August 17, 2019

Cooktop + Microwave

Sharp makes the Insight Pro Cooktop+Microwave Drawer Combination Unit, combining all the advantages of the Microwave Drawer Oven with a sleek electric cooktop in only 30 inches of space. This space-saving 2-in-1 cooking center eliminates steps between appliances and creates a highly efficient traffic pattern. It is an ideal companion to wall ovens.The glass ceramic electric cooktop features four heating elements plus a warming zone. Knobs control the cooktop while a backlit active touchscreen guides you through the microwave cooking process.

It offers innovation and cooking convenience at your fingertips with such features as microwave sensor technology to eliminate guesswork when cooking or reheating and a microwave keep warm setting that holds food up to 30 minutes – it’s a warming drawer inside the microwave!

Sharp’s stainless steel Insight Pro Cooktop+Microwave Drawer Combination Unit is ideal for open-plan kitchens and islands and is a great addition to a wet bar, family room, or home theater. It is built-in ready for easy installation with no additional trim kit or ventilation required.

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