May 26, 2019

Draw Yourself a Relaxing, High-Tech, Bath

Taking a bath is relaxing, checking in frequently to see if your bathtub is full or getting the water temperature right is not. The Ondine Ess Tub-Electronic Faucet, a bathtub and shower system with an electronic touch pad will prepare your bath for you.

You can set the water level to half-full tub, full tub and a 10 seconds refill. So, there’s no more need to watch closely for an overly full tub. If you’re busy, no problem! Just press a button on the control module and walk away. When you come back, the tub will be full — or half-full, if you like — and just the temperature you prefer. The system automatically shuts off the water at the desired volume and remembers favorite temperatures for up to three household members. The unit also runs 10-second refills to supplement your soak. If the water cooled while you were roaming, no problem, just use the re-fill option. The Ondine’s Ess Tub-Electronic Faucets shower system will take care of it all. If you get one with an optional audio system, you can take care of sounds using the same touching pad.