August 23, 2017

Sears Oasis and Oasis HE Upgrade

Well, it appears that Sears has heard the many complaints about it’s Oasis washer and has finally responded.  If you have had F1 error codes,  Sears is offering owners of affected models an electronic control board upgrade at no cost.

Sears is sending letters to owners of Oasis washers notifying them of the free upgrade.  The letter qualifies the offer by noting that the owner must respond within ninety days of receiving the letter.

According to Sears, “Those units that qualify for the upgraded electronic control board have serial numbers inthe range where the first four characters of the serial number begin with CS48 through CS53 orCT01 through CT49.”  If you have an Oasis or Oasis HE washer that does not have a serial number in that range, your washer already has the new board.  The model and serial number are located on a label just below the bottom of the drawer opening.

You can call Sears at (800) 847-9063 between 8:00am and 8:00pm  Central Standard Time Monday through Saturday.  Be sure to have your model ad serial number ready.

If your model is on the list, you will be scheduled for a free in-home installation of the new board.

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  1. Jack Dyle says:

    So, does anyone know what the real problem is? Has anyone taken the time (Sears) to actually figure out what happens and why? (Sears) The so-called “upgrade” isn’t any better than the one being replaced, and now the assembly is on back-order and no one seems to know when they’ll be in stock again. Someone (Sears) needs to either find the actual problem or force the hand of the manufacturer… NOT Sears. This is a Whirlpool machine, and what’s interesting is that Whirlpool has taken care to take care of their own customers, while Sears has chosen to ignore theirs. C’mon Sears, what’s up with that??

  2. Christina says:

    We bought the washer/dryer set in ’07. Haven’t had any problems with it until about 4-5 months ago when we started getting the UL code around the last 6-7 mins of the cycle. At first it was sporadic but now a load takes 2 days to do. 2 DAYS?? I get so excited when that little green “clothes clean” light is on I feel like I’m starting to lose my mind….We have 2 kids and I certainly don’t have time to be babysitting the washer which is what we have to do. Last weekend I got to spend 3 hrs at the laundrymat doing laundry because I can’t use my washer now. I found a 1800# on another complants website and to my surprise, our washer IS under recall. Still not sure why I was never notified by Kenmore/Sears about the recall which we’ve owned since 07 but ok…to add to it, from all the shaking and banging around this thing has done the lid lock broke. Great…..with all the complaints I’ve been reading about these machines it looks like we spent $2000 on garage decorations. They sent me an upgraded control panel free of charge, which we got yesterday and a service tech will be out next Saturday to replace it and that should solve the problem. Let’s hope so….if not I have a feeling there will be a sledgehammer thrown through the glass top of my washer.

  3. laundry slave says:

    We’d been having trouble with the washer continuously stopping with UL (unlevel) on the display. It grew worse with time. The washer literally wore a line on the wall beside it from the daily excursions it would take during a wash cycle.
    Finally, out of frustration I searched the net and came upon these similar horror stories. I called Sears and they stated the unit was under recall for the module, even though the serial number list on another complaint thread didn’t include it.

    The part was mailed to us in advance of the tech’s arrival.
    He replaced the module, as well as all four suspension rods/springs for the tub.
    He presented a bill for the suspension and the labor for the module.
    I asked why he was charging labor for the recall item. He called his office and was allowed to subtract the labor and only charge for the suspension.

    I made him wait as I ran a load of towels in rinse/spin.
    Previously it could not run more than two towels without a “UL” shutdown. This time it ran eight without problem.

    Although we bought the washer/dryer as new, and had never moved after the sale in ’07, Sears never contacted up about the recall.

    I hope the fix holds for awhile.

    My sincere Thanks to others here for documenting there stories.

  4. WILL PARKER says:

    Bought it for $900.00 + Tax-Paid $700.00 in Warranty for five years-broke down every year-Now it is at the end of the road. Replaced with a cheap washer and finally have clean clothes!!!!

    Worst product I’ve ever bought-Thanks Sears!

