September 22, 2017

Sears Oasis and Oasis HE Upgrade

Well, it appears that Sears has heard the many complaints about it’s Oasis washer and has finally responded.  If you have had F1 error codes,  Sears is offering owners of affected models an electronic control board upgrade at no cost.

Sears is sending letters to owners of Oasis washers notifying them of the free upgrade.  The letter qualifies the offer by noting that the owner must respond within ninety days of receiving the letter.

According to Sears, “Those units that qualify for the upgraded electronic control board have serial numbers inthe range where the first four characters of the serial number begin with CS48 through CS53 orCT01 through CT49.”  If you have an Oasis or Oasis HE washer that does not have a serial number in that range, your washer already has the new board.  The model and serial number are located on a label just below the bottom of the drawer opening.

You can call Sears at (800) 847-9063 between 8:00am and 8:00pm  Central Standard Time Monday through Saturday.  Be sure to have your model ad serial number ready.

If your model is on the list, you will be scheduled for a free in-home installation of the new board.

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  1. Yes! Thank you! Sears finally responded! The voice of the people was heard!

  2. I almost bought one of these machines about 3 years ago. I feel like I dodged a bullet!!

  3. I was able to get the upgrade, however I used the service number and after 10 transfers I was connected to the right person/division. I found this article and tried the #800 which is temporally out of service,I was trying to see how this would ship.
    had to use the service # again and was able to get a part# to look-up on Which is not able to be found, hopefully it just cause the order just wasn’t placed yet.

  4. James Aiello says:

    Yeah I called today they answered right away and with in 15 minutes I was told that my machine did not qualify.. even though it has a serial number CS48…. they offered to send a repair man
    for 80.00.. ha ha why to fix it so it can break again?
    I’m making a go-kart out of this thing!!!

  5. I think it’s GREAT that SEARS is taking care of customers with the F1 error. Now how about taking care of the F51 error that I’ve been getting for the past 2 years? We “qualified” for the free “upgrade” even though we’ve never seen the F1 error. The tech came out and replaced the board yesterday. 1 hour later, F51 beep beepbeepbeep, F51 beep beepbeepbeep, F51 beep beepbeepbeep, F51 beep beepbeepbeep, F51 beep beepbeepbeep, F51 beep beepbeepbeep, F51 beep beepbeepbeep, F51 beep beepbeepbeep. AAAAAAARRRRRGH!!!

  6. The phone number is 800-847-9083 instead of 9063. I got it from Sears product service, called it and they took my name to put on a iist to be serviced in about 3 weeks when they get their parts in. This is 5/14/2009.

  7. Well even though my machine is a hunk of junk it does not qualify for the recall- The pump breaks every 9 months!UGH
    I would never use Sears again

  8. Gordon Duff says:

    My Oasis started leaking first. Not a lot of water, but enough to ruin a floor if left alone. Service rep came at my expense to evaluate the machine. He told me that Whirlpool ( who makes the Kenmore Oasis ) has a repair for the leaking. It will cost us for the part and repair. I called Sears about the problem, asking why the repair was not a recall, on their dollar. After I talked to the right person ( two days of phone calls ) they agreed to reinburse me for the labor and part. The rep returned and did the repair, I paid him, and then called Sears and they did refund me the whole amount.

    I also received a recall leter about the “board”. I called and when the board arrived, they installed it free.

    And, now I have the same leak again. Just a small amount of water, but after every load. I am still under the 30 day warranty from the first repair, so they say they will come out again for free. We’ll see what happens tommorrow!

  9. Paula Condict says:

    I just called the number above and was told my serial number was not part of the recall. It is not even 18 months old. I have had nothing but issues with the sears products I will never purchase a thing from Sears again.

    I have the f1 error but I have to pay up to 500 to fix their crappy product.

  10. Gordon Duff says:

    They came out and found the leak was a new problem, the bleach disp. Repair cost $207, incl. part.

    Ask rep about “better” brands and he said these were very good, he has a pair.

    And, I bought the insurance for a year at $109. for the washer. They got me both ways.

