September 23, 2017

GE Stainless Upgrade, Plus Kitchen and Vacation Sweepstakes

For a limited time, GE is offering an upgrade on selected models of their refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves. You can choose a stainless finish for the same price as white, bisque or black. You can find all the details HERE.

GE is also offering a Grand Prize trip to your choice of Bilbao, Spain, Brussels, Belgium, Los Angeles, CA,
Louisville, KY, New York, NY, or Seattle, WA.

First prize:

A full Kitchen suite of stainless steel appliances, including a refrigerator, range, microwave and dishwasher.

Eighteen Second place prizes of a stainless steel appliance of your choice will also be awarded.

As always with these contests, no purchase is necessary. See HERE for entry.


  1. linda turk says:

    in am in desperate need of kitchen appliances. present kitchen appliances are old and out dated.

  2. microwave in need cause mine just took a smoky dump.

  3. stacey zerfas says:

    Remodel would be awesome to have the space to entertain and sit my whole family.

  4. New appliances in my kitchen would make my life so much simplier. I love to cook and the refrigerator is old and small. When I entertain you can’t find any room to put food that I want to make ahead. As well as all of my appliances are old and outdated. I live in a kitchen challenged world and would love to live it a cooks dream. Shelley

  5. Rebecca Knox says:

    I need new applainces for the home, Refrig is old and doesn’t keep food cold enough in the summer unless I crank it to lowest setting, but then it runs all day and the kitchen is way to hot! The microwave is old and can’t read the numbers on it. the dishwasher leaks around the new seal, that I just replaced, and no longer cleans the dishes as well! The never ending responsiblities of owning your own home, overwhelming difficulties of keeping up with repairs, and maintance. Help!!

  6. Allison Van Wey says:

    My kitchen appliances are older than my daughter, who is entering into her first year of highschool. Not only are they out dated, they are not energy efficient. Please help me remodel my kitchen with new appliances.

  7. yira blasini says:

    Me and my husaband just
    bought our first home
    we even had to use
    our 401k to
    make pym but need
    new appl cant
    buy them

  8. sharon mulligan says:

    Lost our home to a flood last year. Now have a chance to lease to own a home. In great need of all new kitchen appliances, even used. Send to a good home, PLEASE.

  9. My Husband and I have been in our home for 45 years. We did expand the front of our home,but did not do anyting to our kitchen. I would love to upgrade our kitchen, I just love the way stinless steel would make our kitchen look so great.

  10. Inproving our kitchen would be great. Stinless Steel would enhance it,our family and friends would enjoy eating a good home cooked meal with us.