  5. James Kuss says:

    I have a kenmore oasis HE top loading washer and the matching dryer. Mod number CU0370628 and have been experiencing all the same problems as so many before me. The control board continues to fail. It flashes the F2 code. I have been told by every office and number I call that my machine is not under recall nor are any parts. I have spent three weeks trying to get this replaced as I feel it is not on my dime to fix a problem that so many others have. Sears has given me the run around and thier solution center is no better. They offered me 10% off a new machine…and new machines start at around 750.00. Never buy this equiptment from sears.

  6. purchased Oasis washer in 2006, Sears has advised my model 2708 serial CT48 is not under recall. I’ve had machine served four times. the basket in ’09; barrings; dispensers; error codes F1 and UL. I’ve gotten 2 warranties. It seems I need to keep renewing warranty because I have at least 2 majority issue per year. This is gangsta. I’m being forced to have a warranty because the product is inferior & costly parts. If there is a lawsuit going on I’m going to be apart of it. I’ve always relied on getting good products from sears

  7. Margaret Shope says:

    I just spent $79.95 on a “diagnostic” from the local repair shop. I purchased my Oasis washer in 2007 and the extended warranty. I have had a repair man here every year since purchasing this washer for UL, CPU board, agitator issues, and error code. My warranty ran out 10/2011 and I’m having the UL issue with wash “even when there is nothing in the washing machine”. The technician said the shaft has gotten bent from stress of the previous UL problems. Now it will cost me $200+ for the part, $100+ for the install, and the $79.95 I just spent for the diagnostic service call. I did not get any recall notice because they said it wasn’t in the recall list. I called the US Consumer Safety and Protection, they said they couldn’t help if it wasn’t causing a safety issue. I called the VA State Consumer Protection Office, they said to file a complaint and they would investigate and contact the company on my behalf. I’ve called Sears twice and they want me to spent $129+ for another “diagnostic” technician. I just want it replaced or the repair covered. It can’t run a load without needing manual intervention. And my husband has started taking the clothes to the laundry mat. I spent around $600 for the washer in 2007. I didn’t even know until today that Whirlpool makes these washers, I was told it was a Kenmore (Sears product). I wont buy another Sears applicance. I want to be included in any class action.
    Model #110.27032603 Serial #CU3971134

  8. Debbie Szyszka says:

    I have the Kenmore Elite Oasis machine, and have the F50 error that everyone seems to have. Of course, my unit is CT40 and they say that the recall only covers up to CT35. I do not see how they can “cut off” the warranty for a problem that everyone has. How do they decide that ONLY the serial numbers CT35 and below get the new parts, and everyone else doesn’t. I used to love Sears and love Kenmore, but this piece of equipment is crap. My Kenmore dryer is 20 years old and have no issues. Thank God I did not purchase the matching dryer to this unit!!! And unfortunately, this has ruined me for Kenmore products. I understand it having problems, but stand behind your equipment.

  9. I have been having the f1 code popp up. did some reasurch on the internet and found several complaints about this issue. found my serial number and called sears. Of course my model was not covered. Even though I had found other models with numbers higher than mine that had been repaired for free. I called in twice, second time I spoke with a so call superviser.
    One rep told me that my model was covered untill march of this year, but had been taken off the list. That is when I asked for a supervisor. She told me that was not true and gave me another cock and bull story about why my sears oasis was not covered. She tried to give me whirlpools number stating that they were the manufacturer of the unit and maybe they could help me. I told her I don’t care who built it. IT HAS A THE NAME SEARS KENMORE ON IT. So sears should stand behind it. Long story short. I dont know where to go from hear. but I will never purchase ANYTHING from sears again. I advise anyone who reads this to do the same. If you want them to get the message. Hit them in the pocket book. Goodbye Sears.

  10. So I have the F1 problem model is

    sounds like I am screwed….

  11. Well I guess not…
    Called and they transferred me to the Kenmore repair. He said they would have to send a tech out. I said how much is that going to cost me…he says nothing. Repair guy came out the next day and just installed a new computer board…no cost.

