September 19, 2017

Win a New GE Profile Washer/Dryer Pair

Visit Times Square on August 26th, 2008 for a free demonstration of GE’s newest washer/dryer pair. Between 8 a.m. ET and 4 p.m. ET, be sure to enter this event’s sweepstakes for a chance to win your own GE Profile frontload laundry pair with a SmartDispense pedestal and dryer storage pedestal.

The Washer:

Uses H2ition to sense the right amount of water and temperature for each load (ENERGY STAR® qualified)
Communicates electronically with the dryer to preset dry cycles and help save time
Stain Inspector ™ provides more than 40 different preprogrammed stain treatments
Offers SmartDispense technology, which when used with the optional pedestal can store and dispense 6 months worth of detergent and fabric softener

The Dryer:

Uses a reverse tumble to offer the fastest, most even drying
Includes a built-in dryer rack and hanger clip for more drying options
Has a 7.5 cubic foot capacity


  1. We just bought our first home and desperatly need a new washer and dryer. They’re both more than 10 years old, bought used, and are on they’re last legs. I can’t drive so the laundromat issue would be a nightmare with my husband genneraly working 70 hours a week.

  2. Jeanne Gomes says:

    I have never won anything EVER!!!!my machines are not working which means washing and drying my familys clothes by hand.
    We could use these machines because we don’t have money to buy new ones.

  3. Susan L Williams says:

    Hi and good evening ; I just like to win a set of washer and dryers …I do not have the need as the one’s above. If I was rich I would like to buy every one are at least half of the ones that work so hard and truly deserve the help… We are helping our children and medical bills and my husbnd has helped a young lady that has had bad happnings in her life got her out of going to jail by helping her with the expence but now God has answered our prayers and she is off on her on hopefully doing good..But we do not have the exter cash to get the washer and dryer we need ours have been a blessing for a really long time ..But there ready for retirement..WEll I kinda fill ashamed to even enter when I read all the one that or so needy..God forgive me if it is wrong…Well Thank you and God Bless..Your in Christ Jesus ..Susan L Williams

  4. OMG, Winning this would be the answer to our prayers, We are in desperate need of a washer and dryer and I have always heard G.E. was the best of the best, it would be an honor to win this awesome gift. PLEASE pick me, pick me

  5. Dragging laundry to a laundromat is dreadful! Up & down 3 flights of stairs and having to wait around so no one takes or messes with your stuff 🙁

  6. I would set up my bed right in front and watch every load!!! Especially if it were a red one~~~ ha ha.. Thank you for the opportunity to try

  7. a new washer and dryer would be a good addition to my new home

  8. If I win This Washer And Dryer, It Would Enable Me To Do My Own Laundry, I say That Because I Am Living With MS. And I Have To Let Others Do My Laundry For Me. Having A Washer/Dryer Would Alow Me To Do My Laundry From The Privacy Of My Own Home. GLTA

  9. rita billings says:

    i need one well bad

  10. Hi my name is Deeann Sutton, our family can not afford a new washing machine or even to own a dryer, as every penny we have goes back into the recovery of my partner Sven Smith who in February this year was involved in a serious accident resulting in a major brain injury, throught my partner courage and strength through family support he has learned how to walk again, speak again even to swallow solid foods again. when i first woke up Sven was paralised on the left side.
    If any anyone deserves to win such a amazing package we would be forever greatfull as through both of our whole lives neither of us has ever won anything except our lives back, as i was also involved in a serious car accident only three years ago march 2009, where i spent 2 weeks fighting for my life and 3 months on my back in hospital. winning your life back is the greatest prize you could ask for but with a little extra luck we might be able to dry our 1 year olds sons clothes more easily this winter. 🙂