August 16, 2017

Win an LG HE Washer and Dryer Pair

The LG True Steam washer dryer pair is the prize available to contestants who enter to win through the LG or Benjamin Moore Paints websites.

From what we can find, the washer includes these Key Features:

* TrueSteam™ Technology
* Ultra Capacity (4.5 cu.ft.)
* TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration System
* Wash/Rinse Optimizer™
* Trilingual LCD Display
* 1300 RPM Spin Speed
* 9 Washing Programs

Hey, it’s a chance for a free washer and dryer – Go ahead, give it a try.


  1. hi ,I do wash about twotimes a week I live in an apartment complex would love to have my own washer &dryer but can not afford to buy one.I have neverwon anything in my life yet This would be agreat prize to win.Thank you D.K.LLoyd

  2. Who wouldn’t want this set?

  3. Janet Ahrens says:

    What a deal – our old washer & dryer is 25 years old. We have heard so many good things about the LG washer & dryer. Thanks for a chance to win. It would be our first time winning something.

  4. Crystal Caton says:

    I would love to have a newer washer and dryer. My dryer just went out again. I have had to fix my dryer 5 times and my washer once in the past 6 years!!! UGH!!!

  5. beloved says:

    how do i try to win this?

  6. jan simpson says:

    after 40years of marriage everthing is beginning to need to be replaced and upgraded so I thought I’d take a chance who knows.

  7. sheryl fergus says:

    i would love to win this set.
    i was going to buy a set but my hubby works at chrysler and when obama said the UAW is taking a hit he wasnt lying we r on food stamps now
    awesome set love to win them

  8. Nancy Garcia Perkins says:

    OMG, Winning this would be the answer to our prayers, We are in desperate need of a washer and dryer and I have always heard LG was the best of the best, it would be an honor to win this awesome gift. PLEASE pick me, pick me …tell me how do I win it??

  9. Dianne Martinez says:

    Oh this would go to a great home! Thanks for the chance..

  10. Anneke Meinardi says:

    Would love to own a new Washer and Dryer. My old (10 years) GE appliances are not as efficient anymore

  11. Sylvia Armand says:

    I am 63 and on disability. The washer and dryer I have are old and I can’t afford to rent one from the complex because they charge $45 a month and they are crappy appliances. I have bad knees and no car, so going to a washer place is out of the question. Thanks

  12. How do you enter to win the washer & dryer?

  13. My boyfriend and I pretty much live paycheck to paycheck and this pair would be such a blesssing and relief. We have very little money since I’m still in school and he works but yet has to give one third of each paycheck to his daughter’s mother. The only reason we have somewhere to live is due to the awesome generosity of a kind friend who has allowed us to stay in a house he owns for a very cheap price. This really would be the best gift I could ever ask for the two of us, since we are just trying to get back on our feet since he lost his job a year ago. We don’t have the little things that some may take for granted like a washer and dryer so please consider us when choosing a winner.

    Thank you and God bless,

  14. Sheila McLendon says:

    I would love to win this as money is tight right now. I am now having to go to the laundry mat which cuts into my sleep time as I work 3rd shift plus I am a student, wife and mother during the day. Gotta sleep sometime-so this would save me some hours for sleep.

  15. My husband and I went into full time ministry after I lost my job. Times are tough and our washer and dryer went out. it would be a blessig from God if we could win this washer and dryer.


  16. They always say that bad luck comes in threes. Well so far this year, I have had major surgery more than once, my husband has had his health issues, and our children have had their health issues.

    Our Washer and Dryer are on their last legs. My husband keeps fixing them, since we can not afford a new Washer or a new Dryer.

    If we were to win, this Family would most appreciate it because we know not to take things for granted. Thank you very much.

  17. kelli thompson says:

    I would love to be the winner this prize. it would help me out a bunch you dont even know. I would also help me save money on the bills too. The only washer and dryer i have had are the hand me downs. i would love to have something new and that was just for me.

  18. Paul Roberts says:

    My washer and dryer are both ready to bite the dust. Hopefully we will win!

  19. Kimberly Owens says:

    What a great looking washer and dryer. I have received a lot of positive feedback on LG products.

  20. When I bought my home, I quickly bought the cheapest set of washers and dryers that I could afford. Needless to say, I got what I paid for! I love doing laundry – but hate my machines! These look great 🙂

  21. Anita Murr says:

    We need a washer and dryer both our floor was ruined from the last washer, please help us my husband has rheumatoid arthritis and he can’t work we can barley afford to eat much less buy a washer and dryer. May GOD Bless you if we win one

  22. Rosemary Breschuk-Chiu says:

    Two years ago, my 3 kids and I moved into a newish townhouse that was bereft of any large applianaces save for a dishwasher. We’ve learned to live without a stove and fridge, since we live behind a large grocery store, but we don’t live near a laundromat, so a washer/dryer pair would be very desireable.

  23. lg is great. would love to win this!!

  24. Michelle Curtin says:

    I am a single mom with two teenage daughters who change clothes at least twice a day. My current washer and dryer is at least 22 years old and still hanging on but I don’t know for how much longer. It would be great to have a energy efficient washer and dryer that would also save water and electricity.
    Thank You

  25. Marie Fletcher says:

    I have a family of four. My washer froze during the freeze last month and I ran it with out knowing. It burned up my belt and water pump. My dryer takes 3 times to dry one load of clothes.

  26. My washer just broke this morning! I live in Venice, CA and going to the laundromat isn’t the safest thing. A new washer would solve everything!

