March 24, 2018

Dacor Introduces the Distinctive 24″ Microwave and the Epicure 36″ Raised Ventilation System

Dacor has just introduced two new products – the Distinctive 24” Microwave and the Epicure 36” Raised Ventilation System.

Available in stainless steel, the Distinctive 24” Microwave is a classic combination of form and functionality, with an affordable price that has become a signature of the Distinctive Series. Equipped with state-of-the-art Sensor Technology the Distinctive Microwave takes the guesswork out of cooking by detecting the moisture and humidity level of the food inside and cooking it accordingly. A built-in electronic sensor automatically sets the time for cooking or reheating and then “senses” the vapor emitted from the food to determine the duration and power level needed to thoroughly cook the food.

In addition, the Menu Label is clearly displayed on the inside of the oven door, providing a functional list of automatic settings to assist in meal preparation and take the guesswork out of cooking. Users no longer have to worry that food is burning or remains cold in the center. The Distinctive Microwave also comes with pre-set options for recipes that can be made directly in the microwave. Complete with recipe cards so home chefs can prepare the ingredients, the Microwave display prompts users on the recipe’s next step. During the cooking process the microwave displays recipe instructions and pauses automatically to allow users to stir, season, or add ingredients as necessary. The Auto Start option allows users to program the oven to begin cooking at a pre-set time and power level. Food can be placed inside, and the menu used to set the appropriate time and power level.

Additional features of the 24” Distinctive Microwave:

Keep Warm – keeps hot foods heated up to 30 minutes after cooking is finished with no loss of quality

Four Defrost Options – quickly defrosts meats and poultry by weight. Specific programs for each category assure excellent, even results

Minute Plus – provides users one minute of high power cooking with a single touch

36” Epicure Ventilation System

An efficient, high-quality ventilation system is essential to improving air quality in the kitchen. Ventilation Systems not only eliminate kitchen odors, but also help to control the humidity in a kitchen, which inhibits the growth of bacteria. The 36” Epicure Ventilation System offers a stylish solution for homeowners who need a ventilation system but do not want the look of a large hood hanging from the ceiling. Designed in stainless steel, this innovative ventilation system is installed under the counter and remains out of view when not in use. When needed, the system rises 15” above the countertop to efficiently remove smoke and other cooking odors. When finished, the touch of a button lowers the system back into the surface of the counter for a clear, uncluttered countertop. The ventilation system’s slim profile makes it versatile and allows it to be installed behind an oven/cooktop combination.
Dacor specially designed the Epicure Ventilation System to compliment the Distinctive Cooktop and Distinctive Rangetop. The system has an infinite speed blower control and must be vented with a Remote Blower or In Line Blower, which reduce kitchen noise, or a Cabinet Blower. Powerful and efficient design allows Dacor blowers to easily remove the most persistent and dense kitchen pollutants – from heat and odor to steam and smoke.

The Distinctive 24” Microwave rolls out to authorized Dacor dealers in February 2011 with UMRP starting at $459 while the Epicure 36” Raised Ventilation System will be available to dealers in March 2011 and has a UMRP starting at $979.

Dirty Grills Gone Wild

Get ready for summer now: 
Dacor is launching a contest to find the dirtiest grill in America. Its owner will receive a new Dacor Epicure 36-inch Outdoor Grill and Grill Cart and a year’s supply of Scott Shop Towels.

The contest is being promoted at barbeque competitions and football tailgate parties across the country, and will end the week after the Super Bowl. Organizers will also be shooting footage of grimy grills for a “Dirty Grills Gone Wild” video that will be posted on the contest web site as well as on other Internet sites.

Entries will be reviewed by a panel of judges, which includes Joey Mac’s Smoke Stax, the grilling team of Joe (Joey Mac) McManus and Wayne Styck.

To enter, contestants must submit a digital photo of their dirty grill by Feb. 2, 2009 at


Dacor Introduces New Larger Wall Ovens

Dacor is pleased to introduce the Epicure 36″ Renaissance Wall Oven, offering consumers 20 percent more capacity than standard wall ovens and innovative technology for a more efficient culinary experience.

