August 20, 2017

Recall:Frigidaire and Kenmore Smoothtop Electric Ranges Due to Fire Hazard

Name of Product: Certain Frigidaire and Kenmore Elite Smoothtop Electric Ranges

Units: About 200,000

Manufacturer: Frigidaire, a division of Electrolux Home Products Inc., of Augusta, Ga.

Hazard: Depending on the model, the surface heating elements can: 1) turn on spontaneously without being switched on; 2) fail to turn off after being switched off; or, 3) heat to different temperatures than selected. This poses a fire and burn hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: Frigidaire has received 126 reports of incidents, including four reports of minor burns and two reports of minor property damage.

Description: This recall involves Frigidaire, Frigidaire Gallery, Frigidaire Professional and Kenmore Elite smoothtop electric ranges with rotary knobs and digital displays. The following model and serial numbers are included in the recall:

Frigidaire (Serial Number Range VF122xxxxx – VF831xxxxx) and Models Beginning with


Kenmore Elite (Serial Number Range VF122xxxxx – VF334xxxxx) and Models Beginning with
790.99012 790.99013 790.99014 790.99019

The model and serial number can be found by opening the range drawer at the base of the unit.

Sold at: Sears and other national chain and independent retailers nationwide from June 2001 through August 2009 for between $1,000 and $2,500.

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the recalled ranges immediately and contact Frigidaire or Sears to schedule a free repair.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact Frigidaire at (800) 449-9812 between 8 a.m. and midnight ET Monday through Saturday or visit the firm’s recall Web site at Consumers who purchased their products at Sears should call Sears at (800) 449-9810 between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. ET Monday through Saturday.


  1. M Lider says:

    I have a Kenmore, Mod#790,96011407 Serial#VF71661777 Which of course is not on the recall list either. I came across this because of searching for what could cause our burner to stay on high no matter what number we set it at and then not turn off when we try to shut it off because it has burnt what we were cooking. I hav completely stopped useing that particular burner. But after ready some of the other post about this problem I am now afraid to leave my 74 year old mom home by herself with this stove in the house. We bought it brand new from sears about 3 years ago when we go the trailer. And I cannot afford to have it fixed at my expense for there defective product. Dont understand why the will only fix the “ELITE” models when all these others have the same exact defect.

  2. terence bryan says:

    Same problem with smoothtop countertop range by fridgedare. Reported it before but told it was not on the recall list. Now it has seriously turned on and burnt the counter as well as the dinner. model no. FEC30S6ABA. I do not want a repair! I want a replacement or I will buy another model , and never cross Sears threshhold again.

  3. Greg MacDonald says:

    I have a “made in Canada” Kenmore smooth top manufactured in Sept 2004. Not on the list but fried the circuit board as many of you are describing. Sears Canada wants $272 plus 13% tax plus 10% shipping fee plus instalation.(Basically the screwing you are getting is to be continued as long as you will be a valued customer of Sears)
    I found a site, “” that sells remanufactured timers (defect is removed) that are warrantied for a year (beats the 90 day Sears warranty) and was $123 Canadian with your old timer. I happen to live an hour from this repair center so I picked up and installed it myself…incredibly simple ..
    The fellow I dealt with “Howard” showed me how the board burns out and why it is defective and it is a very common issue. “Junk” is how he described the poor quality board. You might find him a valuable source of info for your lawsuit.
    Have had No assistance from Sears Canada other than “should have bought the extended protection”.They won’t get my money. Hope this helps some of you save a lot of money and stop Sears from gouging its customers on a seriously defective part that goes way beyond the models listed.

  4. We are having the same problem with the oven of our Kenmore Smoothtop Model # 790.95201100 not turning off and getting dangerously hot. My husband took the control part of the stove back to Sears and they said that this was unusual and wanted us to pay $150 for a new control. We can see by your posts that Sears has a real problem with their line of Kenmore stoves!

  5. T. Groce says:

    We have a Kenmore Elite smoothtop range also with burner problems. We purchased ours in Dec of 2006. We have the touch controls and it is difficult to turn burners off and on. It requires continued pressing of control. Once it is on the heat changes on its own and now just the outside ring works. Our model number matches up with some of the ones having burner problems but not on recall list. Our warranty says it has an additional 4 year warranty for defective elements. We would have to pay labor cost. Question is if it is considered defective. Will keep you all updated on our progress.