  12. I dont know about the F codes but we continually get foreign bodies in the tubing and my husband has just left the back of the washer off because he has to remove “things” (pennies, hair pins, etc) form this area at LEAST once a week!!! The washer does wonderfully washing our laundry but we have been through 3 yes 3 pumps due to cracks caused by these foreign bodies. We constantly check pockets but inadvertently things get misses and my husband is behind the washer once again. Has anyone else had this ongoing issue???

  13. J Christophersen says:

    OMG. I just Googled and found everyone else is having problems too. I bought the Oasis washer (model 110) and dryer set ($2,400) on Jan. 1, 2007. I bought a warranty for the second year. Shortly before the warranty ended in 2008, the dreaded F code would not go away so I called Sears out. They replaced the electrical console under the extended warranty, telling me it was a $400 part. I’m wondering now if it was recalled. I was never notified.

    When it came time to renew the warranties, Sears wanted $200 per year for each machine. Wouldn’t take long to pay for the machines all over again. But it did make me wonder what was going on. Now I know. Just barely five years old, and the F code is going off again. (And this time the lid wouldn’t unlock so I could remove the slightly wet clothes!) Called Sears and it’s a bearing — the entire TUB needs to be replaced and it takes 10 days to get the part. $429! So now these two repairs have cost 2/3 of the original purchase price of the washer, and 70-80% of the machine has been replaced.

    To add insult to injury, I asked the tech to check the dryer, including cleaning out the vent. For this I paid $39 extra. He pushed a button so the machine could run its own diagnostics, and took the front off and vacuumed underneath the drum. I asked them if they were going to clean out the hose — you know, where the fires start because of the lint bulid up? NO! I have to call the duct people!

    It’s unbelievable that this washer cost so much and falls apart so often. The next time the F code goes off, it’s outta here. I’m done throwing good money after bad.

  14. V Morrow says:

    Sorry I just thought to check online to see if any other problems had been reported…same issues here and I guess we just spent all that money on a lemon. I, too, have vowed never to spend another dime on a Sears applicance. We live in a small town and the repairman only comes to town once a week!!

  15. OMG, I have the same problems. UNBELIEVABLE-pump just went out because of a penny. Just like the other lady on here-no matter how many times you check pockets change, washers or paperclips wind up in the pump. The design is rediculas for working people with kids.
    My husband bought the Oasis HE Canyon extra large capacity and the dryer is an OK machine.
    The washing machine has been nothing but a nighmare. I am suppose to be able to do bedding. Cannot be done without readjusting several times. And in the process I get F1 code Lo code and about 3 others. It pumps the water out everytime along with my detergent because I have to power it off to clear the codes. Readjusting the load won’t do anything to clear the code- and I have to start all over again. Plus the bedding winds up in a donut-the soap gets stuck in the folds and wads underneath in several spots.(unless it is just my POS machine) It doesn’t get blankets clean. I have to scrape the soap off. (It is hELL on my septic tank, it was suppose to deliver the opposite.!!!) Thats why they were purchased.
    I wish I had not gave away my old washer. Atleast with it I could do a load of laundry without having to fiddle with it 3 or 4 times with pertineer every dam load. Part of the time to finish a load that just won’t run, I try to drain-rinse and spin out and it gets stuck and will continually just run on the rinse part of that function for hours. I cannot leave when doing a load of laundry. One time I did and it ran on the rinse cycle for 6 hours untill I got home and shut it off. Has happened more than once. I cannot run a load at night when everyone is in bed. With this wonderfull piece of workmanship it beeps continually over every little thing so I am limitted when I can do laundry. Besides all that nonsense–the clothes and bedding wind up getting torn and the buttons ripped off.
    My husband bought the top of the line with the 5 year warrenty which was suppose to save us money(LOL) He didn’t check the internet for reviews-obvesously(WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN) Thanks to SEARS!. We have been loyal SEARS customers for over 30 years. It was just under 3 grand for everything.FOR THAT AMOUNT IT SHOULD FOLD AND PUT THE CLOTHES AWAY. Non of use should have been douped into buying par products for top prices. Because obveousely SEARS knows their is many many problems and they do not seem to care about their customers.
    My warrenty does not run out for over a year and guess what I got in the mail today. SEARS sent me a letter stateing if I want to extend the coverage I have, I have to sign up and pay them within 30 days. Money hungry SOB’s-You’ld think they would atleast wait until the year it exspires.
    With all the complaints levied on these washing machines, I cannot believe they are still LIEING and selling these garbage washing machines to the public. Well of course-if they pulled this crud on a corporation they would get sued and their a**es handed to them on a plate.