The Epicure 36″ Renaissance Wall Oven is a welcome addition to the distinctive Renaissance collection Dacor unveiled earlier this year. “Over the past three years, our goal was to give our customers the complete Dacor kitchen. With the introduction of built-in refrigeration and dishwashers, we are now able to offer full lines of luxury appliances in a variety of styles and finishes,” said Steve Joseph, Vice President of Marketing at Dacor.

The Epicure 36″ Renaissance Wall Oven provides a professional cooking experience with intuitive electronic touch controls that give users complete control over the six cooking modes: Bake, Broil, Convection Bake, Convection Broil, Convection Roast, Pure Convection.

An exclusive four-part Pure Convection system helps create uniform temperatures on every level of the oven cell and features a unique filter, which allows home chefs to cook multiple items at the same time without the worry of flavor transfer. Now, every entree, hors d’oeuvres and dessert, even the roast turkey and apple pie, can be cooked together without the fear worry of tastes blending.

Dacor’s patented RapidHeat Bake Element ensures more even baking, faster preheating, energy efficiency, accurate temperature control, and is safely protected from spills and drips underneath glass. In addition to easy cleanup, owners gain increased capacity and improved heat transfer.

The Epicure 36″ Renaissance Wall Oven is available in a stainless steel finish with ergonomic elliptical handles and interchangeable trim caps in four color options; chrome, brass, copper and black chrome.

Dacor’s Newest Cooktop

Dacor introduces its newest Renaiss-ance Gas Cooktops, available in 30 and 36 inches.  The SimmerSear burners give  up to 18,000 BTUs to simmer and sear at ultra-low and ultra-high temperatures.  These new gas cooktops also have Dual-Stacked sealed burners for simmering.

For an ultra cool look, and an added safety feature, the Illumina burner controls glow Dacor signature flame-blue when the burners are on.  Extra-wide continuous  grates provide plenty of room for oversized pots and pans.  And Dacor’s exclusive bead-blasted finish on the spill tray and sealed burners make cleaning up easier than ever.

Dacor’s New Indoor/Outdoor Refrigerator

Dacor’s newest addition to its Epicure line is designed to fit neatly under any counter in an outdoor patio or kitchen layout, the unit stands at 33″ tall and 24″ wide and will easily slide into standard cabinetry openings. An innovative digital electronic control panel allows users to adjust the temperature with the simple touch of a button, a charcoal filter removes unwanted odors, keeping contents pure and the unit boasts quiet storage due to a vibration-free compressor.

Available with a stainless steel door with left- or right-hand door swing options, the refrigerator is built to withstand temperatures from 50 degrees to 109 degrees Fahrenheit, is efficient at maintaining internal temperatures and can to be used to store milk and fresh food storage in addition to beverages. The refrigerator is the ideal accessory for any bar or entertainment area and has the capacity to hold 124 cans or 50 bottles.

Dacor Introduces New Wall Ovens

Dacor introduced the new Renaissance Wall Oven in 36-in, 30-in, and 27-in widths for the Epicure and Millennia Collections, expanding the brand’s premium cooking appliance offerings.

The new wall ovens exemplify Renaissance thinking with a design that celebrates the luxurious style of the classic wall oven combined with cutting-edge performance details, to create an appliance that will breathe new life into the kitchen. The result is a wall oven that true epicureans will love and novice cooks can use with ease.

The Renaissance Wall Oven operates like six individual ovens, with a combination of cooking options, including Bake, Broil, Convection Bake, Convection Broil, Convection Roast, Pure Convection, and Proof.  

The Pure Convection technology helps create uniform temperatures on every level of the oven cell and features a unique filter,which allows home chefs to cook multiple items at the same time without the worry of flavor transfer. Now, every entree and hors d’oevours, even the baked brie and stuffed mushrooms with bacon and the oven-steamed mussels with lime ginger butter, can be heated together without the fear of tastes blending.

The ovens are available this month.