August 16, 2017

Recall: Maytag Refrigerators Due to Fire Hazard

Name of product: Maytag®, Jenn-Air®, Amana®, Admiral®, Magic Chef®, Performa by Maytag® and Crosley® brand refrigerators

Units: About 1.6 million

Manufacturer: Maytag Corp., of Newton, Iowa

Hazard: An electrical failure in the relay, the component that turns on the refrigerator’s compressor, can cause overheating and pose a serious fire hazard.

Incidents/Injuries: Maytag has received 41 reports of refrigerator relay ignition, including 16 reports of property damage ranging from smoke damage to extensive kitchen damage.

Description: The recall includes certain Maytag®, Jenn-Air®, Amana®, Admiral®, Magic Chef®, Performa by Maytag® and Crosley® brand side by side and top freezer refrigerators. The affected refrigerators were manufactured in black, bisque, white and stainless steel. They have model and serial numbers printed on a label located on the top middle or left upper side of the refrigerator liner and have the following model and serial number combinations:

  Serial Numbers ENDING with AND Model Numbers BEGINNING with
Side by Side
Top Freezer

Refrigerators with freezers on the bottom are not included in this recall.

Sold at: Department and appliance stores and by homebuilders nationwide from January 2001 through January 2004 for between about $350 and $1600.

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Consumers should immediately contact Maytag to determine if their refrigerator is included in the recall and to schedule a free in-home repair. Consumers should not return the refrigerator to the retailer where it was purchased.

Consumer Contact: For more information, contact Maytag toll-free at (866) 533-9817 anytime, or visit the firm’s Web site at

 representative models pictured ( Other models are affected.)  


  1. Paul Koterba says:

    I have a Maytag Model# MSD2737GRB serial# 11639076EE. I realize this is not on the list above for the recall, however it stopped cooling the compressor is very hot and I keep hearing a tick sound as if a switch is not being able to work. Have there been any other recalls an other Maytags with the same issues?

  2. We have a Maytag Model MSD2456GEW, Ser. #17285271AP which started to burn as I was working in the kitchen. I believe we were lucky that someone was home at the time.I saw on a site that other refrigerators starting with Model MS are also on the recall list but can find no more about it. Is our unit on recall?

  3. Maytag fridge burned my whole house down. Started while no one was home. fire marshall suspected the fridge , but no recall till 3 weeks later. WE lost everything including 3 dogs. maytag offered to buy back the fridge for what we paid for it, they just want to get rid of the evidence. not a chance i am holding onto the proof!

  4. Melissa says:

    I have Kitchenaid SIDE-BY-SIDE Model#KSCS25INSS00/Serial # SR4153687 purchased Oct 2004. Just smelled electrical burning smell, went to fridge and center panel where 2 doors seal closed is burning hot, pulled fridge away from wall and plug is burning hot. Disconnected immediately ! Called Kitchenaid, they booked service call with A&E for tomorrow, but called them back and asked for Safety Dept. Got held on phone for ages being asked hundreds of questions before being told Safety Dept gone for evening. Left them a message. Left Consumer Safety a message. Pulled grill off bottom of fridge and found Service & Wiring Sheet folded and stored inside the grill. This lists all the serviceable electrical parts and their part number and manufacturer, and they are all KENMORE parts. The sheet lists the possibilities of parts as Whirlpool / Kenmore / Kitchenaid, but all the components on this fridge are Kenmore. I believe Whirlpool is the parent company of all these makes. Surely they all use interchangeable components so they should all be on the recall.

  5. Add me to the list… We have (had) a Sears Kenmore (made by Whirlpool) #106.52272202 purchased in 2003. Same story as Maytag recall on this site – relay burned up and caught fire about a week ago. Lucky to be home at the time so we could catch it before it did too much damage to kitchen. I feel for the people who weren’t and incurred a loss thanks to these faulty p.o.s. electrical components. What amazes me is the incubation time this takes – 5-7 years then POOF! And what genius designs a combustible cardboard bottom liner on these death traps? I will (probably in vain) contact the CPSC to plead with them so they add this model to the recall. In the meantime we have to drop $1100 on a new fridge. But not from SEARS!!

  6. I purchased an Amana side-by-side model SX25SL, P1190207WL +/- 1999. It was used when I got it. But, its done me well to date. A couple of minor things here & there, but nothing more than expectations of maintenance, etc. Until recently. About a year ago, it started making a noise… not as loud as, but the same sound of a jackhammer. Phone calls, tell me its just age. Then the cabinet itself (where the doors seal to) starts getting hot, I mean like REALLY HOT. If you touch it on purpose, you know the hot is coming, but if you touch your wrist or forearm to it accidentally you’re looking for the burn cream kind of hot. Told my husband that’s just not normal, and have been keeping a very close eye on it – WHILE SHOPPING FOR A NEW FRIDGE! Since January, the freezer has stopped working quite as well. First the ice cream was just like soft serve, then other things, then totally frozen meat is completely unfrozen but never moved, then the ice stopped dispensing, etc. etc. I checked the serial number on the link above, and it says my model isn’t affected. I don’t believe that to be true. We’ve unplugged the fridge for now, just don’t feel like it’s safe to use as is. Still want the manufacturer to fix it, so I’ve submitted an email to them, and have contacted the cpsc via link above. We’ll see what happens. For now, just say no to the fridge fires!