    I hope some eager lawyer sinks his teeth into this bogus misrepresentation of a product and files a class action suit and gets us compensation for a non-working machine-ruined clothing and bedding-having to pump my septic frequently now because the washing machine waterlogs my drainfield and the agrivation of a machine that is suppose to save us water/power/work and make our lives easier but in turn has achied the opposite.+

  16. This is by far the biggest P.O.S i have ever owned sears really dropped the ball om this one , DON’T EVEN THINK OF BUYING A SEARS PRODUCT the run around and B.S they tell you when you call is un-real this is one time i have to say BELIVE what you read im sorry to say.

  17. I will NEVER buy another appliance or mower or anything machanical or electronic from Sears. I refused to pay them to fix my POS oasis dryer. Used the laundromat (getting hard to find them these days) for 2-3 weeks while I searched the web, found out how to do diagnostics, ordered a new control board which fixed it. Couldn’t believe the crappy components on the thing. They use the cheapest parts they can find so they can steal more money in repairs and warranties.
    Never liked the washer either for reasons already stated here. Now the washer’s broken- probably the control board. I’ll see if I can fix that too. If not, I’ll buy a new washer before I give Sears another cent!

  18. This washer is te biggest price of junk I would never tell anyone to but this brand I’m washer never ran right since I got it and it was the biggest waste of money I have ever spent

  19. bought our Sears Oasis he Canyon Capacity washer and dryer combo in 2007. have never liked the machine, always have a UL code when just sheets are washed and spun and about 5 months ago it started getting testy with the power button not working. Looks like plenty of complaints on the control board on all the models. To many buttons with a faulty control panel and possibly a cheap made in China construction. Have alway bought Sears Kenmore for over 40 years. No more for me. Looks like Sears Kenmore brand is sinking as fast as the company. Have a tech headed this way tomorrow, will see what they do?

  20. Linda Pass says:

    If only I had visited the comments coming from other consumers before purchasing Sears products, I could have saved myself a world of grief and money. Dealing with these people has been the equivalent to setting fire to $2,000.00. I can’t understand how the crooks are still able to open their doors to the public.

    I purchased the Oasis Elite, HE washer, Model #: 11027082600 and the Oasis Elite Dryer model number: 1106082600.
    (This very expensive dryer, referenced above, is presently sitting in my garage. I can’t even give it away. I used it less than a year. The washer will soon be sitting beside it as a reminder to never deal with Sears again. It is my mission in life to warn everyone about this company that is corrupt from the top to the bottom and from the inside out. )

    The computer was the problem with the dryer almost from day one. So I called and reported the problem to Sears Repairs. The date for the repairman was set and I changed my schedule and waited all day for the repairman to show. That afternoon when 6 o’clock rolled around, still no one had come to repair the dryer. Now understand I had waited two weeks for the appointment. When I called Sears repairs to question why the repairman had not shown, I was told that I had cancelled the appointment. It was later determined that the repairman himself was probably the most likely suspect for the cancellation.

    In the meantime I was forced to put my wet clothes in the car and carry them to a friend’s home to be dried. (By the way, my friend got a big laugh because they had an 8 year old Maytag that cost a third of what I paid for this garbage from Sears). At five weeks without a dryer, I went to Lowes and bought a Maytag for $404.00. I put Sears’s garbage in the garage where it now sits.

