March 16, 2018

KitchenAid’s Newest Dishwasher Design

Since a dishwasher is one of those appliances that you only need to buy every ten years or so, (one hopes!) it’s worthwhile to spend time looking for the best dishwasher for your household.  If you are in the market now for a new dishwasher, KitchenAid has added pressure-optimizing wash arms to their new  Superba Series EQ dishwashers.

These wash arms are engineered to provide concentrated wash performance by utilizing a variable speed motor that automatically adjusts power based on water conditions and maximizing energy efficiency while reducing motor noise.

KitchenAid says the dishwasher measures at 41 dBA’s, and has 13 points of sound dampening, to further reduce noise from the motor and wash arms by blocking the path of noise through the dishwasher.  The new dishwasher collection under the KitchenAid name includes the Superba Series EQ, a core Superba Series, and the Classic Series. 

Classic Series models feature four stainless steel wash arms, a 100% stainless steel tall tub, an Optimum Wash Sensor that adjusts the wash cycle to specific water conditions to maximize cleaning effectiveness and efficiency, and a dedicated heating element with a Heat Dry option that heats the tub at the end of the cycle to dry dishes.

This series will be available beginning this Spring.

KitchenAid Introduces its Quietest Dishwasher Yet

KitchenAid is now offering its quietest dishwasher ever. Featuring the new EQ™ Wash System and Whisper Quiet Ultima Sound Insulation System, this latest KitchenAid undercounter dishwasher is exceptionally quiet with a sound rating of only 48 dBA, or decibels, a level close to that of a quiet room (40 decibels) and well below a moderate rainfall (60 decibels).

The EQ™ Wash System provides optimal cleaning performance and noise reduction while also saving water and energy. The system features a true variable speed motor that helps to minimize operating noises by starting slowly and adjusting its operating capacity to deliver the power needed based on the wash cycle. Alternating wash zones focus the washing action while using less water and energy for high performance cleaning. A three-stage filtration system captures food particles as the water circulates within the dishwasher to maximize efficiency of its pump. For enhanced drying performance, the interior of the dishwasher is heated by a dedicated drying element.

“In addition to being our quietest, our latest dishwasher is 58% more efficient than

Energy Star standards,” notes Debbie O’Connor, Senior Manager of Brand Experience for KitchenAid. “Beyond being Energy Star qualified, it also has an efficiency designation from the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE), making it eligible for energy rebates in select states.”

Additional features include a welded tall tub with a stainless steel interior, a premium feature found throughout the entire KitchenAid dishwasher line. Other innovations include a ProScrub® Option that provides concentrated cleaning during the normal wash cycle for harder to clean items like casserole dishes with baked on food. An Optimum Wash Sensor adjusts the wash cycle to specific water conditions for maximum cleaning efficiency.

A culinary tool rack, an adjustable and removable upper rack, fold-down cup shelves, an extra-large silverware basket with three lids and a Sure-Hold® Small items pouch offer great versatility in accommodating a variety of dishwasher loads.

Available in stainless steel, white, black or a panel-ready model for a custom panel, the new dishwasher model will carry suggested retail prices of $1,449 for the stainless steel model,
$1,299 for the black or white models and $1,399 for the panel ready model.