September 25, 2017

Kelly Ripa helps bring Electrolux Kitchen Appliances to America

Electrolux, known mostly for vacuums in the US is known in Europe for its premium appliances. This spring they are trying to make a splash here in the US with Kelly Ripa.


  1. I am interested in the cabinets in the electrolux commercial with kelly ripa. Very ultra modern! Who is the manufacturere and what is the color? We are purchasing electorlux appliances as well and would like to get the cabinets in the commercial.

    Please respond. thx

  2. I love these commercials for the class of Kelly and the wonderful appliances & kitchens…. But the shallow part wants to know .. The beautiful heels Kelly is wearing… “Make, Model etc”!

  3. Cannot stand Kelly Ripa in those appliance commercials – she is so anorexic looking, it gives the whole commercial a fake personna and unrealistic feel. Now, especially after reading she has a family “chef”

  4. This is a pathetic company trying to make a bigger profit by using cheap labor and cheaply made, bad quality products. why would the American people want buy products that are taking jobs away from them. How can we afford to buy these products if we don’t have jobs to make the money to pay for them? It’s corporations like these that are the reason the economy is in such a crisis. Keep jobs in America for American’s, WE are the people that buy these products and if it weren’t for us AMERICANS, these companies wouldn’t be successful in the first place.

  5. Did anyone ever find out who the manufacturer was in the Kelly Ripa Electrolux commercials? I’d love to know, they are stunning.