    The Repairman finally showed up with an attitude that was only matched by his girth. Now understand he had come to repair the dryer, but decided to comment on the brand of HE detergent I was using. I reminded him that I could read and that hundreds if not thousands of complaints had been posted about this particular dryer model and not one had put the blame on detergent. In fact most people claimed that Sears was knowingly selling appliances they knew were defective junk. I let him know that I was using high energy efficient detergent and did not need a sermon on the cost, amount and type of products to use. Needless to say he did not like me or my comments. He claims he is going to have to order a replacement computer part and leaves. I never heard from him again. He had done exactly what I expected. I called Sears only to discover he never mentioned anything to the service department and never ordered the part. Sears Corporate Office could have cared less. In fact, they were in such need of a warm body to call a “repairman” I doubt they ever reprimanded him.

    Less than four months after the fiasco with my dryer, my washer (referenced above) begins giving trouble with a “UL” indicator staying on during the cycle. I find out this particular model is on recall. So I swallowed my pride and called Sears…again. They send some woman out…she orders the part…and I wait. Now understand this company should have had the service truck loaded with these parts. Without even trying, I found over 2000 complaints on this washer and the balancing problem. I finally get this problem fixed…and I use the term loosely because the “fix” lasted about two weeks. I am back to openly the lid on each and every load of clothes and repositioning the load in an attempt to get most of the water out. It doesn’t matter what size load or spin speed. This must be done with every load washed.

    Thank God, I now have now saved enough money to buy a new washer. I thought there for a while I was going to have to resort to an old wash tub and wash board. I guess the time and money spent with Sears will have to be categorized as lessons learned. I hope others read my post and the hell I have been through will serve some purpose.

  21. OMG! I can’t believe all the problems people are having with the Kenmoore Oasis HE top loader & matching dryer! We constantly get the F1 error code & the crazy thing it that I have to start the matching & one the 3rd time..everytime…it then works. However, now it beeps mid cycle & & I have to start it over & I just run the rinse cycle..have to start it but on the 3rd time…you see the pattern?!!? We bought our set in 2007 & last year I also had to replace the heating element on the dryer! What junk! Will never buy appliances again from Sears..very disappointed!!!

  22. Same problem!!!!
    Mod 110.27032603 bought Oct 2007
    F1 code everytime it adds water. Takes 5 resets to finally continue on normal cycle.
    Called Sears, had to listen to a 3 minute commercial about how I “won” a bahama’s trip…I just had to pay a small fee. Then it told me to call a different number and cut me off.
    Everyone at Sears gave me the obligatory apology, then only offer various ways of payment.
    With ALL these complaints you’d think Sears would want to do something! Wouldn’t even give me a break on the part. Had to virtually fight with them to only sell me the part. They were insistant on sending a serviceman. My 2nd unsuccessful call lasted 39 minutes and resulted only in frustration.
    At the end of this call they had the B__ls to offer me a free appliance inspection (to see if they could sell me some new appliances)
    I’m DONE with SEARS!

  23. Linda L. says:

    I heard the same crap about winning a free Bahamas trip when I called to discuss my F1 washer code error for my model #11.27062603, purchased in August 2007….then was disconnected! What the hell! I called another number I found for Sears Customer Service, spent an hour on the phone and I was completely blown off by 5 Sears customer service reps that told me this model was not included in the recall….and I ask….why the hell not !!!! It was the same issues that other recalled washers of theirs have had and they couldn’t give me an explanation other than saying it was MY responsibility to fix their well-known product defects. Any decent company will stand by their known product defects and this is not one of them and I have to say, I’m disappointed, because I always thought Sears was a reliable company and clearly I’m wrong about that.. This washer is such an expensive, unreliable piece of crap…..If you are thinking about purchasing a Sears washer and dryer, I would seriously look elsewhere. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON SEARS PRODUCTS!!!!