September 26, 2017

Haier’s Compact Little Fridge

Haier is getting smaller and cooler with a new eco-friendly 1.7-cubic-foot compact refrigerator that features an advanced electronics and cellular technology cooling system called NuCool.

According to Haier, the new system achieves temperatures as low as 37 degrees, based on an ambient room temperature of 70 degrees, which was not attainable with prior refrigerant-free models. “Haier strives to be a pioneer in the implementation of new technologies in our product lines,” said Matthew Sekelick, the company’s compact appliances VP. “As a leader in compact refrigeration, we have looked to introduce environmentally friendly improvements such as NuCool that our customers desire.”

The NuCool compact refrigerator, model C-RNU1708, which shipped late last year, features an auto defrost and adjustable thermostat, a reversible door design, and full- and half-width door shelves with 2-liter bottle storage. It is available in black and white and retails for $80 at Wal-Mart.

The compact fridge is the first application of NuCool technology, Haier said. Larger-capacity models featuring the technology are expected to be introduced early this year.



  1. I would like to get the electrical schematic for the NuCool compact refrigerator, Model no. C-RNU1708B. I am a licensed Service Technician for Catholic Charities. And we purchased about 80 of these units. It would be a great help to me, to have this information. Thankyou John Wilhelm

  2. Please send me the schematic for the C-RNU1708B.

  3. Mr. Wilhelm, is an independent online appliance magazine and is not associated with Haier. I tried to find the schematic through their website, but they list it as unavailable. I suggest contacting Haier directly through threir contact page. You can use this link:
    or go to
    I hope this helps,

  4. I just bought the black fridge, and is wondering if you release any toxic fume or chemicals into the air, and is it safe to put it in a bedroom?

  5. I meant to say “does ‘it’release any toxic fume or chemicals into the air, and is it safe to put it in a bedroom?”

  6. I purchased a NuCool compact refridgerator model C-RNU281VS on May 23, 2010. It just stopped working. Nothing is running. Is there a fuse or something that I can replace? I need something to show me how to. Thnak you.