May 20, 2019

Whirlpool Debuts Colorful Steam Laundry Pair

Whirlpool is adding a new washer/dryer pair to their line-up with the Aspen Green Duet Steam pair. (Although the pair is available in white too.)  “Whirlpool brand is proud to introduce this new technology and help consumers use steam to get more done in the washer and dryer,” said John Alexander, VP and GM Brand Management, Whirlpool Corporation.

Here are some highlights of the new pair:

    The new Duet Steam washer effortlessly removes stains from grass to grease, even sanitizing towels and sheets without the need for bleach. To showcase how the new pair efficiently tackles the dirtiest duds, Whirlpool brand is steam cleaning Mike Rowe, host and creator of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” as he commemorates his 150th dirty job.
    Like Rowe, there are consumers who may require a more thorough cleaning. For that audience, the washer has a sanitation cycle designed to eliminate 99.9 percent of infectious bacteria.
    A special timed-release dispenser option – a first for Whirlpool brand – optimizes the delivery of OxiClean(R) stain fighters.
    The brand’s most energy efficient washer to date uses up to 73 percent less water and 77 percent less energy as compared to conventional top-loaders.The pair use immersive steam – a combination of mist and heat in the dryer – naturally steaming away tough odors and wrinkles without chemicals.
    In addition, consumers can now sanitize items such as stuffed animals, towels, bedding, and sleeping bags.

Steam has been showing up in more places with more uses lately, it’ll be interesting to see how this new pair performs.