  6. I replaced my power board before the recall came out and have been trying to get reimbursed by Frigidaire since the recall came out. I have been told twice that the check is in the mail – once about 6 months ago and once about 3 months ago.

    One of the burners quit working about 3 months ago and another one quit working today. I moved the stove away from the wall and tapped on the relays (because this was the cause in the past – stuck relays in the power board) and the power board started on fire.

    Called again today to check on status of reimbursement to apply towards a new non-electrolux range and got the runaround from Sears, Electrolux and Frigidaire. Transferring to phone numbers that are not in service, to numbers that request you to pay $5 if you want to connect, etc.

    Just waiting for a lawsuit…

  7. My Kenmore
    model 79096009600 has the issue with the 2 front burners. They won’t turn off or down unless you play with the knobs. Called Sears and they were not helpful at all. I filed complaint with the CPSC. My question is it the knob themselves or sometype of control board. My opinion is it is the control knob since when I play with it it will shut off.

    What happened to the days when Sears and Kenmore stood for Quality????

  8. farra douglas says:

    WOW! i am disgusted w sears and kenmore right now!! ive been on the phne for over 3 hrs now being told the same thing everyone else has!! that repairs r my responsibility. i have a kenmore electric range 790 that turns on by its self. it wont even turn off by flipping the breaker! i have to unplug the stupid stayed on for 3 hrs last nite and nearly started a fire in my kitchen! i too am a single mom that cannot afford costly repair bills and definitly should not be EX^PECTED to in this situation! if something like this is a safety issue ud thnk they would repair this at their cost..would they prefer to have a legal case on their hands because someone burned themselves on their product or a house burnt down!!!!????

    if i do not see results from sears tht i find satisfactory i WILL speak w someone about legal rights!

  9. Cynthia says:

    I purchased a Kenmore in 2003(Model #665.95002102). It’s not on the recall list but I have also experienced problem with the oven not turning off, broiler turned itself on when I set oven on bake, and the whole oven unit heating to a high temp. while I had only one of the stove tops turned on. I want to record my comments here so if there is any future law suit, I would like to be part of it.

  10. I fixed the issue with my 2 front (large) burners not adjusting correctly or not turning off. I purchased to new control knobs. I used and got both knobs for 34.00 plus 8 shipping and handling. They were very easy to install and fixed the problem. I had seen these controls locally and online for as much as $50. dollars each. I am not endorsing a product or web site only stating what worked for me. In all it took less than 1/2 hour to fix. Couple of hints. First turn off the breaker and unplug the stove ( if equiped with a plug better safe than sorry). Remove top back cover on stove. Remove know from front of stove. Remove 2 screws holding know control in place. Remove knob controls. Remove 1 wire at a time and reconnect to new control be sure to match letter and number on old and new controller wire position. (letters and numbers are stamped next to connector). Like I said project took me a 1/2 hour and saved at least 150 dollars in labor and parts. Good luck


  11. I have a Kenmore Elite smoothtop range. The front burners do not turn off, so I have to unplug it. Now the control panel is not working, I get an F5 and 01 on the panel, will not turn on and only beeps.

    Serial #790.99123405
    Model # VF51746735

    Has this model been recalled?

  12. Barb Killeen says:

    Finally got a letter back
    from CPSC about a month ago. I first Called them in Feb. They will send complaint to Sears….anyone think that’s gonna work? Tired of dealing with this. Husband went out and bought a new stove this past week. I will never buy another thing from Sears.

  13. Steve Grant says:

    I have the same issue that is described above multiple times. My broiler turns itself on and will not turn off until the breaker is shut off. They offered a replacement part, if i paid for the service call, but i do not want this fire hazard in my house. I was also told a supervisor would call me 2 days ago, but have not heard anything.

