December 6, 2019

Washing Machine Tips

A new washing machine can not only be a big investment, if it’s not used properly, it can have the power to cause great damage with floods of water. We’ve gathered some helpful tips for washer usage here:

  • Water taps for the washing machine should be shut off when the washer is not in use. Most rubber fill hoses are not meant to withstand constant water pressure and can burst causing flood damage.
  • Before placing a service call, make note of when the problem occurs. Note if, for example, the washing machine is noisy on wash or spin or if the appliance has been relocated recently. Have the person most familiar with the problem place the service call.
  • Washing machines are designed to be used on solid flooring, like concrete. If installing on a wooden floor, extra joist bracing may be needed. The mounting of an additional plywood section can also strengthen an existing wooden floor. Severe internal suspension damage can occur if used on unstable flooring.
  • Washing rubber backed mats can cause problems by putting added strain on a washer and possibly causing unbalanced loads. In addition, the rubber backing can break down and separate, infiltrating the wash system clogging hoses, pumps, filters and valves. At the first sign of wear of the backing, you should discontinue washing it.
  • If you found these useful you can read more at appliance411

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