August 17, 2019

Hybrid Appliance Watch – Refrigerator / Microwave

Invention Support has signed a strategic alliance with Virginia Gibbs, the inventor of the new device known as the “Refrigerator/Microwave”, to offer support for this great new invention and to proudly introduce it into the general kitchen appliance market.

The basic idea behind the Refrigerator/Microwave is to combine two kitchen appliances into one as a convenient combo-appliance. Sales of both refrigerators and microwaves are strong. The global appliance market is now valued at around USD 170 billion and is growing steadily at an annual rate of around 3%. With the introduction of new lower energy consuming models many families will be looking to replace their current unit. This is a wonderful opportunity for Refrigerator/Microwave to attract customers.

The Department Of Energy states that if your main kitchen refrigerator was manufactured before 1993, it might be time to say goodbye. While it may seem wasteful to get rid of something that works, it is a smart financial decision and has many other benefits. The microwave oven market is also experiencing a boom. Manufacturers are building and expanding factories to keep up with the demand. Certainly one of the reasons for the microwave oven success is the success of products designed for it. Although microwave penetration of the other two P’s has been falling off in recent years, the appliance still cooks 14.8% of all frozen pizzas and about 10% of prepared potatoes. Microwaving owns the category of shelf-stable entrees, where it is the preferred cooking method for 99.9% of the entries. Microwaves are used most for convenience — for reheating items that are already cooked. It was a lesson that took many food companies a few years to learn.

For years, Recreational-Vehicles have been flooding the highways of America. While families travel, they continue to eat. The RV however does not allow for bulky appliances. The Refrigerator/Microwave will revolutionize the way RV lovers handle their meal preservation/preparation needs. It’s possible that in the future, the Refrigerator/Microwave could become standard equipment with RVs around the world.

As far as combination product sales, the Refrigerator/Microwave could be encouraged by Matsushita’s success. In household appliances, Matsushita’s main business areas include washing machines, vacuum cleaners, dishwasher/dryers, microwave ovens, rice cookers, induction-heating (IH) cooking equipment, sanitary equipment and electric heating equipment. In fiscal 2006, Matsushita continued to enjoy favorable sales of tilted-drum washer/dryers, while combination steamer/microwave ovens achieved high sales growth. Regarding tilted-drum washer/dryers, Matsushita introduced the world’s first model to employ a heat-pump drying system that uses no heater or cooling water during the dry cycle, thereby achieving significant energy- and water-savings. In response to increased awareness about personal health, Matsushita launched a new steamer/microwave oven in June 2005 that combines steam, microwave and conventional oven cooking functions to eliminate excess fat and salt from foods. This product was a hit in the domestic market, contributing to increased market share.

In conclusion, we can note that the Refrigerator/Microwave has extensive potential for success as a refrigerator, as a microwave and as a combination appliance that is sure to deliver astounding convenience. In order that the needs of the kitchen enthusiasts all over the world can be better served, marketing professionals are now reaching out to those who typically allocate funds for these equipment purchases. With these new considerations in mind, it is likely that the “Refrigerator/Microwave” will soon become a more popular item in kitchens around the world. For further information on this great new invention, contact “Jake Way” at info @ And ask about the great new invention known as the “Refrigerator/Microwave”.

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