July 23, 2019

KitchenAid”s New Retractable Down-Draft Vents

KitchenAid is adding to their retractable down vent line by including 30 and 36 inch widths in their Architect Series II design line. Retractable vents are installed flush to the countertop behind the cooktop, pop up for use and retract out of sight when not in use. Many homeowners look for this type of vent for island cooktop installations. The new motor design allows for more storage underneath the counter.

These models feature a higher 14 inch downdraft with an exhaust capacity ranging from 600 CFM (cubic feet per minute) with and internal blower, to 900CFM with an external blower that clears grease heat and odors out of the kitchen. Integrated electronic controls blend into the vent.

Suggested retail prices range from $699 to $959.