  14. I, too, had a problem with my Kenmore Elite smoothtop range 790.99124400. Mine has digital controls (no knobs). I had a burner on, then turned on the oven to 350 and within a minute, heard a radio static sound. Looked over at the range and the display was erratic and black smoke was coming up from the back. Then, there was a loud pop and the circuit breaker tripped. Thankfully no kitchen fire or worse! After investigating, the circuit boards (EOC) had fried! Nothing works on mine at all. Have filed complaint with CPCS. Got nowhere with Sears or Kenmore. This model is not part of the recall either!!!! The new part is over $200 and may not fix it for long, as seen from other complaints. Looking for a recall soon…

  15. Joscelyne Ouellet says:

    I have a Kenmore stove C970-648181 and the electronic board just quite on me. The stove is only about 5 years. Now I can’t use the oven and we want $390.00 plus taxes for another board. I’m retired and have a small pension and every pennies counts…this electronic in sears stoves should be with higher quality and sears should have a better quality control on the supposebly high quality products when the sale is done! And I know that I’m not the only one with this problem…

  16. I have a Sears Kenmore Electric Range. The model number is 665.95788. This morning it decided to turn on the broiler when I set the oven to bake at 425 degrees. I turned the oven off, but the broiler would not shut down. I opened the breaker and waited an hour. When I turned the power back on, the broiler came on again! The control panel showed no signs of anything being on!

    How can I get some satisfaction from Sears? It doesn’t sound like this unit is covered by any recall.

  17. Sylvia Hiner says:

    A Kenmore electric range model #790.96222404 was in our home when we purchased it. I recently used the self-cleaning feature due to a spill over and since then the oven over heats and the cook top gets so hot you can’t touch it, even though the burners are not on. It doesn’t sound like Sears is standing behind their products. Has anyone got any results for Sears or the CPCS? I don’t plan to pay for repairs on this piece of junk when it will probably happen again.

  18. Ron Mendenhall says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I had no idea that this was such wide spread problem. We have had our oven since 2003. We have replaced 2 of the 4 infinity switches on this oven already. And we use the breaker to control the power in fear of burning down the house. Sears also told me that it was not covered by the recall!!!! We were very lucky that our house didn’t burn down the first time our burners turned them selves on. Model #790 46803 992 Kenmore Elite.

  19. David Oakley says:

    Add me to the list. Bought a model series 790 Kenmore range in June, 2008. Had an episode of runaway heating a year ago resulting is replacing of a heat sensor. The same event occurred just two hours ago. Kenmores are a fire hazard. I have no confidence of satisfaction from Sears and do not trust them or their appliances. I have bought every appliance from Sears since the late 70s. My revenge is to NEVER enter a Sears store again.

  20. Connie Erby says:

    I have a Frigidaire Model# FES365EC and yesterday I smelled smoke & the self-cleaning oven feature turned itself on. I hit the all-clear & it shut off. I called Sears for a repairman. I now shut the breaker off when I’m gone. I don’t want the house to burn down if it happens again when I’m gone. I can’t find a recall. This sounds like a dangerous problem to me.

  21. Bob McKnight says:

    My Kenmore range model # 79096002601 and serial # VF70744467 started having problems about a month ago. It is the smooth top range with dial controls. The right front burner won’t turn down when you turn the temperature down. It will stay glowing red. Also, it won’t shut off either. I had to literally unplug it from the wall to shut the burner off tonight. It was also making a popping noise from the back of the stove. You can see a white spark when it makes that popping noise. Anyways, I called sears so a repairman can come out to fix it. From all of the forums of people complaining about this problem, I thought mine would for sure be on the recall list. I went to and surprise, “Thank you for checking.
    Your product is not included in this recall.
    No further action is required.” How can it not be on the recall list when it is having the same issues everyone else is talking about. What, does someone have to get burned by the element or does my house have to burn down first. Please post here on this site if you are having the same electrical problems. Thanks

  22. I have a Kenmore elite oven 790.99122401 when using the oven it just keeps heating till the oven over heats then you have to flip the breaker to make it stop. I started the proses of filing a report with the CPSC. Sure seems like there has been a lot of complaints filed on these ovens maybe we need to file a complaint on the CPSC.

  23. I have a Kenmore smoothtop range, Model #790.96002600, Serial # VF63854183. It is about 3 years old. Several months ago, one of the burners would not turn off. Another burner would not stay at the selected temperature, it got hotter. I have had to unplug the stove twice to get the burners to turn off, then discontinued using them. Went online and see there have been recalls since Oct 2009 on specific models of which mine is not listed. Like others, Sears will not repair or replace for free.

