March 18, 2018

Haier’s Compact Dryer

Last month we wrote here at about Haier’s portable, compact washing machine.  For those of you who trek regularly to a laundromat, and have a small space to store one, check out that story.  If you’ve already made up your mind that a compact washer is just what you need, Haier has the dryer to go with it.

This compact electric dryer has a 2.6 cubic foot interior and can be mounted to any wall.  Just be sure you have an electrical outlet nearby.  It has three temperature settings, delicate, heavy and normal along with an air-dry option.

The portable washer and dryer are not stackable, but the washer can be placed beneath the wall mounted dryer to create a similar spacesaving configuration.

This dryer retails for about $270.

Haier’s Portable Washing Machine

If you lack space at home for a full size washer, and are tired of having huge dry cleaning bills, or lugging pounds of washing back and forth to the laundromat, here’s a small product with the answer to big laundry problems.  A portable washing machine.  These compact units hold less than full size washers, but they do they same job.

Haier makes three styles of portable washing machines.  These little numbers claim to do the work of the larger machines while taking up very little space in your home.  They are recommended  for apartments as well as houses.  These units don’t require a dedicated laundry room, they plug into any standard wall unit and the hoses attach to any faucet.  The catch is that you must move (drag, tug, maneuver) the unit into place by a sink.

Haier’s three units are sized 1.0 cubic feet, 1.46 cu. ft. and 1.7 cu. ft.  and come with up to four water level settings and a variety of wash settings including delicate.  Only the 1.7 cu.ft. model has bleach and fabric softener dispensers.

We found them to retail for between $180 to $280.

Haier also makes a matching set of dryers for these models.  Look for more on them here at