August 18, 2017

Sometimes You Really do Get Customer Service

Here at we get a lot of comments (read: complaints).  People want to vent their frustration about their broken dishwasher, inept repairman and customer service that isn’t.  Our forums are great place to share what has worked for you and of course, what hasn’t.  Sometimes we find a tip that just needs to be shared.

Customer Service representatives have a responsibility to both the customer and to their employer. They are the link between consumers and the manufacturers.  Here’s a great story from a woman who called Kitchenaid’s customer service department regarding her stand mixer:

Hi, just thought I’d share my experience for the benefit of those who just ran into problems with their KA.

 I had a KA Ultra Power, purchased about 15 years ago.  Used it on and off through the years, but really cranked up use the last three months or so when I discovered bread baking.  I prefer whole grain breads so have been experimenting with these heavy doughs.  My machine started to smell funny about a month into my bread baking venture and has been sounding funny ever since.

 Last weekend, I basically resigned myself to saying sayonara to an old friend.  I called up KA because I wanted to see if it could be fixed first.   I had planned on getting a Bosch, but the price tag just made me heartsick.  I described to the rep how I had been using my machine.  Even though my machine was 15 years old, the rep said that she was concerned about the smell my machine was emitting.  She offered to replace the machine…granted with a refurbished one, but that’s better than having to buy a whole new one outright!  She upgraded me to an Artisan level machine with a choice of colors. 

Customer service, not always the oxymoron we might think it is.

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  1. Brooke K. says:

    After quitting a job 11 years ago to stay at home with my one-year old, I promptly went out and purchased a Kitchenaid Stand Alone (300W output) mixer. It was a floor model at Sears & although still works…it too omits a funny odour, especially when I work it hard by kneading bread dough or heavy cookie dough (eg. shortbread). I can almost hear it complaining so gather it isn’t up “to snuff” in the heavy kneading department??? However, over the past few years it also emits a strange sound that I did’t hear when I proudly purchased it. I believe in Kitchenaid products & rely on the standalone mixer as I have acute tendonitis in my right elbow. The mixer is my right-arm in doing any heavy mixing, etc. I would like to upgrade to a newer model but am not sure if the one I have my eye on is a good model (5 Edition Series) with 450W. Does anyone have this same model & what have their experience been with it? I would be interested in knowing?
    B. Knight

  2. NightOwl says:

    It couldn’t hurt to call KitchenAid and see what advice they can offer before you purchase a new mixer. You can contact them thru their website:

    or use their toll free number:
    (800) 541-6390.

    Please let us know what happens!