  24. I ended up ordering the part myself from A-1 appliance parts online for around $18.68 (10 discount code) plus $6.99 shipping. I spent total of $25.67 and installed it myself. I saved $129 sears would have charged me just for the installation and another $35-$50 for their part. I did file a complaint with CPSC and received my filed complaint in the mail from them. I filled that out and sent it back to them. They may or may not contact me regarding my complaint.

    My Kenmore range model # 79096002601 and serial # VF70744467 started having problems about a month ago. It is the smooth top range with dial controls. The right front burner won’t turn down when you turn the temperature down. It will stay glowing red. Also, it won’t shut off either. I had to literally unplug it from the wall to shut the burner off tonight. It was also making a popping noise from the back of the stove. You can see a white spark when it makes that popping noise. Anyways, I called sears so a repairman can come out to fix it. From all of the forums of people complaining about this problem, I thought mine would for sure be on the recall list. I went to and surprise, “Thank you for checking.
    Your product is not included in this recall.
    No further action is required.” How can it not be on the recall list when it is having the same issues everyone else is talking about. What, does someone have to get burned by the element or does my house have to burn down first. Please post here on this site if you are having the same electrical problems. Thanks

  25. Model #790.96122409 Serial #VF71953180 Not on recall list. 3 Years old. All of the problems described in the recall. Started with #3. Very disappointed with what I am hearing on here about 0 chance of resoulution from Sears.

  26. Had to order a second burner switch within weeks of the first burner switch going bad for my kenmore range model # 79096002601 and serial # VF70744467. Left front burner got so hot on number 5 that it burnt our bacon. Won’t be long before it starts shorting out and won’t turn off just like my right front burner did as described above on September 27th, 2010. You can’t tell me there isn’t a problem with the switches on these stoves and they don’t need to be on a recall list!!!!!!

  27. Angel Langley BC says:

    Two posts in one day WOW! My model is 970-606020 serial VF80339085. It is not part of the recall. Two nights ago front left element turned on by it’s self twice then would not turn off. Contacted Sears at least 4 times. Same response will fix it if I pay. Not likely. Contacted CPS at health Canada, and they referred me to my provincial safety authority. They are coming out to file a report next week. I have contacted media and am waiting for a response. It looks to me like the potential recall is so big that Sears cannot fix it without admitting liability. My next step is to contact my MP. And, if all else fails I will contact a class action Lawyer. I’m sure this post will help. Please keep checking back to this post incase the Media or Class Action Lawyer needs contact information. I don’t plan on letting this one go.

  28. Angel Langley BC says:

    I have contacted a class action lawyer, and he needs to know if anyone here lives in Ontario Canada. I live in BC Canada. It might be a good idea to post what province/state you live in.

  29. steph mayhew says:

    Hi so glad I found this site we are from the uk and we purchased the kenmore smooth top range VF90949681 in july 2009 we didnt actually start using this until jan 2010 when we moved here permantley, two weeks ago when the range was turned on it made a loud bang and black smoke came out and the control panel said error f30 I phoned sears who arranged for the engineer to call he did and told us we had had a power surge causing the digital panel to stop working he quoted us over 500 dollars to fix this including his charge for carrying out the repair ! we were really angry as it wasnt a cheap product costing over 1200 dollars I phoned to sears and they have been very unhelpfull to say the least in fact rude, I have emailed many times without reply but today they decided to reply and tell me it is me that will have to pay for the repair and tough basically! then i started to research this product and suprise suprise found so many people with this problem I knew it couldnt be a power surge they were just trying to decieve us, I am not prepared to let them get away with this either I am in new brunswick canada so do I contact a local cpsc ? any help would be great being a newbie in this country thanks

  30. Jennifer Victoria BC says:

    Last year we heard about the recall. Though we hadn’t experienced any problems a technician came out with some replacement pieces. Now almost a year since the replacement parts for the recall were installed our burner does not turn off. I turned off the burner leaving the pot on the stove to come back to the stove as the water was still boiling. After multiple times trying switch it off different temperatures displayed (7.5, 6.5, Hi) and the burner continued to stay on. The stove had to be unplugged. What kind of replacement parts were used in this recall if they don’t even last a year. Didn’t they learn the first time!

  31. Angel Langley BC says:

    There has just been another recall on Oct 21, 2010. This time they are recalling some Fridgidaire and Electrolux models. The hazards are the same as in the previous recall.

