August 20, 2017

Sears Unveils Kenmore Elite Oasis Washer and Dryer

Laundry Pair Combines High Efficiency with Deep Clean Functionality and SteamCare Technology
Kenmore Elite’s SteamCare technology, harnesses the power of steam by saturating dry clothing with a fine mist of water while simultaneously heating the interior of the appliance. The water and heat work together to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and odors, so consumers can avoid washing an article of clothing that may only need refreshing, saving both water and energy.

The new Oasis washer cleans better than any other model among leading brand top loaders, offering features like gentlewash technology to clean delicate items and Catalyst Cleaning Action to help ensure bright whites. The TimedOxi option, available in a top load model for the first time through Oasis, releases oxygen-based stain fighters at the precise time for powerful stain-fighting performance. Additionally, the washer is certified by the National Sanitization Foundation to eliminate 99.9 percent of certain bacteria found in clothes, sheets and towels.

Kenmore continues to deliver on high efficiency with this newest addition to the Oasis line up, as both models are more efficient than first generation Oasis HE models, surpassing ENERGY STAR standards. Adding to the efficiency, the Save Energy Plus feature conserves up to 20 percent more energy by extending wash times using cold water in cycles that may typically use hot water.

The Oasis washer’s Invizible Agitator sits low in its drum, allowing more space for clothing or bulky items like comforters and winter coats. Transparent, tinted glass doors on both the washer and dryer deliver a unique aesthetic, and consumers interested in second floor installation will be comforted to know that the Kenmore Elite Oasis creates the fewest vibrations in the industry.

The Oasis washer offers Kenmore Canyon Capacity — 4.6 cubic feet of cleaning space that efficiently cleans up to 24 bath towels in a single load. Also available in the Oasis dryer, the exclusive 7.4 cubic feet Canyon Capacity ensures that a full load from the washer will be effectively dried.

TurboDry technology in the Oasis dryer uses a 35 percent larger blower to increase airflow, drying a load of laundry more quickly than it takes to wash one. The Dual Action Drying system also contributes to faster dry times by simultaneously promoting airflow and tumbling.  Gentleheat technology uses an advanced computer to measure air
temperature and moisture more accurately and calculate exactly how long a cycle should run, resetting the temperature as needed to improve fabric care.

The Oasis and Oasis pair will be available in white in March 2008 at for the regular retail price of $1,099. SteamCare and energy efficiency are also available in the HE Steam Laundry pair in white and the designer color, barolo. Prices range from $1,499 to $1,599 for washers and $1,199 to $1,299 for dryers depending on color. Base pedestals retail
for $259.99 each in color and $229.99 each in white.


  1. Karen Brady says:

    I too have a FI—“f” msg on my washer–my 900 dream top end Oasis Elite washer is a low end LEMON. I just bought a sears service agreement late in the game for 1 years parts and labor hope it covers exactly what this needs -the Mother Board–who names this equipment?–the same person who screwed up the design- hopefully he is not one of those union workers you can never fire no matter how bad he screws up–because this product line is just that– screwed up—Sears used to be my vendor of choice for the appliances but I am re-thinking that since I could get the same deals at appliance stores or Home depot—if something goes wrong Sears used to help you with recalls and repairs but that has apparently all changed—I can go anywhere and buy the extra warranty when the lemon goes down—-sad to see such an icon in the marketplace fall apart- the good old reliable Sears is gone—-

  2. William Huckaby says:

    My Elite Oasis washer is giving the F1 error code also… several times per wash load, whenever the water comes into the machine. I also have to babysit it. The model number is 110.27087603 and serial number starts with CT517… I called the product line at 800-847-9083 to report the problem today and was told by Sears that my model number was not included in the recall because it is to new, and that it already has the newer control board installed.

  3. I have had all of the troubles with the control board, the clothes tearing at the seams due to the faulty drum design and the water spilling over. I am now having a new problem, the buttons do not work properly. Ever since they replaced the control board, I have to lay on the buttons to get them to work. I just thought it was due to a new board so I didn’t call. And since I waited over 90 days, they will not cover it. Help, I HATE this machine!!!

