life of the appliance, up to 14 years.

LG said it will attempt to contact all previous purchasers of the affected units, and has established a special hotline — (888) 848-1266 — and Web site (www.lgrefrigeratoroffer.com).

The company is also modifying all unsold inventory, changing all labeling and marketing material to reflect the new energy ratings, and will introduce redesigned, Energy Star-rated ice-and-water dispensing French door refrigerators early next year.


  1. Naughty, Naughty…. atleast LG is willing to compensate their customers, unlike some major brands. *cough* maytag *cough*

  2. I have one of these refrigerators which is not even a year old. I am so angry because I purchased this appliance for the energy star rating. My electric rates are rising and I thought this fridge would help keep my electric costs down. It stated $52 dollars a year which is about 4 to 5 dollars a month. I spent 2000 dollars purchasing this LG fridge! Where is my payoff? THere is none!!!!! I wanted to return mine and replace it with an energy star model but this is not an option!!!!! I feel so cheated and ripped off!!!!!! I should have kept my 20 year old Kenmore until it finally died. See what we consumers get for trying to go green and save some money, RIPPED OFF! I will never buy another LG appliance again.

  3. Do feel so bad, I specifically DIDN’T purchase an LG, but purchased a Kenmore, and I am now finding that it was manufactured by LG, (included in the LG DOE AGREEMENT) and Sears won’t honor the agreement between LG & the DOE. They will happily send a service tech to my home to address my concerns @ with the charge starting at $89 for the service call alone.
    After Katrina I rebuilt ‘green’ not because I am a tree hugger, but post Katrina I predicted (correctly) that our energy costs would soar, so the fix that DOE & LG agreed to, DOES NOT make the appliance energy efficient, does not correct the insulation problem in the doors, and will cost me a lot more than the agreement states to operate this unit. Don’t even hint at a replacement, SEARS states that they have not obligation as the unit is out of warranty, unless I buy an extended warranty at several hundred dollars. Sears Sucks, the Kenmore product Sucks, is not what it was, and “Satisfaction Guaranteed” means nothing to Sears.

  4. I am also outraged that this foisting took place. Now I learn that this “energy star” appliance is anything but… using up to 100% more energy than stated is criminal in this case. L

    LG should be fined heavily for this! I am happy to have the new part and the money to offset the cost of operation, but I think they missed the point.

    I bought this to save energy. It was HEAVILY promoted to do as much and frankly it seems clear that LG KNEW it was foisting substandard products on its’ customer base.

    If I had bought a car that was supposed to get 40mpg and it got 20mpg, methinks this would be coming down a bit different.

    I would agree that LG will pay a heavy price for this greed and stupidity. I will be sure everyone I know hears about this very shady process, and I also will be very hard pressed to consider an LG product in the future.

    100% more energy usage than stated!!!!!!!

  5. Maybe not surprising, but three tries to LG phone number, each being put on hold for approx. 30 minutes with no answer, and the web site doesn’t cover the Sears model numbers beginning with 795.
    Anyone have any luck getting the help on a Sears Kenmore Elite?

  6. I received a letter in the mail today about my kenmore trio elite energy efficiency downgrade. The phone number listed to call is 1-888-549-4665; or you can register online at http://www.kenmoretriorefrigeratoroffer.com. I just registered online for my model 795.77563***. It said that parts would be shipped to me within 4-8 weeks. When the parts are received, I need to call Sears at 1-800-4-MY-HOME to schedule an upgrade appointment. The site said that the upgrade in my home would be at no cost to me.

    I hope this helps.

  7. I have gotten a letter also, and been told I will be getting
    a check for 76.00.
    What really pisses me off is that it wasn’t and accident,
    these LG people actually put in a circuit breaker that would
    make the fridge shut down areas so it would show a lower
    energy star rating. Here is a short version below with the
    link if you want to read more.

    LG knew of the US Dept. of Energy’s procedures for confirming claims made by the manufacturer (LG) in order to obtain the Energy Star rating (this is also the monetary amounts shown on the yellow tag that advise you as the amount of money this unit should cost to operate for one year), and with that knowledge, LG maliciously and intentionally inserted a circuit board, that would recognize the fact that DOE testing was occuring, and would shut down certain operations of the product, so that a false reading would show the utilization of less electricity than the unit would really utilize in your home or during testing.

