September 17, 2019

New Miele Dishwasher

Miele will debut the new G 2002 La Perla series dishwasher this fall. Engineered to be the quietest Miele dishwashers yet, they also sport a Turbo feature that speeds up wash programs by 10-15%. Sensor Dry, the most advanced drying system on the market, analyzes room temperature to calculate the optimal water heat, rinse aid distribution and drying time. Dinner guests will wow as the Drying Plus feature automatically opens the door to aid in drying while the Auto Close function softly shuts the door to start the process all over again. A finishing touch… the un-mark-able/ remarkable Miele Clean Touch Steel™ beautifully resists scratches, fingerprints and smudges.
Quieter and Faster
The Turbo feature (available on most wash cycles) produces quick, outstanding results by automatically adjusting the temperature of the water in the wash and rinse cycle – reducing the rinse and drying times by 10-15%. More efficient engineering processes have also shortened program cycles and improved sound ratings for quieter performance.

The Luxury of Auto Close
No one is gentle when it comes to closing a dishwasher. Often, it gets “the boot”, “the hip” or “the slam.” No matter how abusive the closing ritual, a Miele La Perla will smoothly, and luxuriously, finish the job automatically so the dishwasher closes securely and correctly. Ok, it’s also really, really cool to watch the motorized door close by itself.

Unique Advanced Drying Features

Miele’s drying process is the most innovative of any dishwasher made today. The Clean Air drying system circulates room air around the exterior cavity in the machine. This pulls moisture from the dishware to the walls of the dishwasher where it drains away. To assist this process, the new Sensor Dry feature measures room temperature so that it can adjust the heat of the water, rinse aid distribution and drying time to maximize performance. Drying Plus opens the door automatically at the end of the cycle to let out moisture and provide superb results, especially for plastics.

Timeless, Smudge-Proof Beauty
Cut down cleaning time for the dishes and the dishwasher as Miele’s Clean Touch Steel™ finish resists fingerprinting, scratches and smudges. A very thin, transparent protective glass treatment is applied to the stainless panel that stands up to aggressive handling – keeping the dishwasher exterior cleaner, longer.

Beyond Clean to Hygiene
Dishware shouldn’t just look clean – for a healthy home – it should be hygienically clean. From its Clean Air drying system, to its third level cutlery tray that separates items for superior cleaning, to its sanitize programs – Miele’s dishwashers promise a healthier, more hygienic clean.

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