  4. I have the same problems and I hate my machine. We all need to get together and have make them take our machines back and give us new machines that work. I have put in a complaint with the Chicago BBB against the Sears Holding Corporation. I think that if everyone did the same, maybe something would get done. Please help me in making Sears take responsibility for their failing washer/dryer sets. They keep throwing out that I bought my machine 3 years ago. Well if I would have known that they would only last 3 years I would not have spent the money on them and bought a pair that would last. I had a pair that I bought used and only paid 50.00 for the set, the lasted 10 years. HELP ME!!

  5. We, like A LOT of others, are getting the dreaded F1 code. The machine, around 4 years old, seems to be giving up the ghost. It is too expensive of a product to be crapping out on us. We will be calling until this problem is resolved…and without paying. I’ve got to find this class action suit to join. If I can’t get my machine fixed, I want my money back. Thanks everyone for letting me know we’re not alone with this problem!

  6. Ailish Rodriguez says:

    I’m just disgusted with this situation, and like all of you, we are having the same problem with our washer! We went into our local Sears, and spoke to a manager, and got nowhere, we will be returning this Friday to speak with his boss! I sure hope he will do something for us!!! Truthfully, I am scared to ever buy another Kenmore product again…Sears is letting their faithful customers down, I’m so upset and irritated!!! Especially in this economy, NO ONE CAN AFFORD TO THROW MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN!!! Why hasn’t this product been recalled??? I am going to do all that I can to stand up to this company, and make them responsible for their “crappy” products, I suggest you do the same!!! I will keep you posted, I am hopeful but very doubtful that I will get any help from the store manager on Friday…I’m praying for a miracle!!!

  7. Donna Marshall says:

    A piece of junk. The dryer is as bad as the washer and should also be on recall. I hope every one who has been dissatisfied with Sears response will not only never purchase a Kenmore Product but will never purchase another item from Sears since they have absolutely no respect for their customers. I never received notification of the recall on the washer despite having registered the warranty card. I think everyone should post their complaints and let all their friends know about this situation.

  8. i am ready to kick this machine to the curb. seems like every cycle i get the F51 code or some sort of F code! when i first got the machine two months later i got the F1 code thankfully it was still under warranty they (sears) came out and replaced the control panel but i have to tell you the sears repair man was so clueless on this machine his excuse was this is too advance for me! i never had a plm with kenmore brand until this machine came along! i think its time for sears to suck it up and admit the machine is faulty from day one and that they did it on purpose for us to go buy a new machine from them again haha ain’t buying the kenmore brand again i don’t trust it!

  9. Lisa Barone says:

    I am overwhelmed by reading all of these Kenmore and Sears’s problems. I also have a problem with my Oasis washer. Every cycle i get the F51 code or some sort of F code! I Think I know what the F stand for and you know the four letter work I’m taking about. My oven has an f30 error. Come on Sears WHAT THE F!!! I am disgusted with Sears and their product i agree with the rest of you to boycott Sears, Never again will I walk into that place to purchase anything. As far as I’m concern there are plenty of places to go to. Sears customer service stinks to put it mildly I don’t know what to do except to purchase new products.

  10. Here is the answer to your problem. I had the same problem with the f1 error code. I found this information on a website where people were posting their complaints and a Sears representative had left his email for people to get in touch with him. Although I reached a different representative, I got immediate help. He sent a repairman to my home within one week of receiving my email, the repairman fixed my problem (replacing the defective control panel) in about 10 minutes and they did not charge me anything! Please contact the person below for immediate help. You will be happy you did. I am a happy Sears customer because of their resposne to my problem.
    Shannon R.
    Sears Cares – Senior Case Manager
    Sears Holdings Corporation
    Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM (CST)

  11. Patricia Lee says:

    i bought my oasis elite he in November 2008 today my stopped and the code is L D anyone else having this problem…i am thinking of going back to the old machine type…

  12. HunterDacoda says:

    Here is the website for the suit,

    Here is the petition website,

  13. Sears Oasis without agitator in the middle is the worst functioning washing machine to hit the stores. Please be careful and do not get sold on the great spinning that saves energy!! All the life is washed out of my clothes; new items look 10 years old, all the garments get tangled with each other or whatever threads happened to be loose. The fabric softener gets totally washed out in the rinse and the wrinkles from the “rapid spin” become permanent, even in wrinkle free clothing. I’ve had to throw all my dress bras away as the wrinkles from the spin will not wash out, dry out, nor iron out! I usually hang dry my clothes but now I have to throw them in the dryer for at least 10 minutes with at least two sheets of Bounce in order to relax the wrinkles. Then I hang them to dry, and MUST iron out the wrinkles before wearing. Even pre-stain treatment did not remove spots out of clothing. I am absolutely dumbfounded that such an outrageously, poorly designed product is represented through Sears, Kenmore and Whirlpool. Buyer Beware!

