May 22, 2019

College Laundry Basics

For those lucky kids whose clean clothes and sheets magically appeared in their rooms all these years, the first week away at college will be a shock. About this time next week they will awake to the fact that Mom is no longer doing the laundry. When they call in a panic, you can refer them to us. With the help of Whirlpool, we’ll present them with the basics for getting through that pile taking over their room.

Step 1 – Prepping:

Treat stains by blotting, not rubbing, from the back of the fabric to the front.
Divide loads into lights and darks.
Check that zippers are closed, hooks clasped and pockets emptied.

Step 2 – Washing:

Use only enough detergent as specified for your load size (check the bottle).
Extra suds hold and re-deposit dirt on your laundry.
Use hot water to keep white loads bright.
Use cold water to prevent darks from fading.

Step 3 – Drying:

Select items from the wash load to place in dryer. Delicate items can go on a drying rack.
Add a dryer sheet to keep clothes static-free.
Empty the lint trap to dry faster and increase energy efficiency.
To avoid extra wrinkles, fold immediately.

Three simple steps… now they’ll only call for money.