  11. Thanks SO MUCH for this info!! I was beside myself about this crappy Oasis washing machine and via an internet search I came here. I called the 800 number and can you believe it…my machine is covered by the recall!! WOOT. Of course, I have to wait 2 weeks for the part…but I can just press Stop/Start about 30 times for each load of clothes in the meantime. You all ROCK for posting this information.

  12. This washer is a piece of junk. Less than 30 days after we bought it, we received a new one, because they told us the new washer couldn’t be fixed! Then the “new” washer started to leave spots on the clothing. After multiple service calls we decided to replace the entire washer. I hope that this post prevents anyone from buying this brand of washer/dryer.

  13. I have a 3 year old Oasis. At 2 years we had the mother board replaced by Sears. NOW less than 3 years and I have them coming out again for another repair of the same thing!!! Has this thing been recalled???

  14. I have been fighting with Sears about my Oasis for 3 weeks now. No one has told me that the F1 error is common on the Oasis Elite washer. Cost me $130 for someone to drive up to my house, turn it on, and tell me I need a new control. This won’t guarantee that it won’t happen again. All in all, after many calls to Sears, they will not offer the information that my washer has a recalled part. After talking to recall, I am getting a new part, and now waiting on line for a refund of my $130 service call.

  15. Has the recall for the control board been widen to include CT51170221. It seems as though the product has issues from the get go. Need help with info.

  16. Stephanie Champ says:

    Well, I never got a letter (since I didn’t buy direct from Sears) and when I finally found the right number – as of now it appears to be 800-659-7026 – was told that despite that according to this article the recall covers through CT49, they only show it covers through CT35 so – no big surprise, I’m not covered. Then they give me the Consumer Product Safety Commission number (which isn’t open today). When people make a defective product, they should at least have the decency to fix it for you.

  17. Mine is NOT covered either even though my serial number is CT47

    She told me it only went up to CT35 as well.

    NOT TO MENTION that when the service tech got here, the damned thing worked OK for him!!!!!!!!

  18. Mine is NOT covered either even though my serial number is CT47 – where did they get this number?

    She told me it only went up to CT35 as well.

    NOT TO MENTION that when the service tech got here, the damned thing worked OK for him!!!!!!!!

  19. I just called the 1-800-659-7026 number yesterday. First they wouldn’t even admit that there was a recall. They were very nice, and I was very nice, but I was persistent. I just kept asking the question in different words over and over again. Finally, the supervisor admitted that yest there was a recall on the control board. But when he asked for my serial number, which is CT39, he said that they changed the cutoff to CT35 on Aug 31. I didn’t believe him of course, since he just seemed to pull the numbers out of the air. But it sounds like other people have gotten the CT35 stonewall also. My model is 110.27092602, serial number CT3970222.

    I read on ( that a person with a CT40 received the free control board upgrade on Sep 12. More persistence might pay off…

  20. Jim (Cornwall, Ontario) says:

    RE: OASIS from Sears in Cornwall, Ontario.

    1. I called the Sears number given on the recall notice and was told that although my washer had the same symptoms that warranted the recall, my model and serial number weren’t covered. I was referred to local Sears store Parts & Service.

    2. Parts & Service said they only know what Whirlpool tells them and suggested calling Whirlpool.

    3. I called Whirlpool and was referred back to Sears.
    After several transfers and dropped calls a representative of Sears told me that if the problem was the same as the recalled washers the repair would be covered by Sears.

    4. Sears sent a repairman who confirmed that the problem was the control board as in the recalled washers. He didn’t have the part but said he’d have it in 2 days. He called 3 days later to say Sears would not honour their promise and that I’d have to call them.

    5. I called Sears and was told they didn’t know the person (whose name I gave them) that made the promise, nor did they have a record of the call. They promised to call back.

    6. I went to the Sears store in Cornwall, Ontario and was able to find the name of the “unknown” employee in the database as well as a record of my call.

    7. Sears later called (careful to not leave a name) leaving a message telling me the promise to fix the washer was a mistake and the part and repair would not be covered.

