August 17, 2019

Crunchy Brownie Pan

Baker's Edge Brownie Pan

Does it have to be electric to qualify as an appliance?

I don’t know and I don’t care. I tell my daughters to bake my brownies for 2 weeks because I can’t get enough crunch.

BoingBoing points to the Baker\’s Edge – Edge Brownie Pan.

Here’s the description from Cooking for Engineers that BB cribbed:

Each of the brownies from the Baker’s Edge did indeed have chewy edges – two of them (and sometimes three) in fact. It was almost like every piece was a corner piece from the standard pan. Therein laid a problem I hadn’t considered. I had tasters that liked brownies with edges and tasters that liked brownies that didn’t have any chewy edges but were soft and moist throughout. With the regular pan, I had corner pieces, edge pieces, and center pieces (although there are always more than four people who want corner pieces and not enough edge pieces). For the edge lovers, the brownies from the Baker’s Edge were perfect – chewy edges surrounding a moist chocolate brownie. For the center lovers, the brownies were good, but they much preferred the texture of the brownies from the 9×13 pan.


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