March 17, 2018

GE Profile Induction Range

Induction cooking is continuing its rise in popularity and the manufacturers are responding.  If you’ve been hearing about induction cooking, but haven’t a clue how it works, you can read about it here, where we explain all the details for you.  Including an explanation of why only half that chocolate bar in the picture is melting .

GE is offering their answer to  consumer interest by debuting a freestanding induction range in their Profile series.  GE plans to offer the induction cooking technology exclusively in the Profile Series.

The range comes with a 3700-watt output element and will be available in a variety of colors, finishes and sizes.  This range will be available in Spring 2009.

KitchenAid Adds Induction Cooktops to Series

KitchenAid, is now offering induction cooktops in its Architect Series II Collection. If you are not familiar with induction cooking and the difference between cooking with induction technology rather than conventional heating methods, you can read more about them in Conduction Cooking is Hot- and Cool and How Food Cooks – Conduction, Convection and Radiation. Induction cooking allows a cook to go quickly from a simmer to a sear. Because of this special electromagnetic process, cookware used with the cooktop must be made of magnetic metals such as steel or iron.
The Architect Series II induction cooktops feature nine heat level settings and a performance boost function that increases the temperature level above the highest setting to quickly bring liquids to a boil. A hot surface indicator light provides a warning if the surface is too warm to touch, even after the burner has been turned off. Another helpful feature is size pan detection that automatically adjusts to fit the size of pots and pans in use, a keep warm function, touch activated controls and a frameless design with beveled glass edges.
The suggested retail prices range from $1,999 to $2499.

Miele Unveils CombiSets- For Customized Cooking

Miele will introduce an entirely new CombiSet assortment in Fall 2008. Miele CombiSets are unique units that stand alone or combine to fully customize any cooking surface, or even create multiple cooking stations.

All CombiSet™ modules are matched to one another in terms of their design and functional characteristics so consumers can mix and match to form their own personal cooking space. Every imaginable combination of individual elements is available from induction, gas or electric, to an indoor grill or teppanyaki. Integrating gas with electric or even induction offers opportunities that just aren’t available with standard cooktops.

Miele’s new CombiSets feature a new stainless design, with sleek steel knobs and an ergonomically inclined control panel. The new line boasts innovative new products including an induction unit and a Japanese teppanyaki. A slightly larger width dimension of 15” now offers small space chefs room for large pots.

The CombiSet is a solution for designers and homeowners who are seeking something completely unique and customized to their cooking style, space and needs,” concludes Schmidt.