June 24, 2019

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The $2,000 Digital Post-it Note

Are folks really willing to pay for what they say they want in an appliance?  Apparently not.  The OC Register has some thoughts on cool but pricy features that are appearing on kitchen  appliances.

In 2002, for example, Whirlpool Corp. introduced Polara, which combined refrigeration with a convection oven. Polara would keep a casserole cool until a preset time then would start to heat the food in anticipation of your arrival home. If you were late, the oven would power down to keep the food warm and not overcook it.

“Our focus groups said they wanted it, but people wouldn’t pay $1,900 for the technology,” said Whirlpool spokeswoman Audrey Reed-Granger. “So we put the Polara on the back burner, and we’ll bring it back in a few years” when the market is ready.   Read more about it here.