  8. Paul Kesman says:

    We have had this fridge for two years and have had nothing but problems. The freezer fan, the ice maker, etc. Now this. I got the notice about the energy rating in the mail three weeks ago and went to the website to provide the information. Was asked to provide three dates and times for someone to call us, which I did. It’s been two weeks and have heard nothing. I read on another post somewhere that a class action suit against these idiots should be considered. Count me in.

  9. I just got my wonderful letter in the mail.I can’t believe that I purchased a ref. that isn’t energy efficent. A Kenmore, only to find out it is and LG.made in Korea….I’m NOT happy! I just had a service guy out to fix a broken fan motor. My ref. has never worked right it freezes my fruit and veggies and I lose $$$$ on food, now I find out I’m losing $$$ on energy. I have replaced ALL of my appliances and my AC with energy efficent products only to find out my ref. isn’t!!!!!! I’M NOT HAPPY. My ref. is 2 1/2 yrs old and I have an extended warrenty and I was told by a family member to purchase another one when this one ran out, because ‘THEY DON’T MAKE THINGS LIKE THEY USED TO” and he’s had nothing but problems with his Kenmore. I never had problem with my ref. that’s in my garage and a good thing, because now all my food is in that one until Korea sends me the part! GREAT!!!!! You spend a couple of grand and you think you would get what you paid for, not a piece of poop. I don’t know about you, but I can’t justify getting rid of this one and buying another. I wish I could and
    I would take this one to the Sears store with a dolly and take it and just dump it in the store. But before I did that I would call a TV news station to tell them to be there. You see Sears (if you haven’t heard) is having trouble and I think this would be great news article. I think Sears should exchange these ref. out for another energy efficent product. Someone should be held responsible for false advertising. If you or I did this we would be fined big time. IM NOT HAPPY!

  10. I also purchased this refrig and was told to stay away from the LG’s/(from SEARS salesman) had no clue I was buying one under the Kemore name. I am also having trouble with fruits and veggie’s freezing. Have not recieved part yet has anyone? What can we do????

  11. I can tell that this is not the first time you mention the topic. Why have you chosen it again?

  12. Mary Jane says:

    Before everyone gets excited about the ‘free’ upgrade; free is not always free. LG replaced my board. 3 hours later the frig died. I call their lousy customer service department and they scheduled an appointment for 3 days out. I have been on the phone everyday since this has happened, but to no avail. I lost all my food. LG’s policy is not replace food. Consumer beware.

  13. Mary Jane says:

    Before everyone gets excited about the ‘free’ upgrade; free is not always free. LG replaced my board. 3 hours later the frig died. I call their lousy customer service department and they scheduled an appointment for 3 days out. I have been on the phone everyday since this has happened, but to no avail. I lost all my food. LG’s policy is not replace food. Consumer beware.

  14. My 9 months old fridge just broke down. I called customer service, they don’t provide on-site LG technicians:
    – I have to contact a list of pre-approved technicians to check their availability
    – they don’t reimburse lost food

    I have decided to call back tomorrow to speak to a manager (today is Sunday) to get reimbursed

    Stay tuned

  15. Purchased Model LFC22740 12/07
    Within first year, had to call re: freezer ice everywhere. Tech came, said it was fixed. Exactly one year later, 12/08 had to call for same problem. Tech came, put in new mother board. 12/09 here we go again. This is a design problem. Let’s see if LG will replace the freezer unit or the lemon. Will keep you posted.

  16. Monette Jenney says:

    We purchased an LG refrigerator, model LFC23760SB, and an LG oven in September, 2008. Within 2 weeks of delivery we had to replace the panel on the stove and in May the refrigerator completely died. Luckily, the oven was still under warranty, not so lucky with the fridge. After talking with multiple appliance repair companies (some of who refuse to work on LG products) they stated that LG knew of the problem with these refrigerators but opted to not recall them since these problems usually manifested after the warranty expired. This repair cost me $280.00. Now that I’ve had so many problems with all my LG appliances, I will never buy another one again.