July 17, 2019

A Jaunt for the Weekend- A Virtual Trip to the Washing Machine Museum

If you’re looking for a museum trip without the drive, just click here to visit the Washing Machine Museum. If you want to make the trip a real, not virtual experience, the museum is located in Eaton, Colorado with tours by appointment.

The virtual tour offers glimpses of the forgotten world of early hand, gas and electric powered washers. You can see the washers with wringers that advertise themselves with phrases like “Never Crush” and “Saves Women’s Lives”. Fingers were known to be not only crushed, but severed in wringers. There is also the Horton which claims “A Horton Washer will add many years to your life. It will save your health– keep the wrinkles out of your face–keep you youthful”.horton antique washer

The site includes an article about the invention of the washing machine, options to have your own antique appraised and of course, the virtual tour.

The tour is self guided and includes outdoor views of the rural museum, two buildings filled with vintage washers, a workshop and a barn with what appears to be washers awaiting restoration.

A fun afternoon’s visit, with some history and a great feeling for how much easier laundry is now.