August 17, 2017

Recall: Bosch and Siemens Model Dishwashers by BSH Home Appliances Corporation Due to Fire Hazard

Name of Product: Bosch® and Siemens® Model Dishwashers

Units: About 476,500

Manufacturer: BSH Home Appliances Corp., of Huntington Beach, Calif.

Hazard: An electrical component in certain model dishwashers can overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.

Incidents/Injuries: BSH Home Appliances has received 51 reports of incidents, including 30 reports of fires resulting in property damage. No injuries have been reported.

Description: This recall involves certain Bosch® and Siemens® dishwashers manufactured from May 1999 through July 2005. The brand name is printed on the dishwasher’s front control panel. Model and serials numbers are located inside the dishwasher door panel on the upper right side.

Brand Model Numbers Must Begin With Serial Numbers Must Begin With
Bosch SHE43C, SHE44C
FD8503 – FD8507
FD8501 – FD8505
FD7905 – FD8505
FD8407 – FD8505
FD8004 – FD8211
FD8205 – FD8507
Siemens SL34A FD8308 – FD8505

Sold at: Appliance and specialty retailers nationwide from May 1999 through December 2006 for between $550 and $1,100.

Manufactured in: United States

Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the listed model dishwashers and contact the repair hotline for a free repair.

Consumer Contact: For additional information, contact the BSH Home Appliances at (800) 856-9226 anytime or visit the brand’s Web site at or


  1. Dishwasher SHU43c02uc/17 is on the recall list for fire in control. I had it repaired by a Tech and now it does not work like it did before. I called Bosch and they said it would start working after eight washes. That was B.S.

  2. A week ago I discovered dirty dishes, incomplete cycle and no electric to the unit. The whole junction box, on the left below the kickplate was burned out. In looking for a schematic online, we discovered the recall.
    DW has been in for nearly 5 years and I have loved it. I received the recalled piece today and it is not at all what has burned up. Instead, it is what many others here have received. I think this calls for a phone call to the Consumer Safety Board. They should be referred to this site. Many phone calls, actually. I know Sears will be out, this part I have will not fix below where the whole box exploded.
    Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

  3. I had a recall notice on my perfectly quite working dishwasher. i went with one of the 3 references that BOSCH offered me and now 3 weeks later my dishwasher has been demolished. The technician came out to fix the recall and busted my machine to parts, then the owner came out 1 week later and stated that he can fix it again and ended up having to order another part, then the 3rd week the owner shows up with all workers and now my dishwasher leaks water all over my floor, I can only use one side of my sink. Needless to say my husband told the technician to leave and I am really hoping BOSCH will make this right.

  4. My Bosch started acting up a month or so ago. I could smell something burning. Finally it wouldn’t shut off. If I opened the door it would put more time on the cycle. I went on line and found the recall. Called the number as mine was in the recall. They gave me 3 repair shops. Called the one closest to me they ordered the part and replaced the part. Now the soap dispenser will not open in the cycle, and it continues to put more time on if I open the door to add something. I just started it and added a glass after it ran maybe 5 mintes, when I first started it it said 105 on the control panele, after adding the glass it went to 155. Anyone have this problem? It also has gotten so noisey since this started before the part was replaced.

  5. John Omoyayi says:

    I receive a letter several months ago regarding the Dishwasher SHE44C02UC /17. A repair person came to the house. Now, the dishwasher stops working–rubber like smell coming from the dishwasher–I opened up the electrical box–there lies burnt out electrical cables. I bought the dishwasher from The Brick approximately 5 years ago and installed it week after purchasing it. I want to know if the problem notified in the letter could have caused this electrical failure. I am now without a dishwasher–I did not buy a BOSCH dishwasher for this type of experience. Please assist me!!

  6. Jack8484 says:

    If your dishwasher is not on the recall list, I found a video on YouTube that shows how to repair a control board with a bad relay! The board being repaired has a 6V relay. Mine uses a 6V relay too and the R46-5D12-6 relay fixed it. If your board has a 12V relay, then the R46-5D12-12 relay would be the one for you.