  14. Cheers to the F1 ERROR club. Not glad to be a member. I havent gotten my washer fixed yet. Ive spent more quarters in the laundry mat though. I purchased my kenmore elite in november 2008. It broke down on me in april of 2010. When I turn it on it brings in water and stops. The lid locks up after you turn it off. Kmart placed this paticular model right in front of the store like it was a deal. Kmart new that it was a problem. They rip me off as if they were some no name brand store. “F1 U 51 Kmart”

  15. I am also receiving the F1 code on my washer… had the repairman out on Thursday and they want to replace the control board… $380!!!
    the machine is 3 years old and was not an inexpensive purchase.

    I also called Sears and they said there is no know issue/recall for this product.

  16. Kim oconnell says:

    We also purchased the oasis brand from kenmore both washer and dryer and are getting the f1 code. We have phoned sears and it will cost 89.00 for the technician to come look at it but now doing a little research on the problem I think I am going straight to the better business bureau and then taking it to the local tv station watchdog for consumers . I have already signed the petition and sent our name in for the class action lawsuit investigation. Then I am phoning sears corporate and letting them know exactly what I am planning on doing. At least with the news covering the problem no one else will be sucked in.

  17. Any one interested in a class action lawsuit lets tell Sears and Kenmore FU to your F1 problome

  18. Maria Morrow says:

    I to purchased the BLUE Oasis Elite from Sear in Feb. of 2008, I come to find out I need my drum replaced to the tune of 400 dollars plus Labour. After only 2 years, this is crazy….I understand the drum has a 10 year warranty but it will take forever to get in. Option is to replace it….but try to match it up with my pretty Blue Dryer!!!!!arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh They should just recall the dam things and fix the problems arising! Like MAYTAG Does!!!!

  19. I have both washer and dryer and have had problems with the washer for 3 years now. Sears came out wanted to take the motherboard out of the washer and charge me $400 for a new one, in the meantime they were going to walk out with my old one and leave me without a washer all together. This was not covered under warranty. Now the dryer, they say won’t recall unless it’s a hazzard, well it will not shut off. The timer gets stuck at 10 or 7 mins and keeps going until you smell something burning. FIRE!!!!HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOO!!!! Before I decided to try and get it fixed i looked online and again found not only are there problems with their washers but DRYERS TOO!!! Can I say LAWSUIT!!! We pay amost $5,000 for a washer and dryer for them to tell us “Your warranty doesn’t cover these kind of repairs so although you spent that much money you’re going to have to pay an extra $200-$500” That’s a new cheap dryer that WON’T BREAK DOWN!!! I discovered a way to keep my washer from blinking LF and having to worry about the washer stopping. This morning I wash a load of clothes, put them in the dryer and the DRYER WON’T TURN ON! They are pieces of CRAP and I tell everyone the last place you want to go is SEARS and the last product you want to buy is ANYTHING DIGITAL BY KENMORE!!!! I think someone should start a website about their products and how they have taken ADVANTAGE OF THIER CUSTOMERS!!!

  20. Nancy in CT says:

    OK, so I have been getting the F1 error for a few months, getting by stopping and starting. I found that if I put some water in manually at the beginning, I usually only have to “babysit” the machine when it enters the rinse cycle (17 minutes remaining). Tonight, I put a load in the machine and it’s now giving me the “lid” error stating that the lid is open. I cannot get the machine to run. very frustrating!! Any suggestions?

  21. Louie Morales says:

    I bought this kenmore elite oasis in 2006 and it has the F1 code constantly coming up and shuting my washer off on its own.
    I have to turn it off and on 10 times or more before one load is finished. Sears is a company that is going to close its doors soon. Please dont bother waisting any more of your hard earned money on this sinking ship. They dont care for there customers and will not fix any of your Lemon washer problems. There is clearly a problem with this washers that are not the customers fault.

