September 22, 2017

GE Profile Induction Range

Induction cooking is continuing its rise in popularity and the manufacturers are responding.  If you’ve been hearing about induction cooking, but haven’t a clue how it works, you can read about it here, where we explain all the details for you.  Including an explanation of why only half that chocolate bar in the picture is melting .

GE is offering their answer to  consumer interest by debuting a freestanding induction range in their Profile series.  GE plans to offer the induction cooking technology exclusively in the Profile Series.

The range comes with a 3700-watt output element and will be available in a variety of colors, finishes and sizes.  This range will be available in Spring 2009.


  1. I’d like to know why the chocolate is melting, I thought induction appliances worked when the pan touched the surface?

  2. Deb Spellman says:

    Look closely, the chocolate is only melting in the portion that is in the 1/2 pan (they cut a pan in half to demonstrate that it is NOT hot on the cooktop, only in the pan that has the magnetic bottom). As a 15 month induction user, I LOVE induction!

  3. Stuart Anderson says:

    We are very interested in this induction range. We live in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. Where would be find one of these ranges. What is the price range. Would Sears Canada be able to order one for us??

    Thank you

  4. I would think twice about ordering a major appliance from Sears. Their sales service is great, but if you have a problem with the appliance it’s like pulling teeth to even be able to find a real live person to talk to. Just search for “sears complaints” on the Web and you will be amazed at how many people have problems with Sears. I personally know of three others in my small office who are going through similar frustrating customer “service” experiences with Sears Canada right now.

  5. cecile jobert says:

    Bonjour Stuart Anderson,

    We are also interested in the GE induction range; were you able to get one in Canada?

  6. So far the only two ranges I can find in Canada are the Sears and the Samsung. I have talked to GE and its not on their database for Canada yet, still waiting CSA approval, if infact that have it sent for approval yet. I have a call into GE head office.. but they have to email a product buyer to find out if its in the works.. so that might take a while.

    I’ve also asked Electrolux to confirm if they are actually comng out with one too.. again it might take a while to come to Canada for CSA.

    Meanwhile the Sears is the best choice. Samsung is over priced in Canada.. its about $800 cheaper in the US.

  7. Don’t buy Samsung induction stove, don’t buy Samsung induction stove don’t buy this stove….did I mention don’t buy Samsung induction stove. After a few days of having the stove it would give a SE error and shut off all the burners. I had to reset the breaker outside to get it to work again only to have it go out a few minutes later. I called the service people and they came out and said it needed a new mother board, 3 weeks later the board was replaced. Later that afternoon the SE returned and shut off the burners again only I didn’t need to reset the breaker just the key pad every time. Three weeks late they replaced the keypad board. I showed the tech that I had figured out if a drop of water gets on the top left OFF key of the key pad it will error out. You will note the location of this OFF button is right on the edge of the pan and condensation builds up and drops water on it. He called Samsung and said that was an anti-boil over setting and couldn’t be changed, so all this time it was a design issue. The large burner is too big for most pans the one in the back is also too far back that the pan hits the stove the one in front is too close to control. The racks scrape the side of the oven and don’t slide out very easy and it takes a long time for the oven to heat up even on convection. Bad location of controls and burners… and in the morning the SE error is on. It’s going back …by the way did I mention don’t buy this stove!!!