September 15, 2019

Kitchen Appliance News – August 2006

Frigidaire FEF336EC 30\When there were three major TV networks, appliances were fewer and simpler. WJAC-TV has an article Kitchen Appliance Features You Need and Don’t Need which helps you to decide which features should you pay for, and which ones should you forget?

For ranges:

For electric ranges, smooth glass surfaces are better because the coils on older style ranges are so difficult to clean.

For gas ranges, it’s worth paying a bit more to get a sealed burner and avoid those with a gap around the burner where spills of liquids and crumbs could easily drip below the surface

Upgrading to a self cleaning oven for an extra fifty dollars is definitely worth the money to avoid the task of cleaning it up yourself.

On the other hand, not all bells and whistles are necessary. A warming drawer might add as much as $150 to the price of the range and it’s a job done easily as well in your microwave oven.

For refrigerators:

“The least expensive refrigerators have old fashioned wire shelves. That means that spills can drip down. We think it is worth paying a little bit more and getting glass shelves that have rims all the way around the edge to contain the spills. It’ll make your life much easier in the long run.”

Good Housekeeping says: don’t even consider a refrigerator without an “automatic defrost” feature. For more tips on finding the right appliance for your family, check out the August issue of Good Housekeeping or visit

Featured above: Frigidaire FEF336EC 30″ Freestanding Electric Range with 4 Radiant Elements & Self-Cleaning Oven

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