  22. Amanda in KS says:

    Just wanted to join in on the fun of the “F1” crap!!! Washing my load right now and have had to get up so far 4 times because my washer is beeping “F1” and it has been doing this for about 8 months now, it is out of warranty and I refuse to put in anymore money on this crappy washer for a dumbass Sears guy to come and try and figure out what is wrong with it just to have them come back in two more months because it still isn’t fixed and charge me $300 more dollars. I HATE THIS WASHER!!!! Never, ever again will I EVER buy a washer and dryer from Sears they have nothing but CRAP!!! Words of wisdom to anyone, if you want to exercise and do laundry at the same time, just buy the Kenmore Elite Oasis washer you are sure to get up at least 4/5 times having to press stop and start to get rid of the F1 while trying to do a load of laudry and if you have about 5 loads imagine all the exercise you get!!!!

  23. Wendy from NJ says:

    We too purchased the Sears Kenmore Elite washer in 2/2009. In December, 2009 we got our first F code and the repairman came and supposedly couldn’t find anything wrong with it after making some adjustments. It worked fine until April, 2010 two months after the warranty was up. Of course, although the repairman didn’t fix the problem when the machine was only 8 months old, they now told us that the machine needed a part and would cost us $180. What are you to do after spending $800+ on a machine? A month later it started making loud noises and we called again and they said that the machine needed new shocks and it would probably need them every 1-2 years. We told them to take a hike and said we would deal with the noise as we were not going to put another $200 into this machine. Last Friday the F51 error code happened again. I called Sears and told them that we would not put any more money into this machine. They said that since the last repair was over 3 months old, that it would cost us again to get it fixed. I told them that I would call the BBB and they then offered me 10% off a new Sears Kenmore washer. Are they kidding??????? We currently own a Sears refrigerator, dishwasher, and range, but will never buy from Sears again! In fact, we went to PC Richard this weekend and bought a new washing machine. We are in the class action suit so we are keeping the old machine until we hear anything. Has anyone heard anything on it?

  24. Jeromie Cagle says:

    We are having this problem too. Had to have the board replaced a few months after we bought it in 2007 (i think) and now we’re getting the F1 error. Just added our names to the petition (hoping for that), but just thought Id add our names to this list.

  25. I have NEVER gotten such a run around from a company as I have gotten from Sears on this dreaded F1 code for the Oasis washer. When calling for repair, they just can’t seem to get anyone to my house for a period of 2 weeks at a minimum. Absolutely amazing! I will NOT pay hundreds of dollars to have this piece of junk repaired. However, when I buy the replacement for it I WILL take this one and drop it off in the doorway at the local Sears where I bought it prior to business hours. Then, they can look up the serial number, trace it back to me, and they can call ME for a change. When they ask me to come and remove it, I will give them the same response they gave me….”I’m sorry you are having problems but I can’t get there for two weeks……….PACK SAND!”

  26. I guess we are the lucky ones. We never got a F code, knock on wood. I found this site by having a “LD” code. Found it meant Long Drain. The water pump has always made noise so I figured it finally went out. Went to order one and found they have two “Water Pump” in the parts catalog. One is drain ($99.96) one is recir. ($60.96)

    I took the entire washer a part to get the part number and found a rusted screw in the middle of heavy lint ball. Now I know what the noise has been. The screw rolling around in the pump collecting lint until it was so big the ball stopped the pump from turning. Cleared the pump and washer is back online.

    I may have not had too many problems with this washer but I miss my old Maytag. My clothes were a lot cleaner and that thing ran for ever. When I did have to replace a pump in the Maytag the cost was only $35.00

  27. I am now getting the F1 error. You would think buying a name like kenmore would mean something. My model 110.27072603 serial num starts with cu36 (witch was enough to tell sears that no recall applies) was purchased 10/2007. My last washer lasted 10+ years, and was a no name brand. I just ordered a replacement control module ($180), if this does not work, my next washer will be from lowes and have a single knob to wash clothes. Goodbye sears!


  29. I am also one of the unfortunate user bought Sears Kenmore Elite Oasis washer. What a mistake! The F1 error code is really annoying and it’s getting worse. Contact Sears doesn’t help at all and they are eager to charge you for some ridiculous service fee, can’t believe they don’t cover such a obvious product quality problem.