  32. steph mayhew says:

    Angel did they send someone to look at your range ?

  33. I am in Ontario
    I have a frigidaire range on the recall list. I paid 390$ to repair the oven before the recall was announced in 2008 for the same issue, right element would not shut off. Nov. 2009 TransGlobal came and did the recall fix. Almost one year later and again the element turns on. I called transglobal and they stated the repair was only warrantied for 60 days, This stove is a fire hazard, I have had problems ongoing now for 2 years and I have had enough. I will buy a new stove this weekend and next week I plan on filing a small claims suit against eletrolux

  34. Angel Langley BC says:

    Hey all,

    Sears is sending someone out on Monday (they are paying for the service call, but not the repair…baby step in the right direction),and the lawyer went to the US this week on another case and was going to inquire about this with his US counterparts. He will be back into the office Monday. I will keep everyone updated.

  35. Todd Hagy says:

    Update from earlier post. I have a PLEC30S9EC that turned on by itself resulting in fire. I reported to Frigidaire and CPSC April 2008. Well finally got it repaired and then received the recall notice last week. The recall sends you a repair kit that seals controls from moisture. I looked at replaced controller and it shows obvious contamination. The leak occured at the display numbers. The cover on one of my displays was broken and was open to the electonic board. The way it was stuck to control board appears that this has been this way a long time. It could not have been broken from the outside by the user. The display area of other 3 controls also showed eveidence of contamination. I was surprised that this was the leak area. I had all controllers changed, but this failure can repeat. I suspect even cleaning could allow liquid to enter circuit board. I am happy that I can finally understand how this happened. Still will never buy another Frigidaire product. They could have saved a lot a problems if someone in customer service would have reacted to my call in April 2008. I offered to give my appliance to them for analysis. First time I have ever seen the inside of a stove top and I pointed out corrosion on circuit board to repairman. I suggest everyone to disconnect power to stovetop. Even if you use it to plug a hole in your countertop, you can still have contamination enter by simply cleaning it. If you later power it up, it can fail on.

  36. Daniel Suciu, [Ontario] says:

    Hi, I have a range on the recall list which has set on fire when my wife tried to warm something in the oven. Flames came out from the back of the unit and lot of smoke. The main controller board was completely burned out. One of the relay from the main controller board exploded. Few wired were also burned out. At that time I did not known that this is under recall so I call a friend who does electrical jobs and we replaced the main controller (it costs me $400) and now the unit is working fine. The next day I heard about the recall and I called Frigidaire in US, they asked me to call Frigidaire in CA, then they ask me to call Sears. So I end up calling Sears, and they promised me that they will send somebody in the next day (Saturday between 12 and 4 PM). The guy showed up at 9 AM and of course I was not home (I told them I won’t be home before 12 PM). They reschedule my appointment for next Saturday and they canceled it again. They said that are coming today.
    I don’t know if they would pay for the part I replace it. The tech said that they will only replaced the parts that are under recall.

    I’ll be back with more details after the technician will inspect the unit.

  37. infinite switch is what you need to fix this is about &35.00 and about 10 min to put it in

  38. John Ragsdale says:

    We purchased a Kenmore glass top stove about 7-8 years ago model #790.95411102 Ser # VF21327340. We have always had trouble when using the oven with moisture leaking near the control board. Last night the broiler was on and would not go off even though it was “off” and almost caused a fire from over heating. The code F1 light came on and was beeping. If we had not been home we are sure it would have caught our house on fire from over heating. We had to unplug the stove to get it off. There needs to be some kind of action taken against Frididare and Kenmore in these succomstances when someone is burnt up in the middle of the night, maybe then they will take proper action. We will replace it but not with another Kenmore or Sears product. Our faith is now gone with their junky products. We are going to Sears now to see what they say about this problem and will update later. However, we will inform others about this problem.

  39. I had a Sears Model 790.966614407. It was an expensive smooth top model. Warming drawer, convection oven etc. I bought it in 2006. On November 22 of this year, the control panel burst in to flames, the oven locked it’s self and started to get very hot. I had to call the fire department. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had not been home. This model, also, does not seem to be on a recall list as it should be. Of course, Sears does not care a fig, as the stove in out waranty. I had been a Sears customer since the 60’s, but no longer. I don’t know what happened to the great service Sears gave at one time. One has to wonder if any homes actually burned down.

