July 23, 2019

Miele’s first line of North American Refrigeration is Expected to Launch April 2008

Luxury refrigeration is here.  Miele is launching its  North American refrigeration system – MasterCool – this April. 

“Our patented MasterCool control system beautifully merges accessibility, functionality and design,” states Matthew Kueny, Senior Product Manager for Miele, Inc. “Since most users generally don’t know the proper settings to correctly preserve fruits, vegetables and other perishables, the Miele MasterCool controls automatically optimize the SmartFresh storage drawers by maintaining a temperature just above freezing and varying the humidity levels. The controls are conveniently located for all users, regardless of height, and our clear food-driven descriptions (dairy, meat, fruit, etc.) make using them as simple as a touch of a button.” 

“Our research indicated that customers want to be able to see every area of their refrigerator,” continues Kueny. “Our innovative ClearView lighting design washes the entire unit in bright, clean light using a sophisticated blend of direct spots and an indirect halogen parabolic reflector that cast light throughout the cavity. These major advances are supported by other exciting new innovations such as adjustable Drop and Lock shelving and FullView completely extendable drawer.”

Modular Design System Offers Maximum Flexibility
MasterCool™ refrigerators, freezers and wine coolers are based on a modular design concept allowing for virtually limitless combinations and location flexibility when designing a kitchen environment. Further expanding the options… each appliance can be hinged left or right. These stunning handcrafted appliances are available in stainless steel finish or can be fully integrated behind custom cabinetry.

Three types of installation are available so designers may incorporate these products into any kitchen environment:
1) Framed Stainless – a standard stainless design that remains a popular, classic look right out of the box.
2) Framed – allows models to be installed  flush of the surrounding cabinetry and provides a frame for custom cabinet panels.
3) Fully Integrated – frameless, solution where the refrigerator disappears into the cabinetry surrounding it.  A bottom mounted ventilation system integrates/disappears fully as well.

Noteworthy features include:

MasterCool™ Controls Lock in Freshness
Meat, cheese, produce even seafood, all demand a unique environmental storage condition in order to keep them fresh and flavorful. Milk, for example, is stored perfectly at 40oF, while vegetables require a temperature just above freezing. When it comes to humidity control, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy and deli last longer in a drier environment than fruits do. In reality, most homeowners are unfamiliar with how to properly set these levels given the ambiguity of user controls.  When Miele’s MasterCool control system is activated, the user is greeted with a food-driven menu system that is easy to view, understand and adjust for each of its four independent cooling zones within the cabinet.

Dual Compressor System Keeps Ice and Water Fresh
Icemaker and water/ice dispensing units deliver a truly refreshing drink thanks to Miele’s dual compressor system and the MasterCool filtration system. All Miele preservation appliances (not only select models) have a dedicated cooling system responsible for each interior compartment guaranteeing the refrigerator and freezer – even if they are housed in a single product like a bottom mount appliance – do not exchange air. This technology eliminates flavor transfer so the salmon stored in the refrigerator doesn’t affect the quality of the ice cubes.

Energy Star® Efficient
MasterCool is Energy Star compliant and its dual compressor system helps make the system as energy efficient as possible.

RemoteVision™ Protects Food & Wine Investments
If a family member accidentally left the door ajar to a refrigerator, freezer or wine cooler before leaving for a weekend get-away or if a critical cooling component was to malfunction without detection, the loss and inconvenience would be extensive, especially if storing a valued wine collection or high-quality meats and seafood. With Miele’s innovative RemoteVision homeowners will enjoy complete peace of mind, eliminating this anxiety.

Using Miele’s proprietary wireless local area network (WLAN) technology and application software, RemoteVision enabled products will have a 24/7 connection to Miele’s monitoring center. This “virtual link” is established when a fault occurs allowing a secured transmission of vital temperature and performance data alerting Miele’s client service center, who can then contact the homeowner or another trusted individual, identified on their call roster, in order to gain access to the home and fix the problem immediately. By the end of 2008, this technology will be extended to other Miele appliances including dishwashers and washing machines. 

ClearView™ Sheds Light Everywhere
Miele’s exclusive ClearView lighting system illuminates every nook of the interior cabinet on each level to achieve maximum exposure of all contents. ClearView applies uniquely engineered halogen lamps that cascade light from the top and sides of the appliance, eliminating blind or dark areas. Even those items tucked in the rear of a fully stocked refrigerator, concealed by large catering platters or nestled in the storage drawers are in ClearView.

FullView™ Extends Drawers Completely
FullView storage drawers are built from top-quality materials to ensure stability as they fully extend providing an unobstructed view and easy access to contents. FullView is a built-in benefit found in all MasterCool appliances.

SmartFresh™ Preserves Foods Longer
SmartFresh drawers are customizable to store and preserve food at the perfect temperature and humidity requirements. Users select the drawer location and food type (dairy, meat, vegetables, etc.) from the MasterCool menu system and Miele’s signature electronics adjust and maintain the ideal conditions so food is fresher and nutritious longer.

SuperCool™ Gives Warmed Up Groceries a Boost to the Right Temperature
After stocking either compartment with a significant load of new groceries, including bulky items like fresh poultry or large party platters, engaging SuperCool will override the thermostat and begin cooling the cabinet to a reduced temperature… 35°F in the refrigerator and -22°F in the freezer. SuperCool will continue working to achieve these lowered temperatures for a period of 6 or 52 hours (for the refrigerator and freezer respectively) until it reaches this exact degree or it’s manually disengaged.

Drop and Lock™ Adjustable Shelves
Adjusting shelves and bins on the door and inside the appliance cabinet is a simple one-handed operation. Miele’s convenient Drop and Lock system keeps each unit firmly aligned on its slide-rail framework so an easy “tilt up and slide motion” is all it takes to move the unit higher or lower. Once the desired position is located, simply drop the shelf and watch it automatically lock safely into place.

A floating deli drawer in the refrigerator and unique divider system in the freezer compartment add to the overall flexibility. Both effortlessly glide across shelves or within bins to maximize storage efficiencies.

Stability Hinge™ Eliminates Sagging Doors
Miele products are known the world over for their robust construction. Fully-loaded, with food items on the inside and an elaborate, decorative custom panel on the outside, these hinges are capable of carrying a collective load of over 200 pounds and are tested for over 200,000 door cycles… that’s twice the industry standard! This stamina ensures the door will stay stable, secure and won’t sag over time.

TLC Installation System™ is Gentler to Fine Homes
After understanding the challenges installers undertake when securing counter-depth refrigerator or wine cooler units, Miele developed the TLC Installation System to make mounting MasterCool products a job easy enough for one technician to handle. Key to this system’s success is its unique height adjustable rear wheels for smooth steering of the appliance. These high-quality wheels limit possible floor damage and are adjustable for final mounting from the front of the appliance. Additionally, a convenient ladder bracket makes the installation of any panel, stainless steel or custom cabinetry, a snap. The TLC Installation System: an industry first to save time, labor and costs during the delivery and installation of cooling appliances.
Retail prices will be made public in April when the products are on retail display, but may be provided upon request for qualified news stories.