September 26, 2017

LG’s Smart Diagnosis

LG has taken the technology they used in the Kenmore Connect system for Sears. and applied the self-diagnosis technology for clothes washers and dryers to their own LG brand.

The SmartDiagnosis system was developed by LG to help customer service representatives quickly and efficiently troubleshoot mechanical issues over the phone, limiting service calls and in-home visits.

Consumers calling the LG customer service center are instructed to press select buttons on the laundry unit, which in turn trigger a series of diagnostic tones. Each tone corresponds with a specific potential maintenance need and can be identified by trained service technicians over the phone, allowing them to evaluate the information and provide feedback based on the data that was received. The system is designed to eliminate a step in the troubleshooting process, because issues may be identifiable without a service technician visit. When service visit is required, the technician can come prepared with the correct parts so that the repair can be resolved in one visit.


  1. Robin Como says:

    This is certainly a step up for LG to increase their market shares. In this kind of set-up and if done properly, this will make us. the customers very satisfied with the quality of service being offered by LG. I hope that other companies follow suit.

    Robin Como

  2. Yeah, I saw in this LG WM2140CW review that this model has this feature. I am somewhat surprised, as this is currently about the least expensive washer that LG sells, at least once you take stores sale prices into account. I had thought that LG might only put this on their pricier models, but good for them for putting it on everything.