August 17, 2019

Spare Parts After a Washer Repair – A Reader Shares His Story

Recently one of our readers shared a humorous appliance repair story with us. We thought we’d spread the laughter out for a lighthearted weekend chuckle.

It happened a few years back when my neighbor knocked on my door hoping for some help. It seems he had a problem with his washing machine and knew he could count on me due to my vast knowledge of appliance repair (yeah, right). You can now see how this relates to having extra money. Don’t pay a repair man when you can do it yourself with a trusty neighbor’s help.

Actually, he had fixed his problem but was faced with a dilemma all great men are faced with following a repair. What to do with the parts that are left over. Well, he was fortunate, he only had one part left over and was hoping I could help him discover where it went. It was about 6 inches long, was a flattened piece of wire and was in the shape of an arch. Nothing about this thing looked familiar.

We went so far as tearing the machine back down to see where it could be missing and had been at it for about two hours without any luck when his wife returned home and asked what was up. Being a little frustrated and short on patience, my friend explained in man terms that, and I quote, “we are trying to figure out where this d????? piece of wire goes in this d????? washing machine.” She looked at the wire and started laughing. “What”, asked her husband.

“That’s not a part of the washing machine, that’s the under wire out of my bra.”

Money saved, time lost, and another successful d-i-y repair.

If you have your own humorous story you’d like to share, please feel free to post it in the comments section below or send it to

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