June 16, 2019

These are a Few of My Favorite Things – Part Two

A while ago we asked readers to let us know which small appliances they think are most important in their kitchens. Little-known-food-facts.com has compiled a list of their choices:

When it comes to small appliances, there are 6 must haves to every kitchen. Yes an automatic Can Opener is nice as is the plug in cutting knife for Turkey Dinner. But what about the Real Stuff?

The small appliances that allow us to cook entire meals or at least accent them with simple cooking uses. Do not get me wrong. I use my coffee maker every morning but I do not consider that a cooking tool.

The #6 Must Have For Your Kitchen: Popcorn Maker. First these are cheap. For less then $15 for the maker you can have healthy homemade popcorn in less then 5 minutes. It will not contain anything except what you put in it. That means there is no extra preservatives or unwanted salt.

The #5 Must Have For Your Kitchen: The Blender. I love my blender. You can use them to make almost anything. I use it to make sauces and dips, fruit drinks in the summer, mix a salsa or puree my tomatoes for a Lasagna. A blender is one of my most favorite small appliances.

The #4 Must Have For Your Kitchen: The Toaster Oven. Yes, not just for pastry cooking or roasting toast. You can warm toast and melt cheese or even cook a wrap in it. This small appliance makes life a simple task when it comes to cooking. Making open faced sandwiches is a snap when you have a toaster oven.

The #3 Must Have For Your Kitchen: The Indoor Grill. I personally have a “George” and I secretly love him. This is great for cooking meats of an inch and a half thick or making toast. I have made vegetables in it however, I always manage to cook it a little longer then I should. My grill comes with a bread warmer on top and is an easy to clean tool.

The #2 Must Have For Your Kitchen: The Slow Cooker. You can make anything from a lasagna to a banana nut bread in this. Ok so you can not make a steak dinner with sauteed onions and mushrooms but you can sure make the potatoes in it! The Crock Pot allows you safe cooking all day while you are at work.

The #1 Must Have For Your Kitchen: The Food Processor. When it comes to home cooking, everyone should have a Food Processor. This tool is essential to someone who has arthritis or just general trouble cutting. The right one can do nuts, cabbage, shred cheese, and peppers, the list goes on. There is almost no food that a food processor cannot slice, dice, or chop. It can be used to make soup, salads, and lasagnas. Well any meal really!

When it comes to the kitchen, just like a hot stove there is no playing around. Having the right tools will ensure that you have the right meals and having the right ingredients can give you a taste and dinner no one will ever forget.

Every kitchen should have these tools and by having them will give you a chance to create almost any meal. Ah, well! All I know is that I would be lost without any of my Small Appliances!

This list differs greatly from my original list, and to be honest, the blender and food processor are the only two I use somewhat regularly and they were on my short list in my earlier post. Feel free to let us know your favorites.

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