  7. Jean Paolucci says:

    Our Kenmore Side by side Purchased in 2003 Model #106 52524101 Had the relay switch catch on fire. Luckily it did not damage our home, but it ruined the compressor, as well as the relay switch and some wires. I will contact the CPSC to plead with them so they add this model to the recall. In the meantime we have to drop $1100 on a new fridge. But not from SEARS!! Sears claims that they are sorry but there isn’t anything they can do. The did offer 10% off a new one but there is no way we will be buying one from Sears. 10% off a $1200 frig doesn’t even cover the cost of the food that was lost.

  8. is my refrigerator being recalled. model # ptf216lhrq serial # 11588323ec. if so what do i need to do.

  9. Daniel Buechler says:

    Our Maytag Refrigerator model MSD245GRQ Serial 12843607ZM relay over heated and burned our Kitchen floor. Contacted Maytag they tell us about recall after we have damage. We paid $1600 dollars for Refrigerator they want to prorate it for $300 we also have burned floor need help we are not satisfied with maytags responce to our problem they caused. Thank You

  10. I had a maytag side by side refrigerator for only 7 yrs they said it did not dome under the recall.But it was doing the same thing as the ones recalled.I ask for help on buying a new one like a discount for a compatiabe fridge i have a maytag stovr,washer,and dryer also.Four maytag appliances in all.But as they wear out there will be no more in my house or the other proprities i might own.Your team are very much in the stage of i can’t handle people.Other people make appliances to(samsung,LG for starters.If one piece passes through your factory i will not buy it.
    Thank You for nothing
    Marvin Bratton cfo

  11. I have a Maytag wide by side that that was in cluded in the recall. They came and “fixed” my refridgerator. Two days ago I woke up to no ice, ruined groceries and a warm freezer. The run capacitor is clicking and the compressor is uncommonly hot, so hot that my concrete floor is hot. Will Maytag make this product good before it causes a fire or further damage to the product? Please advise, I can’t get an answer from Maytag.


  12. We bought new Maytag fridge in 2010. Model number MTB 1954EEW00 ,SER. # EW3214527. any recalls on this one, we are having problems with getting it cool enough inside. What about the fire hazard recall. please respond.

  13. I have a Kenmore side-by-side model # 106.41514101 purchased in 2005. Last week the relay that connects to the compressor melted damaging the compressor and nearly causing a fire. Sears takes no responsibility at all for their design flaw although the technician that looked at it says that newer units are being shipped with the older style, more durable, relays.

  14. KitchenAid – Model: KSRB22FKBL14, Mfg Date: 03/04
    Compressor: Embraco EGY 80HLP

    Start-Relay caught fire – luckily we were home when it happened. The smell is horrible. My Start-Relay was made in Mexico.

    Have filed claim with home warranty company and they are to replace Start-Relay and compressor (start relay connections welded itself to compressor).

    Have filled out CPSC complaint but have not heard anything back from them – hopefully someone will contact me for a follow-up or at least to request the parts for inspection.

    This has to be a much larger issue than just the initial Maytag/Whirlpool recall.

  15. Have a kitchenaid it seems like the compressor burnt out it does not come on. Do you get a lot of burn outs.

  16. Is Kitchenaid Model KSCS25ksso1 in any recalls that you Know.

  17. we have Sears Elite model 106.5770700 and now the freezer is warm. Fan is working, Ice cream wont freeze refrig is cold. Back coil are pretty clean. Compressor and black ball are kinda hot.

  18. Is this a sign of the re-call problems?

  19. Today our refrigerator caught fire. Just like above we smelled the burnt electrical smell and after I pulled the refrigerator away from the wall to investigate I discovered flames coming from the side of the compressor where the start relay/capacitor connect to it. It is a Maytag model # PSD262LHEW, not under the current or expanded recall. I attempted to contact Maytag today, but no luck so far. I did submit a report to the CPSC.

  20. I have a KitchenAid Side by Side bought in 2003 – the relay caught on fire and short circut the computer board. Can some please let me know what I should do next – who to contact.

  21. Pam Gibson says:

    I have a Kenmore Side By Side refrigerator that has a serial number ending in “AN”, Model number 586.52673200 and it is having a problem with the relay. Is my refrigerator under this recall if so what do do now. My refrigerator is making a weird noise and scared it wll catch on fire and burn the house down. I have emptied it and unplugged it. Please respond asap.

  22. I have a Maytag side by side that is only a few years old and I noticed that I also smell a burnt smell in the freezer and sometimes see frost on the food. This sounds like what this recall is, but my serial number is not part of this. What can I do?

  23. Jan 29,2010

    Yesterday while in my kitchen, I smelled plastic burning….I looked about and saw my living room filled with smoke. The living room is adjacent to the kitchen wall where my KitchenAid side by side refrigerator is. The fire department was called immediately and it was determined that the compressor and wiring underneath was the cause. This refrigerator was purchased from SEARS in 2003. It’s on a weekend and business’ are not available to help. I also have a Maytag dishwasher that has been burning the plastic dish holder on the bottom rung. No wonder the Maytag man is all alone!! And guess where I won’t be buying appliances in the future!!