  27. Nancy Griffin says:

    My daughter’s washer just broke. Three children and a husband in the health care field with lots of changes in his clothing.
    Her electric bill was $415 because the washer is not draining and she has to run the dryer. She needs a break.

  28. dorothy hitriz says:

    please hope to win do laundry everyday

  29. David W. Marchbank says:

    I would love to win this for my wife. She is a terrific wife and deserves this prize.

  30. Hello,
    This is a beautiful washer and dryer set. Can’t imagine owning anything this nice but sure am grateful to you, for giving me the chance to enter to win them. Have heard great things about the LG and would love the chance to win this combo. We do laundry every day at our house and this set looks more than equipped to handle our loads. Wanting something that large enough to handle washing our bed comforters and this looks like it would surely do the job.

    Thanks again for the opportunity to win 🙂

    Linda Ellis
    3407 Summit Avenue
    Greensboro, N.C. 27405

  31. Marla Cook says:

    My husband does the laundry. It’s HIS THING! However, our washer and especially dryer are on their last life and the one major purchase we would love to make is a new washer and dryer but can’t afford it, although in retrospect, the lack of efficiency is probably costing more in the end with our current set, but we just can’t afford it. He is turning 40 in April and this would be a great surprise!!! Thank you for the opportunity. When are you choosing a winner?

  32. I work seven days a week and have mother in law who is 90 who lives with us and my husband and son the other son just left to go to germany he is in the army. working 7 days a week is hard on a old girl like me and washing lots of cloths because of pets and etc is a challlenge. sometimes i get feed up and haul everything to the laundry mat because it does get piled. up. my sister in law who has plenty of money bought her a pair and said they were no better they regular washers and dryers. you think you might want me to try them and be a spokes person for you!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Judy Clyde says:

    Hi, I would love to win the pedistal washer and dryer. My appliances are really old and making horrible noises. I am disabled and it is really hard for me to bend over to grab the clothes out of the washer. This seems like the perfect solution for me with it being a front loader. LG has a wonderful reputation and would love to win this prize. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win this.

  34. I will be moving into a place soon and need a washer
    and dryer! I am unemployed and can not afford one.
    This would help me greatly.

  35. Brooke Wicker says:

    Hi I would like to apply for the washer and dryer set….my family and I are in great need for both. If you would let me know the details of the sweepstakes, I would be Greatful. Thankyou

  36. I really need a new washer and dryer that is energy efficient. It would make a great 40th birthday present!

  37. i have a washer and drye but would love to win one

  38. melissa chappell says:

    A single mother of a son who does sport has dirty gear and old washer/dryer. I would love a new pair

  39. A single mother of a son who does sports has dirty gear and old washer/dryer. I would love a new pair

  40. Sandra Parkerson says:

    im raising two grandchildren it hard to get anythink i really need there iv been buying used all my life wouild love a new set thanks

  41. I have ms and have lost some mobility and could really use a set at home so I wouldnt have to load everything up to go to my mothers anymore. Thank you for this opportunity!

  42. kilana livingston says:

    i would love to win this washer and dryer i have a washer its old i bought it for a 100 from an elder women when i got it only work on one setting and it leaks ibought a dryer 2 month ago for 190 and it broke a month later so i hang dry my clothes and to top it off i have six kids its hard to keep up with laundry when you hang your clothes to dry so i would love to win this but to anyone that enters good luck its hard to win stuff i dont now about some of you guys but i never win so good luck every one

  43. I would LOVE to win a washer and dryer! Any! I am a single mom who works full time and goes to college part time. I have 3 kids under 6 and I make a lot of trips to the city to wash our clothes. I just can’t afford a washer and dryer. I do not have a dishwasher either! I spend a lot of time washing dishes and rushing before 9 PM to the city laundry mat. It would be a blessing to lift some of my burden, I carry a pretty heavy load. I am very grateful, some have no vehicle and walk to wash their clothes. I can’t imagine having to walk with baskets of laundry with 3 small kids. I know some have it worse than I. Thanks!

  44. Shatara Allen says:

    Please help use we need a washer and dryer badly I have a three year old and a baby due on july 08 this would help me and my family out a great dill I would not have to bring clothing to my moms house every week thank you so much.

  45. Cassie Ward says:

    After our 4th PCS (military move) our dryer gave out, would absolutely love a new set to tote around with us! thanks a bunch

  46. On Fathers Day there was a tornato here, and we were very lucky that the only thing that happened to us was the basement got alot of water in it, so we used all our towels and a stack of dirty laurdry to mop it up,so then when we started to wash and dry the towels and stuff the dryer died and we had to make a choths line and hang the wet stuff on it and any where else we could find to dry them. So I had an old dryer in the garage that we switched with, but that very week the washer then died,and we don’t have another one that works, so now we find a washing machine that is very very cheap. So to win the set in the sweepstakes would a true Godsend!! So here’s hoping for alot of luck, if not for us, but somebody that truly needs them as much as we do, Thank you, and good luck to everybody.

  47. I have a nice house and a crappy looking washer & dryer – these are on our main floor. My grandson set a remote control on it the the rubber has permanently stained the top. I want cool and LG has it.

  48. I am in the process buying a new home. Have a very active teenage son and daughter that plays sports and an agining parent. Would love to have washer and dryer pair to keep laundry done! Would help make life a little easier!

  49. Winning this would be the answer to our prayers, We are in desperate need of a washer and dryer and I have always heard LG was the best of the best, it would be an honor to win this awesome gift. PLEASE pick me, pick me god please i need some of these

  50. Wendy Davis says:

    The washer and dryer I have is not mine. The owners will be coming to get them. I could really use a new one. Thank you