    8. I have informed the local Sears sales people about this corporate representative who will make a bonus for sluffing me off, at their expense. Because although the salespeople are quite nice and helpful, Sears can not be considered a source of trustworthy product nor service and support.

    9. I of course will not be back with my business, and will discourage others, unless Sears honours their promise.

    10. If anyone else is doing something about this issue, feel free to write:

  21. I have a serial # CT41 and was told it was not covered under the warranty. I removed the 3 screws to take off the cover to the control board and it looks like an easy 10 minute job to swap it out… Ordered a new control board at the local Sears for $165.99 (Still painful but better than the $400 I have been reading about from other users).

  22. I have a Oasis Elite I bought in January 2007, it started having the F1 problem about three months ago and is getting worse. I called the 800 number and was told it the recall didn’t include my serial number. I have Model # 27087604, Serial # CT5270112. They did offer to send a repairman out for $139.00.

  23. Steve (Naples Florida) says:

    Have the Oasis with Serial CT4370358 with the proverbial F1 problem as well as a clothes eating water pump. Never received any recall letters from Sears. Spent 2 hours on phone with 7 different phone numbers and recall departments. Also was told that the serial number cutoff was Aug 31, 2009 at CT35 which is 90 days after the nonexistent recall letter. How does a recall cut off repairs to boards that are obviously having the same board issues as previous models? Finally spoke with someone in United States that was helpful. She at least kicked it up a level for me with a formal written complaint. I am told to expect a call in 24 hours. I’m not holding my breath; however, it is the holiday season and maybe I’ll get lucky.

  24. Yesterday, 12/21/09, my Oasis washer’ lights started blinking like a blinkin’ beacon, and beeping too. After reading everyone’s comments on this and other websites, I realized that its most likely the control board, error F2. My model 10027062603 is one number away from the recall (600-602) and the serial number starting with CU is off as well (CT). No help at all at Sears, though they seemed tired of hearing from everyone who owns an Oasis. Today I contacted the Law office of Andrus Anderson LLP. They sent this out to a different customer who was having the same problems as many of us at this forum. The woman whose name is attached to this letter no longer works at the office, but the class action suit is continuing. Call them and give them your information, it won’t hurt.

    Regarding your Kenmore Elite Oasis Top Load Washing Machine (“Kenmore Oasis”). We are currently investigating complaints by many consumers regarding the Kenmore Oasis. We have filed a class action lawsuit in California, which is pending in the Northern District of California, and are investigating additional potential claims on behalf of consumers nationwide. If you have not already done so, please provide us with the following information about your Kenmore Oasis to assist us in our investigation:

    1) Model and Serial Number of your Kenmore Oasis

    2) Type of error code—e.g., F51 or F1

    3) Purchase Date

    4) Purchase Price

    5) Your address

    6) Did you contact Sears about the problem?

    7) Did Sears offer you any remedy or concession?

    8) Did you pay money to repair the machine? How much?

    9) Have you received any correspondence from Sears regarding the Kenmore Oasis? Please describe the nature and date of the communication. If you are able to email or fax us a copy (415.986.1474), please do so.

    The contact information you previously provided is in our database. If you would like additional information about the case, please contact Laurie Jacobsen at (415) 986-1400, ext. 209. I am available on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons; 1:30-5:30 p.m. (PST).


    Laurie Jacobsen

    Legal Assistant

    Andrus Anderson LLP

    155 Montgomery Street, Suite 900

    San Francisco, California 94104

    Tel: 415.986-1400

    Fax: 415.986-1474

  25. Marion Rayburn says:

    I bought both the Oasis Dryer and the Oasis Top Load Washing Machine. My washer broke when it was 13 months old. The washer is not included in the recall as my serial number starts with CU. So I paid for a service agreement and a new rotor, stator and tub before they realized it was the mother board. Now my dryer is flashing PF. I will not buy another WHirpool or Sears product ever again. If WHirlpool is smart they will rename themselves.