    People, please be warned, Sears sucks! They don’t take responsibility and treat customer like a chump.

    This will be my last purchase from Sears!

  30. Carol Bloom says:

    Two years ago I replaced both boards in my Washer & Dryer. It cost me over $400.00 each. When I called Sears they actually connected me to a recording called THE LEMON LAW.

    Now black crap is coming in my washer. I mean actual crap is coming up. Looks like pieces of tobacco and I have no idea where it is coming from. I don’t see anyone else having this problem.

    I think we all need to take these washers & dryers and place them in the Sears Parking Lot and let the public see how they stand behind their products. I WILL NEVER BUY ANYTHING FROM SEARS AGAIN.

  31. Purchased my Oasis set 5/06. Started having problems about a year ago when the F1 message started. Completely frustrating! It would take at least three tries to start a load of wash. Sometimes it would cut off before the spin cycle was complete and I would have to rinse and spin again. About 2 weeks ago I got another error message – LD. The washer completely quit and did not drain the water. I had to go to a friend’s house to rinse and spin the clothes. I called the recall line today and found out that the product resoultion line will send me an “ehancement control board”. After reading all the other horror stories, I have my doubts that this will work. I have signed up on the class action site. I can say I too am very unhappy to have spent such large money on a defective machine. I expected much more from Sears Kenmore!

  32. I, too, am a member of the F1 club. A Sears repairman came out today to tell me that the control board needed to be replaced at $300.00 He told me not to replace it at this time, gave me a phone number to call and demand a replacement part as these machines all have the same problem and that I shouldn’t have to pay for a known defective part. I will be sure to call on Monday.

  33. Just joined the dreaded F1 club. It used to occur sporadically but now is the the default mode. 3 years old. Seems programmed to fail.

  34. Paul Kaufman says:

    TS, what is that phone number the repairman gave you? I want to call about that part for mine. I’d be willing to pay for the board eventhough I shouldn’t have to but I’m afraid of having the problem continue based on other comments I’ve read here. If there is a new part that will actually fix this issue, I want one. If Sears steps up and takes care of me, like they should, that would be even better!

  35. Shannon says:

    Sears is making a killing on the contract agreements. I too opted for the $214. service contract instead of the $149. flat rate for them to come and diagnosis it. It is the standard offer they make when you call to report the problem! Like many people I bought my machine in the end of 2006 and by June of 2007 had the mother board replaced. Luckily at that time under warranty. Now for months I get several different error messages, panel lights up like a christmas tree and beeps like and out of tune orchestra!! Washing machine comes on by itself and this morning even began to spin with the lid open and no cycle running!! The offered me a service time within a few days so hopefully they will pull through.

  36. Sears sure did drop the ball on Oasis washer and dryer. I purchased the set when they first came out and they are just two over priced piles of junk. They do not do the job.
    The first dryer that we got had to be replaced it would not heat. The second would shake the the pictures off the wall, The third dryer only catches about half of the lint and does dry that well. What a rip off. Had to replace control panels on both machines at my own expense. The clothes balls up in the washer about every third wash and it gets out of balance. So save your time and money and buy a
    samsung front load washer and dryer.

  37. Michelle says:

    Ditto! I have to push the Start and Stop button 3 times to get the washing cycle started. At 23 minutes left, I have to push Start/Stop at least 5 times before the washing cycle will continue. Nightmare! This F1 BEEPING makes me nuts! I have called Sears and accomplished NOTHING! I will try again, but will probably stop wasting my time and just purchase a new washer from another store.

  38. Hello everyone! My machine (appx 4-5 yrs old) just gave me the dreaded f1 code with 23 minutes left in the cycle. What should I expect now and what is the best solution? I am very sorry that the rest of you have had this problem as well. Thank you and try and have a good night.

  39. I bought my Kenmore Oasis pair in Dec. 2006, had trouble with the dryer not drying the closes,still damp,and took 1hr to dry.
    Washer is giving me the F code now and start’s up every 15 min.
    shakes then stops,then lights flash. Have read all the problems that people have had with these washers and dryers. Sears has gone down hill in recent years,every thing I have bought from sears is junk.

  40. I have used kenmore for all my appliances…. but I’m done! It’s just over a year and my kenmore has to have repairs AGAIN!! for the SAME thing…. F51 code. Piece of crap and I am now convinced that ALL products by kenmore are this way, since they will NOT stand behind their product.

