October 16, 2019

Refrigerator Sex Appeal???

refrigerator tvHey, I didn’t put those words together in the first sentence of this Orlando Sentinel article entitled

See hot new ideas found in the fridge
Some of today’s models go high tech and high style, making food storage and cleanup a little cooler

Refrigerators may lack the sex appeal of other swanky kitchen appliances, but that image is changing.

Floridian readers take their refrigeration seriously! The article sees the Jetsons-ification of what was once a boring device and notes increasingly common new features like door alarms, computerized digital controls, slide-out storage, TVs, humidity controls, halogen lighting, and custom facades to match kitchen cabinetry.

Dacor and Sub-Zero use microchips to adjust defrost cycles to usage patterns. Bosch refrigerators have sensors in less pricy models. Usage patterns?!? Like when kids stand in front of the frig for half the afternoon?

Samsung‘s refrigerator has a 10-inch LCD touch screen with digital memo pad to set expiration dates. LG’s 15-inch screen has DVD capability on one door and a smaller 4-inch screen to display local weather information, digital photos, recipes and a calendar.

Parents used to scream at kids to close the refrigerator door and to remind them that the frig isn’t a TV. Not for much longer as these features trickle down in the coming years.

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