  26. Do not purchase from Sears… Oasis Washer is less than 3 years old… least 3 repair jobs of major proportion….just now told that if it is beyond the one year warranty you are just out of luck…..unless you pay for extended coverage….I ask…why should you have to pay for extended coverage for something that costs you over $1200.00 for the set. My solution is to bring it to the local mall…leave it outside of Sears….with a gigantic sign on it that say….never buy from Sears….they sell junk…… this machine has cost me more than $600.00 to fix in less than 3 years. Then I plan on calling up the local tv station and newspaper so they can give them a little free advertising…..Consumers Stand Together….. An added note….this time it is only going to take 5 days to send someone out….first time it was over 2 weeks and about the same amount of time the second time.

  27. I have owned the oasis washer for 2 years now and just started having the (f) code. I called the 800-847-9083 number and they told me my washer is not under any recall. They told me to call 800 kenmore, after talking to them they said they would have a tech here in two weeks at no cost. Last kenmore i owned lasted 14 years. Getting nervous over the quality of new products. I hope they learn and improve there product.

  28. I have owned an oasis washer and dryer for 2 years and started having the f code. We did have the control panel replaced during the recall last year so I can’t understand why we’re having this problem.

  29. Guess what? WE got the new control board installed last year, and one year later….the control board died.

    I wonder if they just took all the control boards they had in storage, flaws and all, and sent them out to buy time.

    So starts the battle.

  30. Mark Hart says:

    NEVER buy a Kenmore Elite Oasis piece of crap…..every problem I’ve seen on this and other sites I’ve had with my washer. serial number is off…so, no recall. drain pump went out, locking mech. went out. F1, Ld, Sd codes galore. I could hand wash our clothes ( 4 children, my wife and I ) in less time it takes to get this piece of $&IT going…….had the runaround a number of times with those who speak anything. but, english…..F’n tired.

  31. Bret Garner says:

    I have been having the same F1 code and the same runaround from Sears as everyone else is describing. Does anyone have a copy of this letter they allegedly sent out. It would be helpful to have that in hand when I take them to small claims court.

  32. Here I am, an unhappy member of the Sears Oasis washer club – I have a slightly different problem, after about 10 minutes stops, beeps with a code that looks like an ol code, lid unlocks and machine goes off. When I called Sears and got so angry, and demanded my call be escalated, I got no where – no mention of a recall. My serial number is CT42 – will try to call tomorrow to see if I can get any further.

    Tonight I ruined one pair of pants, two sweaters, every pair of socks in the load, and one brand new $50 shirt of my husbands in this piece of junk. Like another poster, my old Search machine, simple as could be, lasted a good 12 years. My husband treated me to an upgrade and here I am – what a mess.

    I definitely want to be involved in any collective effort to get Sears to stop hiding behind this defective product and make things right.

  33. All this time I thought I was alone. I have been battling Sears since I bought these lemons back in November of 2006. Believe it or not I have been hauling laundry to the laundromat for about three years. I spent $2307.96 to the penny on the washer and dryer, paid the technicians to come out only to find out the repairs were upwards of $750 because both the washer and dryer do not work. I have had all of the above problems F1, F51, leaking at the dispenser (corrected by the technician with a piece of duck tape???) I just can’t believe there is nothing we can do. Even when the piece of crap machine was working, it tangled my clothes so badly i had to iron almost every piece of clothing even after drying. When I called Sears about that they states i needed to put more clothes in, but when I did that it went out of balance. They continue to sell the product, and I can’t believe Whirlpool is behind the Kenmore brand. Has anyone gotten any ownership of this problem from Sears? I only found out about the recall tonight. I am off of work, had to do laundry for four hours and was disgusted so I decided to look up some information to see if anything new has happened. Thank God I did, because when I bought the machines there was nothing! Needless to say I have $2300 worth of equipment in my house for 3 1/2 years collecting dust!!!