  40. Someone said there is a new recall list. Where can I find it?

    My stove is not on the recall list and Sears does not care.

  41. So here I am, reading all of your comments and getting scared to death. We have Kenmore “Elite” 790-99014100 with Serial Number VF140xxxxx which is smack dab in the middle of the series listed by the US Product Safety Commission (VF122xxxx to VF334xxxxx). Of course I go to the linked Kenmore site, type my number in and what do you know…apparently my unit is not effected by the recall…WHAAAA?????? So I guess I don’t need to wrry about the unit calling out PF mysteriously while I am doing the dishes and also in the morning when I wake up?

    What would you do? The breaker is off…trust me!

    I’ll keep you posted, assuming I’m alive after the fire…either from my stove or my equally crappy Kenmore clothes washer…. You service guys are useless, by my experience….but good job Kenmore, locking down the service contracts to a single regional company….!

  42. We have model 7909501102 and here we are on Christmas day expecting family over and I turn the oven on to 350 degrees and it heats up probably to the maximum temperature it possibly can and starts flashing/beeping F1. Turned it off and it would not shut off. Had to turn it off at the breaker box. Let it cool down and flipped the breaker. It came back on by itself and did the same thing. Can someone tell me who to call and complain to? I would love to give them an earful today!

  43. Marlene Cooper says:

    On Dec 23rd 2010 My husband and I decided to toss in a pizza in our Kenmore Model #79095681301 Serial # VF33518035 Oven.
    2 min b4 it was to be done we heard a “POP”. The circuit breaker was off. We waited a few minutes and turned it back on only to have it go to the “Self Cleaning” mode and “Door Loc” and “f1”. After much investigation I noticed a lot of similar problems . First off there was a lot of HOT condensation being released! I kept calling Sears and was told “THIS IS NORMAL” !
    Well upon much investigation I’ve found out that this is “FAR FROM NORMAL”. That this condensation gets to the motherboard and WILL “FRY” the motherboard. I also had problems w/ the front left burner going out exactly 2 days after the 1 yr warranty expired! The burner kept turning itself off and on after this code appeared! It’s a mess.I finally got a # for Judy Schuster who is handling the Kenmore division her # is 216-898-2387 but of course she’ll be out of the office until Jan 4th 2011!! Sears told me they’d have to send out a technition at MY OWN EXPENSE for $129 not including parts but if I did decide to go forth with a repair that’s also the labor charge! Why should I Pay for a repair that obviously was caused by a manufacturer’s defect?????? Also for those that don’t know it Kenmore Ovens are made by Frigidaire and they also make electrolux! Personally i’m going to be going w/ a Maytag! Found one on sale from Home Depot w/a convection oven w/ ZERO Complaints for $583.20 plus tax (free delivery) on internet sale till Jan 5th 2011 (so i don’t have time to get this fixed).
    Very poor customer service on Sears end, and the person I first spoke w/ at Frigidaire was w/parts and service was ultra rude.I will say the customer service representative that gave me Judy Schuster’s # was very pleasant and transferred me accordingly.
    Just goes to show must do research b4 buying a big appliance.
    Kenmore has a crummy name and reputation at this point and I would NEVER own another one. This is the 2nd Kenmore in 9 yrs i’ve owned. Had the same problem but tossed it out and bought a stepup and still have major issues w/this Kenmore.
    I thought that they’d want to maintain customer loyalty but that is obviously NOT the case.

  44. Marlene Cooper says:

    Oh i forgot to mention i had company coming over for Christmas Eve Dinner. Thankfully I had my electric Roaster (did the turkey better then the Kenmore oven ever did), The potatoes and stuffing did them in the microwave (a Sanyo),and did the breads and banana breads and pies in my countertop convection oven in 1/2 the time (again NOT a Frigidaire , Kenmore or Electrolux product). Everything came out fantastically well! So at least we all ate a great meal w/out any worries of a house fire due to Kenmore’s ill response along w/ that of frigidaire .

