August 19, 2017

LG Appliance Rebate

If you have been considering buying a new kitchen appliance, now might be the time to act. LG is offering a rebate of up to $500 on their kitchen appliances. The deal starts at $250 for two appliances and goes up to the $500 if you buy four. You can outfit your whole kitchen if you choose, as LG makes gas and electric ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators and microwaves, all of which are part of the rebate program. The offer ends May 12, 2008. You can view the details here.


  1. they look kewl~! i would love to have these in my kitchen!

  2. Jack bennett says:

    Need to know the cost of a new hat water heater, installed.

  3. Need cost on hot water heater with installation.

  4. Purchased 3/4/10 refrig, microwave, dishwasher & stove. I was qualified for a $200 rebate which I was told I’d receive in 6 weeks. Please let me know the status of my rebate by phone numbers listed below or email address listed above.

    Nick Mazzeo
    cell: 732-598-4477
    work: 732-229-8080

  5. I purchased a LG range (LRG3095), refrigerator(LMX252985), microwave, and dishwasher (LDF3920) was told 3 products qualified for the rebate. sent in the form on 3-30-2010 and still nothing. Your hours are during my work hours and takes me no where. What’S the issue? please advice. Orig receip mailed to LG Electronics USA 2010 LG Kitchen Package Rebate c/o The Advertising Checking Bureau, INC. Po Box 1919 memphis, Tn 38101.

  6. I submitted my request on 4/18/10 for rebate and also have received nothing. I called the number on the rebate form and spoke to agents a couple of times. ZThe first time they said it was scheduled to process 6/28/10, so I called back and now they are telling me that they are waiting for the batch to come back from LG. Good news is that they did find my request.
    1-877-333-9203 is the number I called.

  7. FRED HURLEY says:

    We purchased 4 appliances,that qualified for the L.G.Rebate from HH Gregg in knoxville,Tn back in June 2010 and submitted rebate forms. We ended up having to get the store manager to call the rebate center for us to have our application accepted.The rebate center was treating us more like thieve’s than customers.Now after more than 3 months they (rebate center)are telling ous the check has been mailed.How ever we have not received it.I requested they void the check and send a new one to our P.O.Box and they refused.The personnel there seem intent on being un-careing,uncooperative,unhelpful,and non paying is there goal,this is under the guidance of someone called Tim.I wish others a better experence than we have had.I would add the sales team at our local L.G. store have been very helpful.The problem is the rebate center and the way it is being opperated and the person there responsible for its opperation..Respectfully,
    Fred Hurley

  8. Joan Jenkins says:

    Any rebates offered on washers and dryers Thanks

  9. Joan Jenkins says:

    Any rebates offered on LG washers and dryers Thanks