  34. We bought this machine in 2006, serial # beginning with CT43, but did not use it until we moved into a new house in June of 07. Within one to two months of use, we started getting the F51 error. We struggled with it until I found out about the lawsuit and sent my name and info to the law firm, and we did get a notice from Sears when they were providing the free replacement “motherboard” CT43 in the spring of 09 and they came and replaced it, but just like others who have commented above, we are now getting the F51 error again. Every time I hear the “beep,” it is absolutely infuriating!! I am calling tomorrow to see if they will replace the motherboard again, but at this point, I am so tired of dealing with this machine!! If washing machines weren’t so costly (and this one was no exception, as we all know), I would just buy a new one and have this one hauled away!!! This is exgtremely aggravating!

  35. Never ever buy an Oasis HE washer. 14 months old and it doesn’t work. Sears says it is not one of the ones on the recall list. Washer was $850.00+ and they want another couple hundred to fix it. Will NEVER buy Sears again. They used to have a good reputation.

  36. PS – Filed complaint with Attorney General. I suggest all of you do the same.

  37. We’ve been fighting this monstrosity since about one year after it was bought in 2006. All of the above errors and $350 to fix once and screwed up within a couple months. Now finally the drain pump just gave out on us today so we’re heading out to finish washing clothes somewhere shortly. My wife is going to purchase a new machine next week and it certainly won’t have the name Sears or Kenmore or Whirlpool anywhere on it.

  38. NO MORE SEARS says:

    I will never buy a SEARS washer again! They forced me to buy an extended warranty for a very expensive price even though he admitted the damned part just SHAKES LOOSE every time!!!!!!!!

    I am very very ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. julia palmer says:

    I bought the Oasis washer in 2006. I did not use it very much so it did not have problems until July 2007. A repairman “made adjustments” and I bought an extended warranty for $129+. The F1 came up in Feb and a repairman ordered a new motherboard, repaired it and said nothing about a recall. Despite Sears effort to sell me another warranty I declined. Now, May 2010, the same problem is occurring! I am steamed and promise not to shop at Sears. They won’t admit that the washer was a piece of junk from the beginning! Over $1000 down the drain! I don’t trust Sears…

  40. sbender says:

    Until I found this site I had no idea that the Oasis washing machine had caused so many others problems. I bought mine just over two years ago and this weekend I came home to an F1 error. I called the Sears repair number and the technician who came out said that the bearings and motor had gone out and that the pump sounded like it was going out too. My last washing machine lasted over 10 years so I asked him what the problem was with this one and he said “I must have just gotten a bad machine” – now I know the truth! Repairs are $818.97! Just about the cost of the original machine. Sears – you suck!!

  41. Pat Blakeslee says:

    They called me after I had the machine for a while. They came out and replaced the control panel. They said it was on recall. I did not call them. It was working fine. It lasted a year.Now it is doing what you all are describing. Turn itself on. Buzz make noise- – seems to still work besides all the goofy stuff. I was told I am out a luk because they came out already. I for one do like sears stuff but this is a bad deal.

  42. We bought our kenmore he oasis washer in 2006 and didn’t use it until we moved into our newly built house in April 2007. I received some type of recall letter and sears came out to replace the part-don’t remember exactly what it was but I don’t think it was the motherboard or any type of f code. A few months after the recall repair the washer begAn making a vibrating noise during wash cycle. I called sears back out because this obviously was caused by the recall repair, as there was nothing wrong with it before that. They told me
    there wouldt be a charge since it was within the warranty window of the other repair. Well…the guy told my husband nothng was wrong and the sound was normal. As a matter of fact “it would probably get worse” he said. He refused to leave our house without payment so i had to call sears for. Refund now the washer is getting worse and has an electrical smell down inside the drum. I dread calling sears About it, but I guess it is inevitable. Has anyone else had this clicking/vibrating problem?

