May 26, 2019

USB Batteries

Gizmodo blogs about USB batteries, an idea whose time has come, but isn’t quite ready for prime-time.

Moixa USBCELL batteries can be charged using a regular charging station as well as the USB port in your PC, laptop, Xbox 360, or USB car charger.

Power and longetivity still need work, but I still remember brick-sized cellphones and have faith that we’ll get there.

transformer tangle
I’m dreaming of a day when the tangle of transformers and cords and poorly-configured power strips are replaced by a USB bank and all power jacks for cellphones, PDAs and other electronics are replaced with USB inputs.

When USB outlets are ubiquitous in airplanes, cars, hotels, schools and businesses, we’ll pretty much always be juiced or within easy juicing distance.

In the meantime, we’ll have to make do…

Targus PAPWR200U Universal Car/Airplane Notebook Power Adapter Sony Power Charger with 4 Ni-MH AA Batteries

Hat tip: IFOC