  41. Sheryl hughes says:

    make sure you file a complaint with the FTC and the BBB. Sears needs to be forced to issue a recall for this!!

  42. Jerry 1 says:

    We too have the dreaded F1. The Oasis replaced a Maytag with the same F1 problem, would assume from this the same board used in both machines?. I believe in buying U.S. products but when problems persist without resolution maybe it is time to look elsewhere. I refuse to put dollars into repairs that last only a short while and trust me it will no longer be Maytag or ANY sears product.

  43. Christi says:

    We have also been having the “F1” code coming up alot lately… I can’t even finish a load now… After reading all of these comments, we cancelled our appointment to have the technician come and look… Like everyone said, it was going to cost $109.00, just to come and take a look… Then how much would it cost the next time and the next time after that???? We have always bought from Sears and never had a problem…. We sure are this time… I hate to do it, but I think we are headed for Costco this week-end, for a new washing machine… Forget Sears!!!! You just can’t trust people anymore…Very sad!!!

  44. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do a little research on this. We got a grab a book from our local library but I think I learned more clear from this post. I am very glad to see such excellent info being shared freely out there.

  45. These washers have really come a long ways. I know this washing machine well, I service several of them a month. These washing machines are basically a fisher paykel design. Whirlpool now owns Maytag so the new Bravos is also just a Oasis which in turn is the same washing machine as a Cabrio. These are all the same units, look at the model numbers then a parts diagram. The all have a stator motor and no agitator, its called nutation instead of agitation..

  46. I also had the dreaded F1 error code on my Kenmore Oasis washing machine. The repair man Charged us $350 to replace the washers main mother board.
    I just found out the washer was up sort of recall I guess. Check with the manufacture if you have the F1 error code, they may cover the parts..

  47. OK…ANYONE WITH THIS PROBLEM NEEDS TO CALL 18006597026. It’s the Product Resolution Hotline for Sears. This is all I said, “I need to talk with someone regarding an issue with my washer.” The rep asked for my model number (110.27087601) & my serial number (CT 1270323). He said there is a recall and a new control board is on its way to my house with arrival in 5-7 days. A service tech was also scheduled by the rep to perform repairs in 10 days…ALL FOR FREE!! We’ve had this hunk of junk now for around 4 years or so and I just had to replace the lid lock 3 days ago also ($90 for just the part, I replaced it myself). This may not help those of you that purchased these more recently but you should:

    report report report this to and file a complaint to pressure the manufacturer into speeding up the review/recall process.

    Those that did this before me got the ball rolling earlier and I appreciate it greatly. We bought the drier at the same time and had issues from the beginning. Clothes are so wrinkled from this duo that it takes me 20 minutes to iron 1 shirt…this after the salesman told me I should throw my iron away because these machines produce wrinkle free clothes!!! EPIC FAIL WHIRLPOOL/KENMORE/SEARS QUALITY CONTROL!!

  48. Oh my just joined the long standing F1 club! I called the normal Sears number and got “John” in India that told me there was no recall on my washer and the F1 code was due to my lack of maintenance. Huh? He said you have to get someone from the repair area to come out a couple of times a year to maintain your washer and dryer just like a car! What in the hell are you talking about! OK so spend almost $2000 on a washer and dryer and pay someone several hundred dollars a year to come make sure it is OK! I told him I would be filing a complaint with the BBB and joining the class action lawsuit! He did not seem to mind, he said OK anything else? So is this Sears way of getting out of this? I told him I was not informed of such need when I bought it, he said “sorry”! I just sent an email to one of the emails provided in the post for July of 2010. It is supposed to be the senior case managers. I will let you know the result!

  49. I have had the \Kenmorre Elite Oasis for just over 5 years. It failed last week. The Sears repair man said the repair would cost 850.00. What a joke. I just bought a new Maytag Bravo that cost less than the repair of that old piece of junk.

    The Repair man asked if I go to the beach alot because there was sand in some mechanism that caused rust. I live in the desert, never go to the beach and never washed anything with sand in the machine.

    He said he never saw anything like he saw in my machine before.


    Even if I paid the 500 dollars for the extended 5 yr warranty on the set it wouldn’t of covered it because it was just over 5 years.

    What a joke