  43. I am furious. We bought a new machine. Our children were grown and we (two adults) were moving into an over 55 condo. I had previously had a Maytag that was simple and lasted forever while raising a family. This pampered machine is a POS. It worked correctly for a limited time. Unfortunately during that limited time my daughter bought one at my suggestion. Her machine went before mine she received a credit of a couple of hundred dollars and bought a different machine.
    My machine began to develop issues, lid lock needed to be replaced, water pump needed replacement but I could not affort to replace the machine so I have been dealing with it beeping when it is not even operating, the light runs up and down like a casino game, the F1 and all the other mysterious code problems. I have called Sears too many times to count to no avail. I saw info on a class action suit on the website so I put my name on the site. I just learned that there was a recall – why pray tell did they not contact me since I completed and submitted my warranty card????? They are shipping the part and will sent someone to fix it without any cost. I am worried now that I am reading that many folks that have had their board replaced are experiencing additional problems. When after 2 years, we finally reached the center that handles recalls, the person that answered the phone said “You don’t need to sound so angry, I said we would fix it”. Give me a break, I cannot tell you how frustrating it is to need to get up and restart a machine up to 20 times to get a load done not to mention the phantom bell when the machine is not even in use. I HATE SEARS AND WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER APPLIANCE AND I AM REPORTING THIS SITUATION TO THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF MASSACHUSETTS. Why complete the warranty when they do not notify you of a recall, sounds like Toyota!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  45. Watermarcc says:

    I want to thank the people posting here as to the replacement control board available through Sears. I have a 4 year old Oasis 110.27086 that has a serial # between CT0 and CT 43. They are sending a new board out for free. The good phone # I used for product resolution was 800-659-7026.

    Resolution said a technician for installing the control board won’t be available ’till Nov 15 (13 days). I replace and test boards as part of my work, and already had this one out to have a look so not a problem for me. But what if someone didn’t know how to do this and had 4 kids???

    I wasn’t aware how many problems so many people were having with these washers. Mine was fine until a week ago when it started coming on (by itself) and alarm beeping in the middle of the night.

    I just replaced a “magnetron” in my 550 dollar Sears microwave. I called the salesman who sold it to me and he said “these days your lucky to get 3 to 4 years out of appliances”. I told him that would have been a good thing to know at the time of purchase. Also all these parts and pieces are made in China. If we ever go to war with China we won’t have washer/dryers/microwaves/garage door openers, etc…

  46. I had the recalled Oasis washer board replaced on 12.09.09 and now the washer spins out of balance on every load regardless of how many clothes there are or how well distributed they are. Over the summer we replaced (on our own) the washer basket and bearings as the washer was insanely noisy and it ran perfectly until about two weeks ago. I have called to see if there are additional recalls (there arn’t) but we are skilled enough to perform the repairs ourselves if we can determine what the problem is. Does anyone have an answer? Model #110.27062600 serial # CT0671340

  47. had the guy out to fix my kenmore oasis he CT21 ser # it had a F50 code he said it was the control board and replaced it and it worked fine.

    the down side is that he charged the old lady $417.15 for the job,


    so I looked around the intrawebz and found out it was recalled.

    so I re-called sears @ number given in post reply #6 and got them to refund the entire amount.

    Cha – CHING !!

    now someones getting cool stuff for his 4×4 instead TYVM !!

    shouldnt the service tech check the serial numbers for recalls when they come to service your stuff.

    sears customer service at the outlet level = ?able

    they need zappo’s customer service folks to teach them a thing or three.

  48. Well it seems that sears has seen fit to still charge my credit card account so I did the auto dispute and got the thing filed and my card credited.

    then I called sears where I got a semi run around but finally transferred to the refund department. on hold

    Im sure that they will have fun with the credit card people

  49. I publish a Kenmor Elite, Oasis in 2008 and my warrantly has expire, so many others are having the same problem but their washer is on recall but mines is not so they say, i can pay 129.00 or 214.00. Ok , the problem is it keep showing F50 and beeping, can anyone help

  50. well it seems despite what the folks at 1800 my home told me they still charged my card and fought off the credit card dispute people. I got a letter saying the the charge seems to be in order. why doesnt this surprise me? so I guess I get to make another round of phone calls to 1 800 my home and if that doesnt work I will turn it over to the lawyers who posted in an above post. I contacted the lawyers and they e mailed me back but that is as far as that Ave. has gone.