May 25, 2019

Gaggenau’s Teppan Yaki

This is an interesting idea, but I think for most of us, it remains that- an idea. Gaggenau has created a restaurant style griddle just like those used in Asian restaurants, it is recessed and has a direct-fry surface. Two heat zones adjust from 122 to 482 degrees Fahrenheit; sear meats and warm vegetables at the same time. Cook directly on the wipe-clean stainless steel griddle — instead of in a skillet or saute pan.

I just don’t see this in the average house and I personally am not too sure about cleaning this, since the griddle is installed in the counter. But Gaggenau says it is impervious to splashes, food residues and fingerprints, and that the Vario 400 Series offers electric, gas and induction power – providing high powered intensity with a gentle touch and flexible functionality. This retails for about $2080.