  45. I have a Kenmore model 970-606020 and have also been having problems with elements going to high suddenly and not turning off. I was going to call out a repairman to have a look at it after the holidays but on Christmas day the handle on the oven door fell off and really screwed up our dinner. It’s less than 3 years old and it’s falling apart, how can Sears get away with selling crap like this? My wifes parents have always bought Kenmore and when we were looking to buy our appliances told us how reliable they were, but we’ve had to have our Kenmore fridge replaced twice in 3 years. I’m really glad I bought LG washer and dryer!!

  46. Marlene Cooper says:

    Kenmore appliances USED to be made by whirlpool. When that was the case they were state of the art top of the line and made great. But , now they’re made by Frigidaire so they’re made like pure crap w/ a design flaw that they’re not willing to fix. Only willing to put a bandaid on by replacing switches and the control modual on those they deem to be worthy of a recall.
    The fact is it’s an engineering design flaw where the back of the flat top is NOT sealed! Thus letting condensation in making the modual not only go out after a few years but also cause fire hazards. I’m going today to buy a Maytag which does NOT have this design flaw #1, and #2 came recommended to me by a former engineer of Frigidaire! I wouldn’t use a Kenmore, Frigidaire or Electrolux if you paid me.All are made by Frigidaire and ALL have had recalls for the same design flaws.
    I’ve called and gotten the name of Judi Schuster # 216-898-2387 who is with Frigidaire handling complaints on kenmore appliances Particularly the ovens but of course she’s out of the office till Jan 4th 2011! I can’t wait that long for an oven and don’t trust the bandaid fix. Until Frigidaire makes their flattops ranges sealed this problem WILL Continue. I’m looking for some sort of compensation b/c I will NOT go w/Kenmore, Frigidaire or Electrolux EVER again.
    Plus their customer service has much to be desired.
    Good luck anyone want to contact me can do so at

  47. FRIGIDAIRE FES365ECE same problem. try to tun it Off, It does not turn off. It’s one of the switches that does this. I opened it, found out the cotacts have a lot of carbon on them. that’s not normal if these contacts was made out of Platnum as they should be. any way sand paper the cotacts, Helpd but did not fix the problem, Digged more found out after normal use the switch axel ware which makes it reach to the off position leaving the leaver behind still pressing on the contacts. I bend the edge to force the axel pressed down until it brings back the leaver to the off position before the axel pop out to the off/Lock position. That did the trick. But It will work fine for 6 month or though and it will ware again. since this is a fire risk. I will order another switch replacement and install it. But all what I can say is cheep switch for pricy range. a class action suit should be in place.

    Work around until you replace the switch: If you have a falty switch like mine and trying to turn it off. press down the knope, hold it down, rotate to the off position, make sure the light goes off then release the knope. As I said that’s a work around until you replace it.

    Yes, You guessed right, I’m an Engineer.

  48. I’ve noticed with mine that when you open the oven door you have to stand back to avoid getting a face full of steam that rushes out! These things aren’t vented very well.
    On top of the problems I mentioned in my earlier post, the oven isn’t working that great either, I’m never buying ANYTHING from Sears again!!

  49. Alok Jethanandani says:

    We recently had a fire incident with our Sears Kenmore Model # 790.45062400, manufactured on January 2004. Our left front burner failed to respond to the digital control and often did not turn off. Then one day we were cooking and suddenly we heard a loud mechanical pop sound that suddenly ignited a HUGE fire! Really scary stuff. Horribly product should be recalled immediately! I have filed a consumer hazard complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

    This fire spread so fast that within 30 seconds, the cupboards were burning, the tiling was on fire, and walls were covered in suit. This company should be sued, they build dangerous and ridiculously defective products.

    I have filed a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and I want everyone to do so that there is class action suit against Sears Kenmore and the atrociously defective product is recalled. Seriously crappy company, huge engineering mistakes and total hazard to your family.

  50. Kenmore elite 790.99124400 smoothtop no dials. Turned my oven on and heard poping noise and then smoke came out. Replaced the clock timer at $216.74 and didn’t work. Replaced the front panel at $255.32. The oven works now and the push buttons.Now I get a F501 when I turn on the stove and will not worked. Replace another board at $192.00 did not work, replaced the last board at $162.15. Still not working. Had a go around with sears. They sent me 2 replacement boards. HaHa not working. Called Sears again and finally they are refunding my money for the last two boards. This started on Dec. 12,2010. I can only use my oven, but I guess that is better than none. I going to purchase a new stove, but it will not be a Kenmore.