  24. on may 15 2011 my wife called me from the driveway and said that something was on fire in the Kitchen, after further investigation, i determined it was our 2004 kenmore side by side refrigerator model 106.53532300. I unpluged the unit and removed the cardboard acess plate. the relay on the compressor had a hole burnt through it. the kitchen had filled with smoke and the smell mwas terrible. I called sears immediatly and scheduled an appointment for 5/17 between 8:00 am & 12:00pm, at 12:30 pm on 5/17 sears called and cancelled the appointment saying they overbooked for the day, they reschuled for 5/20 between 1:00 pm & 5:00pm. This is outragous, I explained to these foreigners that my refrigerator caught fire but no one seemed to care they just put you on hold and pass the buck.

  25. Our Kitchen Aid Superba (8 years old) just had this exact relay/melting/fire problem last week. KitchenAid sent a repairman to the house and fixed the problem (at their cost). I’m not sure I want it in the house, however. THoughts??

  26. David Gasque says:

    My Amana side by side fridge S/N 9906183885
    Model # SRD23VE

    The coils heat up and turn orange and become extremely hot. The fridge has been sitting in my garage for about a year now. It has stopped cooling. Please notify me about this problem and include me in the recall. I really need to get this fridge fixed.

    Thank you,

    David Gasque

  27. Sandra Andriakos says:

    WOW! Who knew a refrigerator could burn your house down and/or kill you. We smelled smoke, finally determined it was coming from our Kenmore side by side, removed the cardboard on back, and still couldn’t see any burned or shorted wires. Then, noticed soot on the white label on the compressor and moments later, when the compressor tried to cycle on, fire shot out from the side of the compressor. My home is 118 years old and I would have hated to loose it but I’d have hated loosing my life more!!!! I’ve reported to the and plan to complain relentlessly to Sears.

  28. Sandra Andriakos says:

    There seems to be something going on with model # that starts with 106. That’s my model too.

  29. Add me to the list of frustrated owners of the Kenmore side-by-side model 106… I have m/n 10653542300 which was manufactured in 2003 and have the same burnt relay which damaged the compressor. Sears said it is not on recall. What’s it take for a fridge to be on recall?

  30. I own a Kenmore Model 59.52673200 and have had nothing but problems with it since I bought it in 2003. This thing has been a piece of junk since about a year after I bought it – out of warranty of course. Anyhow, we have had to manually defrost this thing for the last eight years.



  31. Ronnie Johnson says:

    12.14.11 Estate(Whirlpool) purchased from Sears, A 2001 model…I suspect the common problem here is with the “Start Relay Plug” connected to the “Embraco EGY80HLP” melted. I have been searching the web & this exact compressor comes up with the exact same problem. I filed a report with the last night!

  32. I have a Kitchenaid side-by-side model KSRD25FKSS03. Like others, my relay caught fire. Lots of smoke but my wife was at home and able to switch off the main power before it spread. Whirlpool/Kitchenaid refused to do a courtesy service call on this safety issue. I filed a complaint with the CPSC since I believe these units are a fire hazard. I’d urge others to do the same. Whirlpool could have spent a few dollars on a service call to replace a part, but instead has annoyed someone who has purchased lots of Whirlpool/Kitchenaid over the years. Now, I’ll be spreading the word on their dodgy goods and poor response.

  33. David Armiage says:

    i woke up Tuesday and i smelled smoke and burnt wiring. i checked the whole housed and couldn’t find the source. i found out Wednesday afternoon. i lost all my food and had to throw it out. i got it fixed and it cost $894.00! glad i found the site. i will call the number in the morning. my model number is KSRD22FKSS14 AND WAS MADE JANUARY 2004. and the dang thing cost me $2,000.00 when i bought it. and to thinmk i replaced it with a 25 year old Amana that was still going strong.

  34. Stephanie McCullough says:

    Tuesday night I came home and saw water on the floor in front of the fridge. The freezer was 60 degrees and so was the fridge. At least about $210.00 worth of meat was ruined in the freezer, besides all the perishable products in the refrigerator. This side by side Maytag refrigerator has never kept cool enough, and the first few years we had it, it was breaking down constantly and overheating. Both of the temp drawers had to be replaced as they did not stay cool enough. The ice maker did did not produce ice on a regular basis. The only way the fridge gets cool is to turn the setting to the coldest all the way to the right. I called Maytag yesterday and they sent a company out and he replaced the relay, the compressor was still ok, but the dispenser control board went out just before the tech arrived and he said it was not caused by the relay as he saw no moisture on the board, but the ice had melted and water was dripping in to it, so something caused that board to quit that morning. He told Maytag that is was not to do with the relay and he quoted me $$329.69 to replace the board. He also told me that if my temp drawers go out they are no longer available. Maytag tried to sell me a new warranty for a year. How can they warranty a piece of equipment that they have discontinued the various parts.